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Shock, NON Mina hair!

Tee*fy is a place I know well and believe it or not I actually have some of Azure (azure.electricteeth) hair from here so yes I do wear more than Mina Hair LOL.


This dress is non mesh and yet still quality wearable  non mesh.  The blending of the skirt layers is seamless and has that light floaty fabric look to it and the belt under the bust line is a lovely touch.


If you’re a mesh head then this is the dress for you.  It’s got more shading on the dress and collar than I’ve shown.  Naughty of me since these come from a paid to join group but they’re so worth the token 50Lds to  esp when you check out the bags! Both bags are also Group Gifts and I ADORE THEM.  In the bottom picture I didn’t use a pose I simply stood and snapped so you can see how the pose that comes inbuilt in the bag is a nice simple and realistic one even when you’re standing.  The top bag can be resized and the bottom bag comes with 2 versions this over the arm one and a much larger one than hangs off your shoulder.  Simply adorable.

Both the hairs also come from Tee*fy and if I remember correctly they were both bought as special FLF Offers.  Thats Fifty Linden Fridays to the uninitiated and if you haven’t signed up to this weekly event shame on you so sign up for it now as it’s Friday.  You don’t have to join the Free FLF group as a lot of the shops which are involved with it send the details out in their notices but getting it through the group is a bit quicker.  The offers you get can be amazing such as these hairs and if I think about it 90% of my SLink shoes are purchased from FLF offers.

Now that I’m stood in Tee*fys grabbing the LM I can see she has a 60Ld hair set out for sale which is so similar to the first picture so if you love that hair then here is a chance for you to pop in and grab yourself something very similar.  The Group Gifts are just inside on the inside wall and there is also a big sign to take you to the old/sculpted items department.  I did pop up and as a mesh head not a lot grabbed my attention but there is a pair of leggings there I might just grab as I know the perfect top for them so you too may want to check that that place as well.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Whispers in your ear..

an then screams HURRY!!! I did go to the Cart Sale and I did pick up some goodies but I also binned quite a few baddies and then this morning I find a note in my inbox from Babylee Timeless reminding us that it is the last 2 days of the Cart Sale and a picture of their offering which as soon as I saw I TPed and grabbed.

Melissa Perga

With little bows and a peplum skirt and that retro funky flowers pattern this is adorable!! The garter comes already with the bottoms and you get the stockings included.  I wanted to get this posted as soon as poss so people can pay the Cart Sale a visit before it goes so I haven’t had a chance to try out other stocking to see if I could fit a lighter colour. Extra nice is the fact that you have 3 Alplha layers so you can wear each item on their own or all together.

The LM should take you right to B&T’s stall and remember everything is only 10Lds and because of that you can treat yourelf not only to this cute little number but check out the light coloured pencil skirt.  I will once I get the time but it looks a winner.

B&T@The Cart Sale