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Oh Finally !

I’ve been in Second Life for over a decade and one of the things that has always driven my crazy? Necklaces ! Yes I know , seems ridiculous.. but I have never, ever been able to get a good fit on them. Chokers yes – dead simple but necklaces – nope. They either stick out, wont lay flat, vanish into my shoulders,neck or chest. As for long ones – forget it ! Then, along came AvaWay – I was mooching in their store the other day and noticed that a few of the items were designed especially for the Maitreya body – intrigued I bought the one above. Voila! It fitted perfectly, no resizing, no rotating, tilting, dragging about – it fitted , right out of the box.

What is especially lovely is that some of the designs give you a choice of wearing all the strands, 1, 2 or all – so essentially you get several different looks in one piece.

After that initial purchase I did return and bought up almost ALL of the Maitreya rigged items. I even found a belly chain (heavens I’ve really struggled to fit those in the past!) There are also rings, bracelets and more ! Do make sure that you check the item you like is one of those that’s rigged for Maitreya, not all are.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Creative Spark – more Green!

Luminesse also has a new offering for the new round of The Creative Spark – jewels! Gorgeous bracelets in purple and green tones, great fit with the inbuilt resizer. They are called ” Merce” and “Riona” during the event you can snap up either one for just $40L a pop.



Jewels & Shoes working in harmony

So Id been looking for some summery sandals and new jewlery..Id searched the market place, gone to all my usual haunts…nada,zilch..quite literally in under 2 mins, Player had located a new-to-me place and found the most incredible sandals AND jewels *squealsssss*..Im not gonna bother looking next time I need something, Im just gonna ask him *laughs* anywayyy enough of me blurbing on..After finding the sandals (see below) we popped over to the in world store,I fell in love with this ” love tribe” bracelet and bought it..I adored it so very much I bought the matching necklace ..the totally fantabulous thing is you can change the leather cord colour and the jewels plus pendant,both are made by La Forgia Jewels – bracelet is 150L, necklace is just 220L..but but but theres more…

Joined with La Forgia Jewels is another sore called Anuda, who makes shoes…and guess what? You can also change the gemstone colours on this pair to co-ordinate with your necklace & bracelet.(actually you get like 10 pairs of shoes with the diff gems on them phew!)..The shoes are called Journey I have them in brown but they also come in black..they look so comfy and casual and cute. (I dont really teeter around  in killer stilettos all day in real life, so why here?) Suitable for capris,jeans all those boho maxi skirts youve been buying and heaps more ! The HUD allows you to get a great colour match on your skin, plus oodles of french pedicure & nail colours for your tootsies..simple and a breeze to use. Very reasonably priced @ 590L per pair…

Go get happy feet: La Forgia Jewels & Anuda


Pink Label goes Blue

I have some soooper news for you, Pink Label has a brand spanking new store ! To celebrate this and so you can all update your landmarks, Talena Carissa has left out this amazing weekend deal for you. The Diana dress is ever so flirty and summery, pretty floral pattern is splashed over it with abandon, it comes with a chunky silver belt and just for this w/e is only 10L. Thats not allll…..

….there is also a matching set of beautifully beaded earrings & bracelet, also just 10L , plusssss…

…a sneaky pre-release pair of the lickabubble Dita shoes in blue floral ! Gawd I ❤ these babies, I’ve been stalking Talena the last few days ever since she let me see them, watch this space cause there’s gonna be a LOT of these around in scrummy soft leathers, ssssnakeskinsss that will have you swoooning (I am SO top of the list to get my paws on those!!!) I can also share with you they will be offered later in colour packs ie: dove grey through to black in ONE shoe ! They have such an easy to use HUD system,even I can get the purrfect skin match, you can turn the tiny stars on the heels on & off,and choose your adornment tones silver,gold etc..yay! Hold you breath,don’t faint…cause…these are just 10L also for this weekend only *faints*…Hurry along and snap this offer up !

Go get flowery: Pink Label


Accessorise your heart out

I’m going to share today one of my favourite jewelry designers. For some time now I’ve been slowly building a collection of  Dark Mouse jewelry, some from the generous monthly group gifts,some from the store ,sales…the work is exquisite and detailed, classy and fun. You’ll know what I mean when you buy your pieces. Check out the tiny tiny details, always a beautiful clasp..the fit is perfect ,styles that will work with the most demanding fashion diva’s wardrobe. Above I’m wearing the Anzac necklace and earrings, I chose the silver tones but it’s also available in copper & gold.Fittings for both spine & chest. Yes it has pearls but that doesn’t mean its only for evening wear, look at the design closely..see how it would also work with a crisp denim shirt or a casual sundress ? You can click on each photo for a closer view of the prettiness !

Possibly my most favourite of the new releases is the Spring fling set…I got pretttttty excited about the bows and multiple rows of flowers,beads and chains..such a brilliant spring to summer look..eye catching ! The earrings reflect the centre of one of the flowers in the necklace,the top of the necklace is almost a choker with its dainty tied bow,pretty all the way down its longgg chain to the well-appointed leaves that snuggle in your cleavage…complete the look with the jaunty bracelet which has a matching bow to compliment the one at your neck.

The Steeplechase collection is seductively easy to wear set,also available in copper,silver & gold tones….this is something I could wear on a daily basis,works wonderfully with most things in my day-to-day wardrobe…never be shy to add your glam accessories girls..they  can really lift an outfit!

Last pieces I have to show you today are from the Aisling range. This is special and something I’ve been hunting around for..a VERY long neck chain. I’m not big into chunky jewerly..I prefer fine work..and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s a longgg delicate chain, on the end of which an intricate filigree pendant hangs. The earrings are just fantastic…this also comes in copper,gold or silver tone options, and would work equally well with evening or more casual wear.

Most collections have special offers when buying an entire range, plus other goodies like hair acessories..prices for the new releases begin at around 200L with the collection packs saving you around 200l -great deal!

Head over to the store today and take a gander at the loveliness. There are some gatcha machines (can’t resist those and items are transferable for gifts or exchanging with friends) Theres a scratch & win machine too!! Plus a lucky chair…dont forget to join the group to receive updates & the generous gifts (I seem to recall there is a join fee but as I’m IN it I can’t see now sorry!)

Go get glam: dark mouse


I keep you close to my heart


The other day I scooted over to MIAO to collect the gift that had been placed out for subscribo members (ninja!) in the box was also one of the wear & win cards, I put it on…chose the three places to scratch and voila! I won this charming Madeline bracelet. The sooper thing about MIAO’s jewels is you can personalise them to within an inch of their life. With this item you can choose two bead colours and the shade of the ribbon…perfect to match with heaps of your gear! The locket is called “Michelle” and co ordinated so well with my new bracelet i nabbed it straight away.

Michelle Ribbon and Pearl Locket 300L

Much like the Abernathy locket that was the disco deals item last week…you can change almost every part to your own color palette. The pearls, the ribbon, the metal. If you click on it once the locket springs open to reveal a photo ! (see info notecard that comes with the item for instructions on how to do this- its simple) Click twice and you will see a menu that enables you to select metals,gemstone,pearls & ribbon tones.

Go get choosy: MIAO