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Bits & Pieces

ArisAris hunt gft_001

Coupla things to share today…A new hunt has begun..cant seem to find a blog for it, however I do know ArisAris has this cheeky little number out as their prize . Lovely details on the skirt with its patched pocket….halter necked top….all you have to do is find a little pink logo “AMQS”, they can be any get your huntin goggles on !


If you’re into the Lola breast craze artMEfashion has released a new selection of really delicious camisoles for them, called ” peeky”…you get the camisole top and also two tones of a bra to wear underneath..or not if you’re feeling brave. You don’t HAVE to have Lola boobs to wear them…Im not wearing mine above and its a pretty little thing !


While I was at artMEfashion , I noticed a gift out for Valentines day, it’s this delicate dress above. Mostly sculpted so you might need to adjust parts a little. I found that if you don’t wear the leg frill pieces its much easier to avoid any breakthrough when you walk…just a thought ! Beautiful peachy pink tone..and a choice of the skirt with or without the flowers…Very feminine …

artMEfashion (these items are not at the main store but at the  B(o)(o)biealert event)