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Got Boobs? (Freebie).

Be kind to me I have a double whammy of a cold and toothache! RL is sucking badly at the moment.

I’ve been tottering around in SL with this very night clubbing, date night, stylised outfit from Braham Design or the past 2 days but I’ve only had the nounce to finally be able to show it to you today.


OK I did have fun with editing but this outfit didn’t need it.  Obviously the main body of this mesh dress is a matt black and that exaggerated red fold is very dramatic, you can also see that even the lining of the dress is the bright red which is a nice finishing touch but not as nice as the bows on the back.


I don’t do nightclubs, dancing or dating in SL but I do know of people who love to take their AV dancing and do a bit of inworld flirting as well and this dramatically coloured dress will get you noticed for sure.

OK a maybe a bit of a downside.  Boobies, this dress comes with a very generous boobie cup size so even though I’m wearing the XS size my little pimple sized boobies don’t fill the cups BUT I do keep my boobie slider in the pretty small setting.  Although I love to wear my Tangoes on the whole I keep my boobies petite but if you’re the sort of girl or even boy who loves a pneumatic cleavage then perfect for you or of course with a simple slide you could make yourself a busty AV.

Going to be honest my brain is moosh so I can’t really remember much about the Braham shop so I can’t tell you much about it but once I’ve got my sh*t together, in other words the pain killers I’ve taken have kicked in, I’m going to have a wander around.

DOH I’ve just realised, red n black perfect Valentines outfit! So grab it now as it may not be there next month and hide it away till the big day (all rhyming is completely unintentional)

UPDATE, This Freebie/GG is on the wall just outside of the entrance to the shop and I highly recommend you GO INSIDE!  I’ve just spent a very pleasant half an hour trying on quite a few demos as there is some really lovely items here, even the simple knitted off the shoulder dress impressed me with the crispness of the texture but there seems to be a bit of everything from casual summer to cold wintry wear and it’s the same with the pricing.  Lots of things are just 55Lds but even at the higher prices of 99-150+LDs if I had a unlimied budget I would have bought at least 2 things and thats only what I spotted on the ground floor and there is even more upstairs and I believe across the way is the mens dept as well.  I did also notice with the demos I picked up they came with not just the standard mesh sizing but also mesh body sizes and fitmesh so this is definately a place to check out properly.

Braham Design


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Kawaii boobs.


Although I thought I’d had my fill of Gacha’s I decided to pop over to the Lily of the Valley Gacha Festaval mainly because this was my Mums fav plant.  The usual mix of clothes, make up, this n that and then I found this.  Nope I am not wearing my beloved Tangos as the boobalicious shape is from the dress.  So if you have wanted to “grow a pair” without the expense then for 50Ld this is a really cute and cheeky mesh dress..


Another clearer shot so you can see the belt and braces detail and all the butterflies you can see attached to head, arms and legs also come with the dress but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but remember this is a Gacha item so I won the pink but you may end up with a different colour.

So I TPed over to Magritta’s shop ****Mag<3.B. which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before because she has some seriously cute outfits and all at more than reasonably price in face if you want a certain colour for this outfit then they’re in her shop at full price of 90Lds which is still pretty damned good.  She also has some really exc GG, Free to join and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in such a rush I would have loved to have shown you them.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well not only to see the sort of things she has but she’s also got some really bargain priced prettiness.

Lily of the Valley Gacha Festival



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Wicked Boobies (Free Dress).


Since I’m going to be MIA and I have just posted a few other items I thought I’d shove this one in because it has BOOBIES and it’s been such a long time since I’ve had an excuse to wear my beloved Lola Tangos. but just as wearable without any boobies.

You do have to join the WickedNight Group to grab it but it’s free to join.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Group Gifts, there is another outfit, then when you go into the shop turn left and next to the Lucky Boards are the group gift.


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The Whole Deal!

Honestly I’m such a stuck in the mud with my shape and skin choices it’s boring but when I got notice of Mr.Bloch that he has some special offers on for us ladies I had to indulge and WOW he’s included the WHOLE lot of appliers and for only 49Lds!

SkinuseHarmony is the skin’s name and again not only do you get the SLink hands and feet appliers but also Lola Tangos, PhatAzz (not worn as I refuse to have a fat ass!) and Loud Mouth and if that lot doesn’t tempt you  then you get a total of 3 shade and each shade comes with a choice of lippie.  I’ve not had time to pop into the in world shop Mr.Block to see if this is also on offer there but here is the link to his Marketplace where he has this and a couple of more special offers but be QUICK because like all of his shapes/skins etc they’re limited in number.  OH almost forgot there  even more because it comes with 2 mod shapes and one of them is for the Loud Mouth but I’m not wearing the shape give but my Anna shape.

Skin2This is Harmony again but the paler skin option. Ignore the wisps of hair I must remember that as adorable as this Diva hair is it’s not one for close-ups LOL.  Honestly as I was trying this skin out and taking the pictures the SLink Group were chatting away and as usual a lot of people were bemoaning how hard it can be sometimes to match skins and your “extras” so for those who are struggling or like me a bit lazy with the skin matching this is ALL you need.

Mr.Bloch Marketplace Shop

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Green Envy(Dollarbie).

JuicyI stumbled upon this retro dress from !Soul in the MP(Marketplace).  Because the texturing is so good this took the minimum of editing and it was a perfect alignment of the texturing.  You don’t even just get the one item even in her gifties you get much more.  In this case 2 dresses, this one which you can wear with or without the belt and another with 2 tones of this lime colouring (and with the belt of you want to)..

I’ve got my fav LBD from here (little black dress) but as I’ve said you get more than just the outfit you get the FULL outfit, sometimes it’s blouse, trousers and boots set or bikini with sarong and hat or a corset with matching skirt and boots and on and on.  Demos come with everything included to you don’t have to take a chance.

SnowHA HA so there I was sat there outside of her shop typing away in RL and wondering what was flickering on my screen and I realised that the snowman she has set outside actually follows you and chucks snowballs at you so I was a sitting duck.  So what the heck I took a piccie of me trying to avoid being splattered.

At the moment she has a gift vendor in her in world shop which has a very Christmassy red mesh dress with white fur collar.  You do have to join her group to grab it but that seems to be only a token 5Lds.


!Soul Marketplace

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Crafters gone wild.

This is what happens when you get a bored crafter.  It seems to be ages since I had an excuse to wear my lovely Lolas and then I found a small Gacha event just for the well endowed and as soon as I saw these Titty Tags they were in the bag (or in this case my invent).

TagsThis is Pink Sugah’s offering and I won a pair of the common ones but fortunately I lurve cupcakes, obviously one for the left booby and one for the right.  Each set of 2 has cheeky saying or cute pictures.


Pixelated so I don’t shock you too much but they delicately dangle from your Lola nips.  If you really need to see how they hang or just want to cop an eyeful then click my Flickr Account link and see them in all their glory.

ϲɾմʍքҽէ (tara.asamoah) the owner if Pink Sugah has been really nice and if you look under the Gacha machine she has set out a freebie to celebrate “Brit Tits Hunt” which I will definitely being doing.  Her offering is a sparkling skin tight Union Jack dress with not only Lola Appliers but Phat Ass and some others that I don’t even recognise.  So pop into her shop and check out the busty goodies and the sign for the hunt is right in the door.

Please don’t ignore either the Gacha event or Pink Sugar if you’re not a Booby fan as so many of the clothes are equally as good for the small boobed as well and even the Titty tags with a minimum of editing will look cheeky hanging from anyone’s nip.


Hello Titties Slots Gacha’s

Pink Sugah Mainstore

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Gonna Be Bad!

CenosredIf I look bad in this photo you should see the state of the AV I fought with.

Faith doesn’t have many rules, spell check, use occasional commas and don’t babble (I fail on all) however the one rule I do stick to is no nips or muffs…till NOW! The only thing is to see what it is I’m talking about you will have to click onto my Flickr account links.

The nips are a giftie from Anairah Galicia, her shop has the most appropriate name of Slightly Skewed because that’s what she specialises in.  Some sexy, some twisted and some “Oh, bloody hell” (that’s the name of one of her more bloodied looks).  I have blogged her Boobs and Nips clothing layers which mean that if you want to change your decolletage but not your skin then just like make up you can pop on one of her boob changing layer or a nip layer.  I still have mine and I still use them.  perfect for those who don’t want the mesh boobies either because of the cost or the extreme look. These are a perfect compromise. Change your boobs to suit your mood,  You can choose to buy the boob package or the nipple package and both are PACKED with so many shades and variations to suit a whole variety of skin tones and each comes in all layers. Best of all you can get a demo pack before you try which is a lot more than some others would do.  So deffo try before you buy but you won’t be disappointed.

Now I’m not re blogging something I’ve blogged before but they’re too good not to give them another mention but whats made my day is she has now upped her boobs to include nips for Tango’s.  I know that Lola Tango boobs come with nip choices but in all honesty I haven’t played with them much and I do remember there not being as many as I would have hoped for well now you can add to your Nip collection.  The pack I got was the darker ones and again a big choice of sizes and colours but if you want lighter ones then there is a pack for that (on my shopping list).   Simple easy to use instructions (you need to be able to “add”) .  And again she’s provided us with Demos so you can try before you buy.  Priced at 159Lds a bargain.

Now lets lower our eyes to the Muff bit.  In RL we wax, shave, pluck and zap or excessive hair and it looks good but I am not that keen on the super smoothness perfection of SL females. Of course most skins come with a hint of something down below or you can buy a muff layer or go even further and buy fake fem bits but these are the best I’ve seen so far.  Very realistic this is how Bation Nitely describes them “From neatly trimmed muffs to full bush these sculpted pubic hair enhancements combine practical simplicity and exquisite detail, and they’re attachable with girl bit devices 🙂 So real they’re nearly tactile.” Can’t actually disagree with that.  Just click and wear and with a little bit of editing you can have as big a bush or a slight a fuzz you want. 250Lds and I chose the dark brown which comes in 3 shades and 2 attachment points but she has a variety of colours and shapes.  Demos are available.  And for the men there is some proud man pubes. She also has a range of sculpted nips. Almost forgot to mention that they come scripted so you can hide or show your muff with a simple instruction.

Click the link to my Flickr account if I have the settings right then you will have to click yes to view them.


Slightly Skewed

Nearly Tactile