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Sin Original – Free


Havent had any Lucky chair wins for simply ages. I popped over to Sin Original to do a hunt – couldn’t find anything about the hunt BUT ..

.. as I was swanning past the lucky chairs – BOOM my F came up hurrrah! scored two lovely items, a complete outfit including tiptoe sneakers and a gorgeous boyfriend style baggy shirt  – perfect for Valentines day – perfect for any day. Head over and see if you can grab a giftie.

Sin Original

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I’m not going to be buying anything from the latest big mens sale at AMD (Apple May Design) since I basically already have a big folder of everything from here in any case.  Although I’m pretty sure the open shirts is new to me but when I have more free time I’ll do an inventory check to see and if I don’t have it then that one is definitely one for me to buy.


This top, and I have the same one in all the shades, and the trousers come from AMD and there is an excellent pair of mens PJ bottoms and best of all everything for a limited time is only 50Lds.

When you land turn right around from the main shop and you will then be facing the mens shop.

PS of course I went and grabbed the unzipped eyeball tattoo.

 Apple May Design (AMD)

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The Promenade steals my heart

The Promenade American Beagle Outfitters retro dress No 5 - rare NEW- clawtooth hair cherry bomb

Brand new finger lickin good event for you lovelies! The Promenade opens on the 1st of October and its pretty fahhhbulous – lots of new-to-me designers to discover and heaps of those totally additive gacha machines. Above is a really fantastical retro dress from American Beagle Outfitters, this is a gacha item and I’m showing the rare win. I have to admit I really liked them ALL ! Perfect styling, and its dotty – you all know how I adore dots.

The Promenade LOoLOo PJ Top Crimson Gacha rare

From LOoLOo I chose to share this boyfriend night-shirt. I so love these, easy to wear and drift about in on a lazy day. This is the crimson win (rare) but again, all the colours are scrummy. There are also some lounging pants for the guys that match to have a go at in the gacha machine, I couldn’t possibly show everything as there is SO much  on offer ! More to come , better refill your purses .

The Promenade



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When I miss him..

ohhh hai! Yes I’m here again to dribble on a dreamy fashion..(aka filling in the gap zan’s making by bloody going on holiday – tsk!) Anyyyyway Bubblez has this new release and it made me all smiley….its a boyfriend shirt, you know? It’s the sort of shirt…that maybe your other half would take off and leave someplace around the bedroom…and then….you miss him…and need his scent. Sooo you fetch that shirt…that soft faded thing..and hold it to your nose and inhale…but…thats not enough, because you really miss his arms….so…you slip it on…and close your eyes…and feel him all around you ~sigh~…well yeah…you get the picture huh? It’s just 88L at the moment…Id call it an essential…especially at that price..

Alsooo….another new one is Kazumi…different style than I’ve seen around lately…with its worn out patches around the hemline…lightweight knit fabric and summery feel stripes…absolutely LOVE the bared shoulder look ! This is just 199L…go grab it up…thanks milolicious xx