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Whispers in your ear..

an then screams HURRY!!! I did go to the Cart Sale and I did pick up some goodies but I also binned quite a few baddies and then this morning I find a note in my inbox from Babylee Timeless reminding us that it is the last 2 days of the Cart Sale and a picture of their offering which as soon as I saw I TPed and grabbed.

Melissa Perga

With little bows and a peplum skirt and that retro funky flowers pattern this is adorable!! The garter comes already with the bottoms and you get the stockings included.  I wanted to get this posted as soon as poss so people can pay the Cart Sale a visit before it goes so I haven’t had a chance to try out other stocking to see if I could fit a lighter colour. Extra nice is the fact that you have 3 Alplha layers so you can wear each item on their own or all together.

The LM should take you right to B&T’s stall and remember everything is only 10Lds and because of that you can treat yourelf not only to this cute little number but check out the light coloured pencil skirt.  I will once I get the time but it looks a winner.

B&T@The Cart Sale

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B&T Gifty time

Its been a few days since I was slipping into some B&T mesh from the cart sale..and now they have released a group gift ! Indeedy, the skinny fit mesh jeans are rather lovely…very muted black, blue and purply print on them, that you could easily pick out to team with various shirts. I headed over to Magi Take and snapped up a few of their purple toned group freebies to wear with the jeans..the glasses, belt (comes without the chain on it also) the darling flat strap shoes and bag…all for zero Lindens…(group gifts are on the upper level- group is free join)

B&T Mesh Studio

Magi take

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Cart Sale yippeee!

ohohohOH! Its cart sale time again at The Wash…I SO love these sales…heaps-o-designers all with goodies priced from 1-10L…cant get better than that huh? I went over last night with Player and he spotted this lickable cream from peeps…great fun ! Wear it…and someone else can actually lickkkkk it off ..interactive cream & cherries…totally awesome..theres a coupla choices too…so if you don’t fancy cherries…get chocolate. Just 10L girls…grab it while you can.

Great to see my dear galpal Talena back, this time with added meshiness…Lovely has this ensemble out which you can buy seperately…mesh maxi skirt…tank top…both 10L each..and a sweet pair of matching ballerina pumps for just 1L…

B&T also have a cart and I spied this fahhhbulous mesh tee and mesh shorts..snapped them up, fantastic quality gear and just 10L per item..who can resist?! Never one to pass by a bag on offer…This superb satchel is from DUH…you can resize it and there’s also an option of a non pose one…10L.

I really couldn’t believe that Bag Lady Designs had this out….the artsy girl potters wheel…gawd I ❤ this big time…the wheel actually spins and the animations are terrific…you also get a non animated version and a full bright version in the box…pretty low prim Ive just gotta find a place to squeeeeze it in at home….again just 10L *faints*

Last up for today…you all know I adore my wearable fun items..well yeehawwww looky what I found ! This just has to be the Rolls Royce of wearable vehicles…uhm…well you get my point..its little leggies move as you walk…its face changes expression, tail wags and it even mooooos when you touch it…just perfect (wear it don’t rez it btw) at 10L you can’t afford not to own this gem! Go over and take a wander around…seriously ooooodles of goodies to see…enjoy !

The Wash Cart Sale

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Mesh Around Hunt

I love “meshing” this hunt seems to be right up my alley…Ive already found a couple of items to show you ! I was very lucky that Babylee & Tommi at B&T sent me their hunt prize – they obviously know how truly rubbish I am at hunting ! It’s this glam partial mesh dress…the skirt is meshy..the top isnt..I think the two ways of creating work so well together no? My hair is from a new-to-me designer called “[[Loovus Dzevavor]]”, called girls head over and take a look…its hair art ! Some really unique styles…

Now I did actually slap my hunting goggles on and searched out this fab gifty from Cleo Design, it’s a complete kitchen ! The fridge opens, as does the little freezer box inside…theres poses for washing the dishes..and the stool is crammed full of animations ! Adore the big wood table..its a scene stealer for sure…as usual Cleom is totally too generous and I can’t fit all the gifts into this go grab your own..and take a look…

pssssst…while youre there…you might want to find this gift too…its for the Cookie jar anniversary hunt..and its soooooo awesome…a really beautiful study desk..with clutter like pens…book…ruler etc for the top..a wastepaper bin , complete with scrumpled up bits of paper…lovely big chair with heaps of poses..even a little teddy awww..


Cleo Design

[[Loovus Dzevavor]]

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Top Tee’s

Got a few tee’s to show you this mawnin..great new group gift from Ribbon is first up..bold black & white stripes and a sweet bow at the top ..fahhbulous tube top…group is free join, so head over and grab up one for yourself ! (Join the subscribo and then look in the history to find it)

Wanted to show you two of the new tee’s from B&T also..this camo print one is a sure winner for moi..Ive been wearing it with my most awesome new sweet n low jeans from Jane

andddd totally love the retro lone star one also ! Couldnt resist breaking out my pop gun for it…demos available & standard sizing…go take a peek.



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Lets go slinkyyy

New release from the B&T today..some slinkinesss ! I’ve rediscovered shorter dresses now mesh is so easy to wear…and these are fantastico…Totally love the  grey snake print one above….simple design, elegant with a hint of naughtiness…perfect. Dontcha wish you had my red shoessss ? From Nardcotix the “Miranda” wedges…gorjusss!

There are five to choose from…I thought Id also show you the classic take on the “little black dress” above…beautiful pinstripe effect makes it stand out even more…I added some jewelry from Dark Mouse also…such a versatile piece..grab one ! Demo’s are available, and the sizing is standard…youre sure to get a great fit..thanks BabyLee & Tommi ❤



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Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping…hmm that sounds like MY kinda event ! The event runs from May 14th until May 28th..All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. It’s not a discount event, items will be full price.

 B&T Atelier might be new to some of you…but theyve been creating in SL for agess…and *drum roll* pleeeeease ! They are about to open their brand new mesh studio…break out those pompoms guys & gals..(yes stuff for both genders hoooray!)’re gonna love it. I’m showing B&T’s dress for the Keep Calm event…its a sweet little number…silver & greys swirl around in a floral pattern, the texture looks sort of velvety..and of course..its mesh ! Included in the box is also a lacey bra…that you can wear under the dress so it peeks out at the back & cleavage area…nice touch.

Couldnt resist wearing my new mesh SF Design boots with it…this time utilising the HUD to make my own colour for them (15 preset colours , plus tintable) I went with a silvery grey to accentuate the dress…my necklace is from DUH  “pound of pearls”, which I believe is still a dollarbie ..last but definitely not least..I headed over to Wall Candy and picked up their offering for the event..”keep calm and shop more” wall decal..just 60L…it comes with black type, but is tintable and modify for the size…handy !

B&T Atelier

SF Design

Wall Candy