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The Last Gasp.

Obviously I know that for all the Autumn season is upon us but of course in SL it can be Summer all year round.

Glasses11I got a parcel off Boom which is like an early Xmas pressie but I have to confess when I saw it contained bikini’s and sunglasses I groaned and kept it unrezzed.  Finally knowing Booms quality I gave in and opened it and it got a WOW off me.  The bikini is as always with Boom great texturing, fitting etc but check out the specks!  the only SL glasses I wear are my beloved Nerdy ones, usually the oversized glamourpus ones turn me cold but I absolutely LOVE these the colouring is stunning esp the lenses. I’m not sure if it’s because of the updated viewer but these rezzed so quickly.  I think they’re going to be just as great under a big floppy hat as they are posing on a beach.  I love them so much when I got back inworld I TPed to Boom to buy the Cocoa coloured ones for my own use..

BoomThis is me popping into Boom to get my new glasses and Boom, Piddle and Misteria have all had a complete change of shop so if you haven’t visited for a while come check em out because new shops, new layouts, new stuff.