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Not a floral meringue in sight…thank goodness

SF Design Bridesmaid dress Ariadne (complete with shoes and floral head circlet) Bouquet by Rebel Hope

I’ve been a bridesmaid several times over in real life and in SL.  I’ve always been curious as to why my girlfriends want to dress me as some sort of fairy on acid! (Some of the dresses were just too hideous to even look back on and laugh ) Whyyy do they do that? , when nowadays you find such glorious frocks for your maids. I don’t often wear “gowns” but I do feel that a traditional type one for a wedding is lovely, and I really do enjoy wearing them. If only the Brides had been to SF Design ! Above is the new Ariadne Bridesmaid outfit. Its sleek and non – fussy, no over abundance of frills or netting or puffiness …it’s just classy and feminine. I loved wearing it today, and would definitely make it a keeper if it was my maids dress.

SF Design Bridesmaid dress - mesh

Beautiful details around the waist and a dipped back that’s not too low (I’m not a big fan of the buttocks revealed style of gown). It has an almost innocent air about it, which I think is perfect for a wedding. Ariadne is a complete outfit, meaning that not only do you get the mesh dress, but also the most stunning floral circlet to wear in your hair…

SF Design Ariadne shoes

Plus… unbelievably..these stunning shoes. When you wear the full outfit, the shoes verrrry slightly peek out from under the dress hemline, I especially liked that as it seems almost criminal for them not to be seen. The level of detail is incredible, and the HUD to skin match is really easy to use. Swaffette has also included some “blending stockings” to help if you find it hard tinting – so you can achieve a very good match…never seen that before, fantastic idea ! Ariadne is available in a wonderful assortment of colours. Actually, Id be tempted to wear the gorgeous creamy shade as a wedding dress, its just SO elegant.  When you land at the mainstore, use the teleporter board and head over to the High Society section. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design


Every girl needs a Prince Charming…right?

I’m so thrilled to be able to show you  the newest releases from swaffette Firefly  @ SF Design. Steve is wearing “Prince Charming”,which is based upon Prince Williams  Irish Guard uniform. Complete with Order of the Garter blue sash, RAF Wings and Jubilee medal.The uniform includes gloves, cap & shoes (stop swooning and keep up !) I’m sure you’ll agree he looks rather dashing…attention to detail (as usual) is high,and Steve certainly enjoyed swanning about in this outfit…unbelievably this whole look costs just 500L.

I got to dress up also, and alongside our very own Prince I wore the simply adorable Morelia Wedding Gown in Ivory, a show stopper for only 600L. I’m showing the “everything on” version,train,layers,veil and somewhere underneath a pair of divine matching shoes.The creamy heavy silk is richly embroidered (much like Kates gown on the big day )Layers upon layers of detailing and the sweetest bodice & cuffs…want to know this gowns secret? hmm shall I tell you…*ponders*.. long as you promise not to tell a SOUL ! It also doubles up as your honeymoon outfit..isnt that just fabulous??!!  A shorter version is included and as with the wedding gown its self there are different styles to play around with …I SO wish I could do this with my SL wedding dress,sadly no one had this brilliant idea in 2007 booo…

So we have our Prince & Princess…what about the bridesmaids? Solved..with the 3 shade range of the Morelia Gown’s (also double up as evening gowns for those not thinking about weddings) Each dress comes complete with the sweetest matching shoes & flower for your hair,plus varying ways to wear, with or without the mid ruffles..and resizer scripts to get that perfect fit (not that I had to fiddle about at all yay!) I adore this delicate blue…of course you’re wondering if it has a sister version hmm?..

Of course it does…and this is what you come to expect and love about a quality store such as SF Design…each of the colours in the Morelia Gown range has a short version included..makes it very versatile, such hard working additions to your collection. Naturally I fell in love with this dainty pink tone ! Each colour is 500L…a steal .

Head over to the High Society section to find these new releases, and I warn you..try not to stare too hard at the models in the guys section, I was rooted to the spot for ages !

Go get Royal : SF Design