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Shabby sweetness Home & Garden Expo


HGE Shabby Tabby Table & chairs, screen, lights

Get your “awwww’s” lined up, here’s some seriously sweet gear from Shabby Tabby. above is the chalky chairs and table set, plus the ever-so-cute lighting rod with assorted dingly dangly lamps (they turn on and off too!) The screen is so lovely, very different from what I’ve seen around and could easily fit in most décors. Great sitting animations, in fact I sat there for a few hours clearing my inventory out !

HGE Shabby Tabby & Boogers

This is also from Shabby Tabby, the “story time bookshelf”, low prim and uber cute with lotsa poses to lounge,read and dream. The pompoms are from Boogers – I HAD to won them as I make pompoms in real life ! one prim a string and assorted colours in the box.

HGE Shabby Tabby NEW!!!

There is also this darling little tent, regaled in twinkly lights and pink bunting, with a pile of cushions inside and out. The textures on this are exceptionally beautiful. All available at The Home & Garden Expo !

Shabby Tabby @ The Home & Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo blog


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Happy dance (Hunt item).

I love a RL and SL productive weekend and so far so good.  Got a couple of cute and unusual skyboxes to show you and I’m also hoping I’ve found a good free hunt to do so lets started.

happy danceSorry the boat is not the freebie because it’s just brilliant.  The boat comes from Boogers which in the UK is something small children like to dig out of their noses as it happens I think this may have been intended for the mini me’s in SL but actually all but 2 of the poses were perfect for full AV sizes and this “happy dance” and 1 other had to be adjusted for my AV.  Again with such an easy to use menu it was hardly a problem.  I’m floating my boat but actually it’s perfect for the land as well.  As you can see it’s full of sand and a sandcastle with suitable resting and castle building poses and all of that for ONLY 2 PRIMS!  BoOgErS is mainly for the kid in you or your SL life but do not let that put you off.  This place has some fun items for any home and any sided AV.

PS you gotta come here just to walk through the hairy nostrils into the main shop.

Happy dance2

The top and shorts are the Freebie Hunt item from Sky.  The hunt is called “The Fruit Salad Hunt”, and what you’re looking for is a Strawberry – which I found easily.  Make sure to check out all of Sky Summerwind’s shop because she has a lot of special offers on and in the very back of the shop Lucky Chairs and if you love to take piccies of your outfit I believe you can add your picture to the wall with all the others.

Found the link to the FSH and I’m deffo going to be snagging more of them so will post as soon as I’ve grabbed them.

The Fruit Salad Hunt Hints and Slurls



(I added the name of the hunt for you ! Faith x)

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Smelly socks and scattered laundry

The Challenge BoOgErS Graffiti Room

I don’t have any teenage children but I’m pretty sure the following post might ring a bell for some ! The Challenge this month is on yay! It’s all about Teenagers and I’ve got zillionsss of stuff to show you, so I will split it up into a few posts. First out of the stocks is this offering from Boogers. A real teen treat of a room with plenty of flexibility to get the look you want. A suspended bed with desk above is totally groovy, the ladder is seperate so you can place it where you wish. Surf board bench and a fabbo media unit are also included. The corner brick decor is another piece you can play around with, great effect! The graffiti panels are so cool to slap against a wall, modify too so yet again you can fiddle about too achieve a style you love.

The Challenge BoOgErS Graffiti Room 2

Close up view of the bed, I moved some of the wall decals around this time, SO versatile !

The Challenge[hate this] mesh - 90s teen bedroom (5 prims for bed)

Another teen bed, this time with the desk area beneath and a funky 1 prim stool to complete the look. I was sooper pleased with the array of options on this piece, you can change the textures on most parts, wood & fabrics, way to go! This is by [hate this] , I always look forward to their Challenge items…the bunk bed on this is just 5 prims yay! (scattered clothes and basket are mine from wayyyy back when sorry!) There are heaps of poses in the mattress, plus some that take you to the floor to look like a proper “sulky” teenager.


[hate this]