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Crafters gone wild.

This is what happens when you get a bored crafter.  It seems to be ages since I had an excuse to wear my lovely Lolas and then I found a small Gacha event just for the well endowed and as soon as I saw these Titty Tags they were in the bag (or in this case my invent).

TagsThis is Pink Sugah’s offering and I won a pair of the common ones but fortunately I lurve cupcakes, obviously one for the left booby and one for the right.  Each set of 2 has cheeky saying or cute pictures.


Pixelated so I don’t shock you too much but they delicately dangle from your Lola nips.  If you really need to see how they hang or just want to cop an eyeful then click my Flickr Account link and see them in all their glory.

ϲɾմʍքҽէ (tara.asamoah) the owner if Pink Sugah has been really nice and if you look under the Gacha machine she has set out a freebie to celebrate “Brit Tits Hunt” which I will definitely being doing.  Her offering is a sparkling skin tight Union Jack dress with not only Lola Appliers but Phat Ass and some others that I don’t even recognise.  So pop into her shop and check out the busty goodies and the sign for the hunt is right in the door.

Please don’t ignore either the Gacha event or Pink Sugar if you’re not a Booby fan as so many of the clothes are equally as good for the small boobed as well and even the Titty tags with a minimum of editing will look cheeky hanging from anyone’s nip.


Hello Titties Slots Gacha’s

Pink Sugah Mainstore

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I’ve just booked myself a little seaside weekend break and I want my day time to be like just this and to spend my evenings like the second photos but sadly I live in the UK so unless they make thermal bootie shorts and fur lined bras I’ll be wrapped up in woolies.

The message about this cute (Lola Tango Ready) FREEBIE must have gotten out quickly because as I am typing this there are at least 6 busty ladies grabbing not only the green colours but ALL of them  A choice of 3 coloured cropped  tops and 4 coloured booty shorts but why chose? I didn’t and snagged them all.  Perfect for the times you just don’t want to get all dressed up but still want to show of your cute AV.  And to be Tango ready is the icing on the cake but obviously can be worn equally as cute with out the “Gazungas”.


Not free but at a mere 75Lds it is a cheapo to me.  Picked this and a cute Chinese styled dress, same price, but managed to resist the little Mesh Cropped Ruffle tops. A lovely light beige/Creme colour, I like that nude look, with a hint of a net NOT the tarty see through net but s light texturing effect.  A ruffle at the boobs and on the hemline  makes it pretty and very wearable. Called “Lace Me Up”.

Don’t panic if your running out of Lindens because there is a MM Board (Midnight Mania) and some LBs for you to check out.

The shoes I believe Faith has already blogged them as they came from the N-Core sale.  All the shoes to be retired are upstairs and in RL as well as SL you can never have too many shoes and cute strappy ones are always a bonus.


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Perfect Timing

I was just about to TP to a shop that I know sells skins which are designed to be worn with Lola Tangoes because I have heard that people are worried that they won’t be able to get a skin match so I decided I’d buy a skin and see if those few people who cannot for some reason match their skin can buy one.  Fortunately before I went shopping I decided to clean out some of my invent and see if there was any goodies and I came across a box from Hot Stuff and tucked inside was some  WOO HOO Lola Tango SKINS! I wasn’t too excited at first because they come in such small boxes with even smaller pictures on the front so you couldn’t really see how good they are and they are good.


A couple of surprises is that you put on your lola boobs and put on the skin and in the skin package comes an Applier which applies the matching boob skin colour.  So I had a horrid thought that if you need to apply the skin with an applier then you won’t be able to apply a clothing layer over the top and that’s not the case at all.  Your skin applier colours the boobs and whatever you chose to wear on top you use the applier given with that outfit and it simply layers it over the breast skin.  EASY. As an added bonus this free’s up your tattoo layer so you can use that for something else.


This is Regina coral skin and the darker skin is the Regina Nutmeg.  Now I have taken a really good naked shot so you could have a better view of the skin match and nipple colouring and then I remembered the 1 nip rule which basically means I can’t really show that picture but if you look at my Flickr then it will be there.  So this is the prudish shot and the rudish shot is……..HERE


Because there is no demos of this skin I just snapped this close up of the Reginal Coral skin at a normal SL miday light setting (face light on though I never ever not wear a FC).  250Lds and you get 3 choices of make ups and cleavage options and at that price a bargain. Speaking of which quite a few hunts going on and lots of Group Gifts and old hunt items going for cheap on the table.  So make sure you check them out.

Hot Stuff

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“My Humps My Humps My Lovely Lady Lumps”

Bet the title got you looking and why not indeed.   The reality is that in SL we all love the perfect bodies, hair, skins and of course there are those who love boobs.  This is reflected by the amount of people investing in Gazungas such as Lolas, ecorps or iboobs which sadly is an expense even I balk at however we clever girls can always fake it (RL and SL ;-)) and this is how. This photo is of me in my, hopefully, more natural shape which is the one I have to use to wear a lot of mesh clothes.

Faked.  Now they appear slightly paler than my skin but thats the bubbles because in SL they actually looked a really good match but it doesn’t matter because in this pack you get a massive selection of colours and shapes and you can even edit them to get a perfect match to your skin or colour preference (sadly I’m pants at that and now own a pair of green tinged boobies!).  And of course I’m trying them on with my Laq skin and when I have some more time I will be mixing and matching boobs with skin so every skin pack I have will now contain a boob layer.

Pale natural.  Of course most cleavage layers have the shading on top whilst these layers have the shading underneath and around the nipples.  This is because these are more like boob changers and not cleavage enhancers. Worn when naked or under sheer clothing to make your SL boobies stand out even more and remember I keep my SL boobs small and slightly low down but for those of you who love your gazungas you can  imagine how impressive adding more shading will make them without the extra expense of enhancers and the specialised clothes you need to purchase to fit them.

If you look closely, which I know you will, you can see the nipples are also different.  The come with a choice nips as well and they’re so natural from the poky out ones to the slightly inverted ones.  If that wasn’t enough each shade comes in all layers and tattoo AND then you can even buy a Nipple pack which is equally stuffed with nips of all shapes and sizes so you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Not sure if you can get them inworld but you get get them all including the  demo pack which I reccomend you ty out first.  Well worth the money even for the entertainment of trying them on.

Slightly Skewed (make sure you sign in with the Adult option or all you will see is eyes, make up and a bit of bruising)