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Missed it.


This is the outfit that swaffette Firefly had put out for the Mens Wear Fashion Week which I completely missed but now since it’s available at her large main shop (check out the NEW Board) it’s a good excuse to blog it.  As it happens I’ve combined 2 of her outfits to make 1.  The bowling shirt is a separate item from the jeans I just thought the rolled up retro jeans inc in the NY suit set also suited this top perfectly.


Decided to try to find a better background for the suit I also had and checked out  many restaurants locations and as soon as I saw The Mill I knew it was perfect.


This suit comes in 2 shades blue and black and is called NY city jeans set.  I used the charcoal coloured jeans with the bowling shirt in the first picture and in this second one I’m wearing the full Indigo  blue suit.   I actually prefer the jacket without the shirt and since you get all the layers that means you can chose to wear the jacket alone or with the shirt and not forgetting that those rolled up jeans are a great look on their own so basically a couple of looks in the one package. Demos are available and I would definitely try them both suits out out because you maybe surprised by the blue one, again at first I wasn’t too sure but the colour has grown on me and I actually really like the colour it makes you stand out just a bit more but not too OTT.


Inside of The Mill is a selection of seating from a table for 2 to this longer banquet style one, upstairs a couple of more private dining tables and a comfy living room seating area.



There is a Group to join if you want to be kept updated.  A really lovely relaxing place to hang out and just relax.

I must say not long ago there was quite a heated debate going on in one of the Groups I am a member of about mesh and non mesh clothes and it still surprises many people that there is still those who do not want to wear mesh for whatever reasons.  swaffette Firefly main stock is still non mesh and although she is making headway into the world of mesh if you want non mesh clothes then this is the shop that has it all, from underpants to wedding suits, shorts to jumpers, coats to hats this is the place.  There is also a monthly Group Gift set out and this month it’s a pair of shoes.



sf Designs

The Mill

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Big Hands.

Big handsI don’t have that many poses but fortunately for everyone I have big hands and this pose.  Following on from Zan s blog about Alyxen Design I popped over and grabbed a pair of the boxers she had mentioned.  Having been able to check it out  a bit more I can see that you can buy 3 versions pulled up, half pulled down and all the way down.  I reccomend you check out the pictures at the side of the boxers to see what they look like without the hands covering. Apart from the 3 different styles there is a vast range of colours from the deep gold I am wearing to zingy green and sedate browns.  Not trans which is a shame as they would make a great gift.

Alyxen Designs

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Scored Big Scored Cheap (Hunt items).

Second shop on my Christmas Candy Can Hunt list and I scored so well I’m really chuffed.  First thing though wasn’t a hunt prize but check this out.

PlanterOMG 2 prims ALL of those plants on a boat shaped planter=2 prims!  This is such great quality and texturing.  Called Boat planter because it has a bowed bottom to it but in all honestly I’ve just placed mine of water for the fun of it because it can be placed anywhere.  Our sim is almost whitened out so I thought that one of the more flowery and colourful planters would be out of place so I chose the more sedate grassy one but if you’re still in SL summertime mode then the other boxes are in full bright bloom, packed with flowers and greenery.  Excellent all round including the 49Ld price tag.

WateringJust to give you a better indication of the size, depth and quality I took this picture.

Autum treeThese tree’s are the Lets Give Thanks Hunt Item (or the picture of the pumpkin) and are FREE.  Pretty generous when yet again you have such great texturing and low primmedness.  If I remember correctly you get 5/6 different shapes in the pack and they’re copyable and at 2 prims you could rezz a whole forest of them..

And then the icing on the cake is this.

CandyI had stood and admired these in the shop I didn’t really have the Lindens left to buy them(roll on payday) I had earmarked them for a later date when I had some Lindens to spend  and then I stumbled on to the Christmas Candy Cane hunt item (cupcake with a candy stick in it) and YES this was in it! and it’s copyable.  I’ve just quickly rezzed items on my land because I so want to get back to hunting as there is so much good stuff out there and I want it all, but when I get back inworld I might just rezz this cutie inside my home.  All the above photos were taken in my Nams Optimal Prim and Skin setting but esp the Peppermint Candy Cane tree looks stunning in all windlights.

3 Hunts going on in Alyxen’s shop at the moment and all can be found in his furniture shop but please check out the TP to his Garden shop, Mens Clothes and Skyboxes.  Each dept has something that stands out as being rather different.  The furniture shop, obviously the planters but it also has bed’s, thrones, Christmas Tree’s etc etc.  The garden shop has tree’s, landscaping, butterflies etc and the clothes department has some really cute and cheeky “peeking” mens boxers and I’m hoping to send Baylen there to pick a pair up (I promise piccies if he does) but even the mensware dept had something for me, bright eyes for only 9Lds.  I picked myself a pair of orange ones up and I was so pleased with them when I get back inworld my last Lindens is going on some of the bright and unusual ones.

Alyxen Designs

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Boxes of Candy

Boxers or briefs? An age-old question that almost every man gets asked at some point in time. For me, the answer is definitely boxers hands down, whether it be in Second Life and First.

As you’d expect then, I have my fair share of pairs but this release from CandyMetal is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on some mesh boxers and let me tell you that these are definitely my kind of underwear. The texture on the mesh looks fantastic and the mesh itself is umm… bulge-y… in all the right places if you get my drift. There are some cool colours to choose from in these boxer shorts, but I went with good old basic black. There are also three different styles with each colour, with plenty of size options, that makes for one large package of awesomeness.

Each pack will cost you L$350 but as I just explained, they are loaded packs indeed so it’s absolutely money well spent. Head on down and get you some. Thanks Roshi!

Get the gear here: CandyMetal

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A Brief Report

Monday has yet again graced us with its presence, bringing around another round of Monday Mania awesomeness. This week from SF Design us guys can pick up this fabulous pack of Print Boxers. There is an unbelieveable 7 pairs of these boxers in this pack, one colour for each day of the week! They are very cool looking boxers as well, I can’t tell exactly what the ‘print’ on them are but it looks a little like newsprint so we’ll go with that. Each pair comes on the underwear and pants layer just in case. They also come with sculpted ‘packages’ for each colour that you can choose to wear if you wish (I didn’t).

As always this huge pack of undies will only cost you L$25 and is available at this price today only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design and yes ladies there is something for you as well across the way in the women’s section. Head on down and snap these up while you can.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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What’s Underneath?

Well we are getting ever so close to V-Day. How many of you guys have all your gifts sorted? Perhaps you should consider wrapping yourself up in SF Design’s latest Monday Mania offering and ‘presenting’ yourself to your special someone.

This week we see swaffette Firefly release three pairs of underwear for Monday Mania. Each pair comes in a very Valentiney design, love hearts aplenty and each pair is smaller than the last!

There are the boxer shorts, slip and finally, for the more adventurous among you, the string. You better be somewhere warm wearing that one, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. All three pairs of underwear come on the pants or underpants layer and you also get a sculpted ‘package’ should you wish to wear it with your new duds.

For L$25 these three fantastic pairs of underpants will have you looking just right for the big day tomorrow. The special price is for today only and you can pick them up from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design


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Keeping it Brief

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have that much underwear here in Second Life, it just never occurs to me to pick up a pair that often. However, when I saw that Alphamale had just released a new line of cotton boxer briefs, I had to run down and stock up my neglected underwear drawer.

Now you can see why I grabbed a few. They have got a great realistic look to them (if you know what I mean) and the cotton texture is so fabulous, you can almost feel it. With 20 colours to choose from, you could be forgiven for standing in the store for a while trying to choose but since they are only L$45 a pair, L$95 for a pack of three or L$395 for all 20, it becomes a lot easier.

Get the gear here: Alphamale