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Gold & Silver.(Cheap & Free).

This took some hunting down but it was worth it.

The metallic texture of this gold underboob flashing top is so realistic!  I have to say I prefer this gold one but there is a silver one as well.  I should have taken a picture of the back as well as there is a gorgeous drapey metallic bow but I didn’t because it was only when I got back inworld to LM check that I noticed that the back was a really good fit even though this isn’t an SLink fit.  Because this isn’t a free group, only 25Lds though, I’m pretty sure there is a demo for you to try first.

You won’t find this with the other GG’s and the lucky mirrors but they’re close and you should find them easily enough.  I will have to say that the gifts in the lucky mirrors are excellent (they’re the free-standing mirrors) and if you don’t want to wait for your initial to come up then anyone can buy a copy of the outfit for just 49Lds and I would in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact there isn’t a SLink fit! Boo Hiss!

OK now for a freebie which is also a repost but these leather/satin? pants are a nice addition to anyone’s invent.  I got them from the  Nala Design shop but they’re an “MLM Free and offer” gift.  There are a few gifts dotted around the walls in the shop.  These come in so many mesh fits and a matching top but I either binned the top when I first got these or they weren’t inc at that time.  If you want to see them full length then scroll back to a couple of post ago and I was wearing them then as well.

AMD (Apple May Design) If the LM doesn’t take you directly to the AMD shop, turn around and walk to the other side of the shopping plaza.

Nala Design  


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A plum gift.(10Lds GG’s) & Comprehensive list of Black Friday Vendors.

Oooo cheap and sexy my 2 fav words.

For only 10Lds group joining fee you not only score this cheeky little number but there is a whole load of other GG’s which don’t look familiar to me so if I don’t recognise them then it means there is a good chance I’ve not blogged them before.  I only unpacked this outfit so I could be wrong but a few of the other GG’s look as though they come with matching accessories but one thing I am sure of is when I log back inworld I will spend a very nice time just unpacking and sorting through them.

We all now know it’s “Black Friday” and if you want to see a comprehensive list of shops which are offering discounts etc check out my link to the Seraphim blog.

PS All standard mesh fits and this gift inc the panties and top and even better they come as separates.


Seraphim Blog

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Cookies always help (Freebies).

Gave up SLing this morning and went and made some cookies instead and after a big mug of coffee and some noms I was ready to go hunting again.


I’m so glad I decided to check out the Marketplace first and found this which I had spotted before but then lost the link and was so chuffed to refind it.  A cute and almost cartoonish car from R-Production I wonder if the broken light in the front was just an SL glitch or I broke it when I did this…


Yup this was my first attempt at steering it. as it happens it really is very easy to steer I’m just really really bad at driving.  Comes copyable and with a hud which although I didn’t try out the note does say it makes it easier to operate the car.  Lots of car noises and driving AO’s as well.


I’m just going to show the 1 Free item from The Chapter Four event as I adored it as soon as I put it on but then again this comes from the Coco stall so I didn’t expect anything less that excellent.  .I really must pop over to cocoro Lemon’s main shop and check out her GG’s to see if there is anything new I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Oops almost forgot to say that the Group Gift is the under boob flashing top.

Will do more on The Chapter Four Event because this is their 1 year anniversary and there are ooodles of Gifties out but I did splash out on some of the Gacha’s and won some really good stuff so I’m really happy and hopefully will be showing them off soon.  You do have to join the Chapter Four group to grab the gifts but thats free so def a place to visit.


Isetta car

The Chapter Four

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Orsini1The lovely Hatili Ishtari contacted me to let me know that she has a new Group (free to join) freebie out and it was an omg moment because as I was clearing out my invent I had earmarked her shops as a place to revisit so it was Kismet.  This is a simple dusty pink, blue mesh strapeless dress.  You get this one by joining the group and looking at the notices but check out each of her shops as she has a different GG in them.  I’ve put both LMs but each shop is next door to each other so don’t be lazy and TP just walk outside past the Autumn decorations to her other shop.

Skirt yseAlso basically anything that has a Lolly stuck to it has had its price slashed to only 25Lds.  The skirt I am wearing is one of them, a simple light denim coloured knitted thigh skimming Autumn skirt which I’ve teamed with some oldies out of my invent.  But check out the boots.  They come from the Pure Love Hunt and every heart only costs 5Lds so I scored these black chunky heeled boots for just a token price. Best of all this is one of those hunts that has boards out showing exactly what is in each heart so if you really don’t need a new shirt or even these boots then you can pick and chose what you want.  Have to say that the brown cape, make up and knuckle duster clutch bag they have in their hunt  are now in my invent.

OrsininReblogged and I don’t care.  I still had this cute quirky and cheeky dress so the excuse to pop it on and take a new picture was too good to resist. Love flashing a little bit of boobage  and the flowers which come included cover just enough to be cheeky but not rude  and yes this is one of the dresses with the lolly attached to it.  Be careful to click and pay the lolly for the item and not the item itself.  The skirt comes from her OrsiniRed shop which had a little bit of everything so some summer clothes, winter clothes, bikinis and knits.  Her OrsiniSun shop has clothes which have a little bit more RP to them so a few feather, a bit of leather and a lot of boob showing. Both shops have a GG in them so even if RP ain’t your thing then you can still check out the freebie.

OrsiniRed (for skirt)

OrsiniSun (for dress)

Pure Love Hunt

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Polak Cornered

I was so excited when I found these 2 items I couldn’t wait to show Faith.  This is from Shi.   This hoodie is one of the examples of their goodies.  Uni sexed and comes with all the sizes to fit both male and female AVs but if in doubt try the Demos.  has it happens I got the Demos off Marketplace so I will give you the link.  I just love it’s style, the hood covers the face slightly giving you a monk/emo/loner look and it’s sleeveless.  This one is edged with a black leather look but the others come with different edgings to them  a more than reasonable choice of colours. 250Lds and I know you can get cheaper but I’ve not seen this anywhere else and I think it’s more than worth it to have something so simple and yet makes you stand out.


As you will know I am into the occasional boob flashing especially when it’s done as stylish as this “Toga Dress”. The fabric is very drapey and lush red but you do have a choice of colours and of course the Demos to try.  It may seem I don’t have much to say about this dress but I actually love it.  It’s dirty, sexy and delicious and at 225Lds a damned good price.

This is one of the shops where you go in and wish it was a lot bigger because everything they have you want.  Sadly for the sake of my tier fee I’ve had to walk away and maybe return at a later date for a few other items but more than happy with what I got. A small selection of mens clothes, some unisexed, hat, bags and even some great poses.  You can join the group and recieve some goodies but since I’m down to zero group space that too will have to be at a later date as well.



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Buy Buy Don’t Buy


Buy this because it’s sweet, cheeky and just plain rude.  The top of course is what I’m talking about a mesh top with a crochet pattern that you can see right through but also with that off the shoulder strap means you can be cheeky and flash everyone or pop a t-shirt underneath for a casual look. 180Lds and you can check out the demo first.


Buy this because isn’t it obvious? Love that cheeky dropped strap look.  Again be a prude and pop on a T Shirt if you must but what the heck doesn’t it just look sweet. 150Lds and again comes with a demo.

Tiny 1

But don’t buy this because you can get it FREE as a Group Gift.  How lovely is this again, except no boob flashing.  A top quality layered look.  I almost bought this from the MP but I’m so relieved I decided to check out the shop first.  Always worth checking if a shop has a MP and an in world shop because sometimes promos, group gifts, dollarbies etc only appear in the one location.  So this is a definite KEEPER. Sadly not a vast collection of clothes and accessories but enough mesh, non mesh and accessories to temp most and heres hoping that they fill the walls with stuff as good as this.

IZM inworld

Izm Marketplace