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Flower girl

Bubblez NEW!

Bubblez have a beautiful spring release for you this week, it’s called Zily. Such a feminine outfit, covered in big happy checks, a lace hem and ruffled collar. You also get the floral hair piece, a garland of flowers to wear in your hand plus a flowery leg garter ! The floral pieces are all modify, so you can really get a great personal fit. Thanks milo ❤ Ohhh don’t forget, while you’re there milo has been sooper busy redecorating outside and around the store, it’s just incredibly romantic so make sure to wander !


Bubblez Blog

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Music was my first love

Bubblez,Truth NEW!

Soooo still unable to get into The Arcade event, but nevermind, there are heaps of yard sales to grab up the items you want. I was on the look out for the Truth hair avec headphones. Managed to find them at a yard sale yay! Most yard sales will have a mixtures of Arcade rounds, which to be honest I avoid. I’m only interested in the latest gear, there’s a whole list of gacha yard sales here, take your pick. I’m also wearing a new release from Bubblez, which is now in my “daily wear” inventory section. Such a handy dandy little outfit, with delicious detailing on the jacket. Thanks Milo ❤


Gacha Yard sale List

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NEW release Marie

I’m already eager for Winter to end and Spring to arrive, I’m tired of the wet and cold…yearning for those long summer nights and light mornings…so I was dead chuffed when this bright and breezy release called “marie” from Bubblez arrived. A delicate dusky rose colour, something to drift around indoors in (with the heating turned up high of course)…colour block top and a patterned skirt, it’s just darling. Gorgeous length to cover your bare toes. Thanks milo ❤ My jewelry is from Eclectica, simply hung flower from a choker style cord. Naturally being Eclectica it has a lot of colour change options, I used the old fashioned light pink on the flower and earings as it suited the colour of the dress fabric SO well. (Its called Lotus btw) Head over to the main store, its had a big makeover and is sooper pretty!



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Winter Coats

Bubblez somali winter coat
I’ve got two new releases to share, same coats – different creators ! Above is the Somali coat by Bubblez. Heavy tweed fabric with grey trimmed fur cuffs, a matching collar with a sweet bow, plus a co ordinating fur hat. Check out the tiny gothic crosses around the waist…and the mock white skirt beneath – lovely details.

Bubblez seed bag Frost Fair

The “seed” bag is available at the RMK Gothic Frost Fair, SO darling! sheer material, so you can see the objects inside – pine cones and a dainty pocket watch.

ArisAris NEW!

ArisAris have also released this style of coat but it’s so different from the more Goth inspired one by Bubblez above. This one is a houndstooth check material, with mink fur trimmings and a matching scarf. For the record Id wear both and LOVE both, just goes to show how different creators have differing visions of the end product huh?!

RMK Goth Frost Fair



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Something different

Bubblez - NEW
Phew I was getting a little bit OVERLY Chrismassy ! Thank goodness Bubblez released this “Lana” outfit to calm me down. Sultry and ooozing sex appeal, this shorts and bustier bra set will set a few pulses racing. Three items in the box, big baggy velvet jacket with a zebra striped lining inside the hood, love love LOVE the halter style bra-top ! and some shorts with suspender braces dangling down.

Bubblez NEW!!!

Check out the jacket details, really lovely texturing and shape at the rear…havent taken this off yet ! Thanks Milo ❤


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Peace On Earth Hunt – hello old friend

Peace On Earth Hunt - dress, wand & necklace FREE!

For the last five years I’ve always done this hunt – its epic and one of my all time favourites . Sooo many fahhhbulous designers get into the spirit of the season and leave out some incredible gifts for you to find. My first item to share is this so sweet outfit from Bubblez. The Angel dress is floaty and gauzy and SO ferminine I didn’t want to take it off. It comes with wings, a pearly necklace anddddd a WAND *squeeee*. You get two versions of the wand, one that showers you with little snowflakes and one that doesn’t – but seriously – WHO doesn’t want snowflakes ?! All mesh sizes are in the box, get your hunting goggles on and seek it out !


POEH blog

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Fashion’s Story Fair (and hunt)

Bubblez Felicity NEW!

Its been a while since I last did a full hunt…blimey, I’m SO rubbish at them. However I gave the one at The fashions Story Fair a whirl and was pleasantly surprised that I actually completed it ! The fair itself is so so lovely to walk around, minimal crowding so not lagged at all hurrah!. Bubblez has a couple of new releases especially for the gig, this is Felicity, a retro styled dress that would still be perfect to walk around in London today. It actually comes with a smart hat & glasses , both of which I stupidly didn’t see in the box DUH ! Milo did a fabbo video of both outfits, if you wanna see here.

Bubblez John Suit NEW!

For the guys is a suit called John, so John Lennon ! Skinny pants and a sharp tailored jacket. Thin tie and crisp white shirt…voila! Such an easy outfit to wear and a real classic gem.

Fashion Story Hunt Bubblez 5L_001

Now the hunt pieces I chose. You need to go around the fair and collect magazines, word of warning they are VERY small! If I found them, you will to though. There is one particular style of bag that will allow you to click on it to grab a LM to the secret store. In the store are prizes costing 5L a piece. This is from Bubblez and I adore it ! Real Hippy chick cool pants and top.

Fashion's Story Fair Hunt Liv Glam sailor boy 5L

Liv Glam have two prizes, above is my fav “sailor boy”. Two piece outfit with a HUD that gives you three colour choices for each piece. Please note, you buy a HUD and you need to wear it and click the relevant button to get your outfit delivered.

Fashions Story Fair Liv Glam Spanish Wine 5L

Also from LivGlam is this outfit “Spanish Wine”. Two pieces as the last one and with a HUD for three colour choices…brill!

Fashion's Story Fair HuntAUSHKA&CO-Sequin Corset 5L

Last up (but there are more prizes if you find the secret LM!) This this from AUSHKA&CO, I havent really got into wearing mesh corsets, primarily as they just don’t seem to fit me. However, this little baby fits like a dream.

The fair is sectioned into four areas, each themed for a different period of fashion. It’s a lovely set up and really beautifully decorated. Go take  gander. At the landing point you can grab a hunt HUD that gives you hints, and also a map of the fair to make finding your fav designers a breeze.

The Fashion’s Story Fair.

The Fashions Story Blog

Special shout out for my beautiful tote bag – it’s from Indyra and is called “Marina”, lots of scrummy colours and comes with three animated poses a steal at just 195L, you can get it here