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Bring on Summer (hunt)

Dench Designs Hunt gift - remove & add all components via menu!

The bring on summer hunt has begun, and I’ve swiped a couple of gifts to share with you. Great to see Dench Designs in this event, and boy-oh-boy you really need to find this amazing prize! It’s a gazebo but with a difference – when you unpack it, it’s the gazebo & couch. When you touch the item a menu pops up so you can add all the rest of the lovely decorations! Of course adding extra’s mean the Li goes up, so you can pick and choose what you want, then if you need too – pack it away.

TMS Hunt gift !

I also spied the gift from the mustard seed, this sweet mother cat and her kitten – reclining under a tomato plant. Absolutely adorable!

Bring on summer blog (prize previews and hints)

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