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Happily ever after…

So, you’ve decided to get hitched…and thats the easypeasy part. You’ll be head spinning shortly with the array of options for your nuptials. Guest list,venue,official,bridesmaids and on and on…but I have to say, in my opinion…its So worth it ! Let me take a little of the strain away..and present to you this beautiful mesh wedding gown. This version is Tulle..and has a very subtle  sprigged pattern on the lower dress…stunning bodice with some sweet details…it also comes with a necklace, earings and two styles of veil plussss some darling little white ankle boots and stockings…the cost? It’s just one of your linden dollars…unbelievabubble huh?

I also snapped up the second style, which is basically the same as the Tulle but with no pattern, which I actually prefer personally…and you get the same amazing deal with all the extras…for one Linden ! Here you can see more clearly the detail around the bodice…the back is also nicely done with some little buttons printed on…I could only find this on the market place..take a look at the store , they have some other dollarbies too !

Mesh Wedding Set


Business as usual

*: Lo*momo :* Groupgift

yes yes business as usual…lazzzzy sunday..tripping about and stumbled over this awesomesauce little jacket as a group gift from  Lo*momo . It’s very flouncy and just perfect for strutting about shopping in! Layers upon layers of lace and ruffles…so moi.

Had a good look around whilst I was there, if you’re thinking of getting hitched, check upstairs as I noticed some stunning bridal gowns *swooooons*…

go get ruffly : *: Lo*momo :*