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Heads Up. (Flash Sale).

I don’t normally do a quick post on a “Flash Sale” but when this sale involves the shops Brocante & Floorplanl I sure as Hell do.

It’s the same thing that a lot of sellers are having to work through ie old vendor retiring etc etc  Here is the blurb but I was too busy TPing over to pay much attention but read it first.

As many of you are already aware, the vendor system I use will be discontinued at the end of this month, which means I have to switch my store entirely to a new system. While I will be able to keep a record of store credit/gift cards, it will be a lengthier process of redeeming it once the vendor system is gone – I will send further information out on how I’ll go about this once I switch systems.

However, for anyone wishing to avoid this, I’ve just set my entire store for SALE at 50% OFF (exclusions: gachas, current event items, marketplace, gift cards, collaborations owned by other creators) so you can use up any remaining credit/gift cards. The sale will last until the 30th of the month, the 31st will be spent switching to a new system. All floorplan. and brocante. vendor tags owned by me will be 50% off.

Store credit cannot be earned during this sale.

Gift cards can no longer be purchased but MUST be redeemed now- follow the instructions on the wall at my landing point under GIFT CARDS in the left storage container. Unredeemed gift cards will NOT be available to redeem after the vendor system change, as there will be no way for me to know the purchase price.

Have a balance of L$49 and want to buy something for L$50? If you pay the sign labeled CREDIT TERMINAL at the front of my store the L$1 difference, you will then have the L$50 balance to buy the item.

Happy shopping, I hope I’ve made this vendor system change as painless as possible for you with a sale!”


Brocante & Floorplan

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

BTW(Super Sales).

I’d almost forgot BUT did you know that Floorplan & Brocante have now moved a lot of their old stock onto the Marketplace AND kept them all at their slashed down prices of between 75%/50% discount.

There is a couple of Dollarbies but a total of 524 items for under 100Lds so time to make an account with the Marketplace, it’s Second Life linked and you use your SL name and SL password, it’s safe, and you can click away and everything is waiting for you when you get inworld…just like this Pennywise mask which I picked up for fun from the Pout MP shop.  I’ve obviously had fun with the editing but if this clown face isn’t for you I also bought some of their Dollabies and the sugar lipsticks are gorgeous (Lelutka & Catwa Mesh Heads only).

Floorplan & Brocante (Marketplace).