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BC Lucky Me


If Faith was here she would tell me off for posting a picture with my feet cut off but she’s not and so HA HA. In all seriousness I just wanted to get this lovely mesh C’est La Vie  Group Gift out there as quickly as possible.  I’ve been member of their group for years now and it will be another few years before I leave.  Such a lovely textured and warm looking dress.

The Hat, which we have blogged before but it’s one of the best so I’ll mention it again.  It’s from Maitreya and comes with the hair attached but also a hud so you can change the shade of the hair and the colour of the ribbon.

BC1Another place to visit is Bonne Chance.  Another one of my long time groups but when you look at how lovely they have created their whole sim just for everyone to wander around and enjoy you know that their clothes are made to match the care and attention they pay to their sim.  So wander over there are some freebies on offer or join the group and grab the gifties and then wander through that gate and spend some quality time wandering around.

C’est La Vie

Bonne Chance


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Zan’s Chance

Our intrepid Zan has been out and about once more and she has brought some loveliness back with her to show you ladies so I’ll turn it over to her.

Bonne Chance, a pretty, ethereal little shop set in a watery location. But once you’ve grabbed your fabulous finds and then wander outside through the pale and whispy trees you realised that they have created a little oasis in the middle of a hard prims and concreted sim.

This store is so sweet that the seats in front of the Lucky Boards are pretty globes for you to sit on. These change every 5 mins and there are 4 of them in total.  Nice to see that since I was last here they have changed a couple of the items but my first item, the off-white skirt and top, is still there and teamed with a pretty necklace it’s lovely.  The gorgeous fabric belt tied at the waist makes it even prettier.

Speaking of lucky board prizes, this statement top with the sweet pink bow is no longer a lucky board prize but it just shows the quality of the gifts that you can get from them.

This last number was a group gift and I may look a bit sad but that’s only because once Faith sees me in this she will be wanting to shove me on the top of the Faith Homes Christmas Tree.  Love the little fat wings.

Bonne Chance

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bonne chance!

Awww I found this pritty knitted sweater type dress at bonne chance yesterday,it’s just purrfect for tossing on when the sun goes down,dainty lace ribbon adorns one shoulder..its just so “snuggly”…lovely muted tones…I ❤ it verrrrry much ! It wont cost you a single penny ! Thanks vitamingirl …

Go get snuggly: bonne chance