Fashionably bald challenge

Fashionable bald

I’m always on the look out for ways to support cancer charities & events etc in Second Life, and I happened across this yesterday http://coffeesmoke.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/fashionable-bald-a-challenge-within-a-challenge/ . Copied from the web site for your info :

Miss Shellbee requested for me to do a post showing a fashionable bald. She also wants you out there to know out in blog world that early detection is key and to make sure that you get those checkups.I would love it if anyone who should happen to read this blogger or not do at least one post or look with a fashionable bald avatar for Miss Shellbee. I would be grateful if you posted the link here so that she could see them all if you should happen to join me in this.” (Miss Shellbee is the lady who is about to commence chemotherapy)

I’ve lost a few family & friends to this horrible disease, Ive also seen some win through and air punched with joy ! Show your support and take some photo prettiness without your hair- YES it is possible ! Post the link to the above site for all to see.

I thought the pink body jewels added some glitz to my baldness… got them in the winter sale at B&T fashionland, only the pink are in the sale! Anything marked with a snowflake is reduced to 10L, and one of my fav stores Schwarz is in it too!

go get sparky: B&T Fashion Land      Schwarz