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The B&T Fashion Boulevard Halloween Hunt 2012

Golly Gosh…what a stash of goodies to get hunting down at the The B&T Fashion Boulevard Halloween Hunt 2012!! This event runs from NOW until the 4th of November…each gift is just 10L…and its fabulous quality gear. Alllllll sorts of things are hidden…such as mesh the dress like the one above, boots, sneakers, hoodies,tattoos and more !

Boys you havent been forgotten either…there is plenty for you to find ! Dont worry you wont end up with a shed load of gear for girlies, all the gifts are colour coded…gold = female… silver = male…bronze = unisex, so simple no? The two dresses I decided to show are both from B&T …but all the stores there are involved..Youre looking for a skull…funky thing is its wearable as a head…perfect for scaring your mates …thanks Tommi ❤

B&T Fashion Boulevard

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B&T Fashion Boulevard Ice Cream Hunt !

Great news if you’re in the market to give mesh a go and fancy getting your hunting goggles on..B&T Fashion Boulevard are opening with a bang and have an Ice Cream Hunt  going on! I wandered over myself..even though im notoriously bad at finding stuff..and it was easy peasy …the ice creams are colour coded, so guys…you wont end up with a skirt or dress ! There are hunt prizes for girls, guys and unisex…hurrrah! Each popsicle is just 10l…bargain as its mostly mesh items, above I’m wearing the new mesh crown jeans from Hasi’s (who are also part of the B&T boulevard collection) love love LOVE them…called crown as on your rear , each pocket has a crown emblem (not part of the hunt but I wanted to show you them!) Howeverrrr my rather awesome mesh shirt IS a hunt gift from Hasi’s also …the skin I’m wearing is a gift from SKIN II SKIN..the sakura special..thought its sweet paleness set off the shade of the shirt…

I also stumbled across this pretty boho mesh top from nachtigall…another prize…love the lace effect and the tone of it is precious…btw..once youve found an ice cream…wear it..and it gives you the prize…heaps of gifts to find get going …you might wanna keep the ice cream as it has a lovely animation awww- thanks B&T !

B&T Fashion Boulevard Ice Cream Hunt


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Echoes of Summer

I’ve been waiting for some mesh shorts…and yay Echo have them ! “March Mesh” shorts are only 80L a pair…which is great as you’re gonna want a LOT of the mouth watering colours that they come in…plus a whole new range of sweet meshy tanks & tee’s…Im wearing the “Mezzo” tee in orange..they also come in a block print…also only 80L yay! Thanks Echo ❤

Had to show you this sooper pretty mesh top from “Nachtigall”, new store for me that is open at the B&T Fashion Boulevard…love love LOVE the swirls of colour on this…lots of sizes in the pack…and just 125L…popped over to have a peek..and ohmai…check it all wont come away empty-handed ! Thanks Angeli ❤



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Keep Calm and Keep Shopping

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping…hmm that sounds like MY kinda event ! The event runs from May 14th until May 28th..All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores. It’s not a discount event, items will be full price.

 B&T Atelier might be new to some of you…but theyve been creating in SL for agess…and *drum roll* pleeeeease ! They are about to open their brand new mesh studio…break out those pompoms guys & gals..(yes stuff for both genders hoooray!)’re gonna love it. I’m showing B&T’s dress for the Keep Calm event…its a sweet little number…silver & greys swirl around in a floral pattern, the texture looks sort of velvety..and of course..its mesh ! Included in the box is also a lacey bra…that you can wear under the dress so it peeks out at the back & cleavage area…nice touch.

Couldnt resist wearing my new mesh SF Design boots with it…this time utilising the HUD to make my own colour for them (15 preset colours , plus tintable) I went with a silvery grey to accentuate the dress…my necklace is from DUH  “pound of pearls”, which I believe is still a dollarbie ..last but definitely not least..I headed over to Wall Candy and picked up their offering for the event..”keep calm and shop more” wall decal..just 60L…it comes with black type, but is tintable and modify for the size…handy !

B&T Atelier

SF Design

Wall Candy