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Golden Boki

Bubblez Design is always coming up with funky little items and for a limited time only you can pick up this awesome Bokigara Vest in its golden colour for L$75.

This really is a very cool vest. It’s made entirely out of sculpties, no clothing layers to wear, but it fits oh so well but it can be resized via script if you need to. The black fur trim and the gold look brilliant together and the hood is separate so you can choose to not wear it if you wish (though I liked it a lot with it on myself, felt like I had a Neanderthal-in-jeans thing going on).

This is definitely worth checking out and the price can’t be beat. Just remember this promotion is for a limited time only so be quick!

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design

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The Bubblez are Climbing

How time flies. It doesn’t seem that long ago to me that Faith and I first paid a visit to Bubblez Design and blogged milo’s gear. Now we’re here in 2011 and the group has reached the lofty heights of 10,000 members!

To celebrate, milo has put out this wicked unisex jacket as a group gift. Called ‘Mars’ this has all the trademarks of Bubblez Design: great details on the prims and just an overall great look. I’m loving the patterns on this and it’s one of the rare hoodies that fits me perfectly without having to edit it for a while just to get it right. As well as the hood attachment you also get the cuffs and body part of the jacket which can all be fitted using the script. The body part has a great-looking zipper and pockets to stuff your mitts into.

Equally cool looking on guys or gals, you should definitely take yourself down to Bubblez and if you’re not already one of the 10,000 group members, join up and help yourself to this great jacket as well as the other loveliness you will find down there. Congrats milo!

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design


Bubblez and The Black Butler Hunt

It’s sneak preview time yay! Milo Bubble was kind enough to give me an early look at her item for the upcoming Black Butler Hunt (June 1-30).

Bubblez Design’s gift for this hunt is the Sebastian Outfit which is this stunning tuxedo. It includes the coat, pants, shirt and gloves. As always from Bubblez, the detail on this tux is brilliant, especially on the attachments such as the high collar, the buttons on the cuffs, and the chain running across the waist. The white gloves also give an extra touch of class to an already elegant outfit

This was one outfit where I just had to zoom out a little and give you the full effect. See how long the coat tails are? I love that. This looks like a hunt that is worth your time and Bubblez Design is definitely one store in this hunt that you have to check out. For more info on the hunt, including the list of stores participating you can take a look here: http://little-crown.blogspot.com/2010/12/vendors-list.html

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design


The Bubblez Keep Growing

I can remember it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were blogging the Bubblez Design group gift for them reaching 2,000 members and today I received the group gift celebrating them going past 3,000 group members! Yes indeedy, the group is growing fast enough to make your head spin and that’s not such a huge surprise considering the wicked group gifts and well-made clothes to be had.

So, in honour of this achievement, milo bubble has sent out the ‘Gothica Unisex Piercings’. Now I’ll have to be honest and say that I’m not much of a piercing wearing kinda guy (I prefer a tattoo needle to a piercing gun) but these piercings, like all of the Bubblez gear we’ve shown, doesn’t skimp on the details. The gift contains piercings for both the left ear and lip and there are three different versions for each one, ranging from a line of hoops to a more complex set of hoops, crosses and chains. Each piercing comes with its own resizer script but I found that I didn’t have to use these at all, they just fit right on. The details are so great, you can clearly see every part of the piercings, even in the more complex version (click the pic for a closer view – I’m wearing version #2 for my lip and ear).

These gifts make great, gothic accessories that you can put to use with a whole bunch of different outfits and they look awesome. Congratulations on going past the 3,000 group members mark, all aboard for 4,000!

Join the group and get the gear here: Bubblez Design


2,000 Bubblez

As you all will know by now, we’re huge fan of Bubblez Design and the awesome clothes that milo makes for us. Now her group has broken the 2,000 members barrier (yay!) and she has put out this absolutely fabulous group gift for the guys to celebrate.

The outfit is called ‘Salvatore’ and is a wickedly wonderful gothic style suit. Seriously, I’m finding it a little bit difficult to find the words to say how much I love this suit. I’m a big fan of suits in general and this one is simply one of the best I’ve seen. The details are amazing in every part of the outfit, from the creases in the trousers to the little silver crosses on the folded white shirt cuffs. Every part of this suit works so well, I love the buckled collar, it gives the suit a little gothic touch and makes it stand out from the pack. It even comes with its own silver-grey hankie to wear on the breast of the suit jacket and it matches the darker grey tie nicely. All the attachments come with their own resizer script (except for the trouser cuffs which don’t need them) and are just so easy to wear and fit (see/click picture below for a closer view). Honestly, you have to – I repeat, have to – add this suit to your wardrobe as soon as you can.

And oh, before I forget, congratulations milo for reaching 2,000 members (I’m sure it’ll be even more very shortly).

Get the gear here: Bubblez Design


The Messenger Always Rings Twice

Bubblez Design - The Messenger Outfit

 I’m taking a little break from hunting to deliver you a message about Bubblez new release ‘The Messenger’ Outfit. If you’ll recall, a couple of days ago Faith showed you the female version and told you that it’s being sold for the very special price of L$99 until the 3rd of October. Well, the same goes for the us guys. 

When I call this an ‘outfit’ I really mean it’s an outfit. It comes with absolutely everything, all rendered in tremendous detail. I mean, it even comes with a pair of prim socks! Can you believe that? Personally, I’d never even seen a pair of prim socks until today. Aside from the socks, the ‘Messenger’ comes with jacket, tanktop, jean shorts and a cool pair of sneakers. The jacket comes with brilliantly detailed sculpted cuffs, collar and jacket bottom and the jeans come with cool buckled cuffs. The textures on these are great, like Faith, I really like the colours of these pieces and the little details like the newspapers drawn into the jeans. 

The clothes are only the start though, along with them you get a very cool cap with dark hair, your special delivery letter to wear in your mouth and a wicked light brown messenger pouch. Really, you get so much with this outfit it’s nearly unbelievable. All the attachments come with script resizers so you can fit them to yourself nice and easily and like I said, every attachment is so well done and detailed. Go and get it and you’ll see why I needed to deliver this message to you guys 🙂 

Get the gear here:
Bubblez Design

Bubblez Design - The Messenger Outfit

Monday’s Cable Knit

SF Design Cable Knit - Monday Mania item - L$25

 Yes indeed it is Monday again which means there are bargains to be had and as usual I’ve picked myself up the Monday Mania item from SF Design which is this great cable knit sweater. 

The sweater comes with two different size sleeves with the sculpted prim cuffs to go with them, it also comes with a sculpted rollneck (or is it a turtleneck? Not sure lol) collar. The outfit also comes with a cable knit hat with hair or just the knit cap by itself! I love the texture of the cable knit, you can almost feel it. The sweater and cap/hair are fully modifiable so you can resize and change the colour if you wish, but I liked the beige so I stuck with that. All this can be yours for just L$25, an absolute bargain. 

The glasses I’m wearing are a group gift from Bubblez Design as part of their 1,000 group members celebration and they are wicked, I love this style of glasses. In the pack you get three pairs to wear on three different spots: on top of your head, hanging from your mouth and the ‘normal’ position on your nose. If you like wearing glasses, these are definitely something to be grabbed up. 

Get the gear here:
Cable Knit Sweater – SF Design
Unisex Glasses – Bubblez Design 

Skin: *Sacred* – Ethan Tone 3
Hair: MADesigns – AKAMI
Jeans: *Muism* – Straight Damage Jeans 

Pose by Diesel Works Animations