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Cleo Designs The Challenge NEW!

Whenever I see the word “canoe” written down, my head see’s it as “canoodle”, weird but true ! Anyway…onto the goodies and enough of my bizarro mind.

The Challenge is ongoing and Cleo Design has a really lovely offering for it. This is the canoe (or canoodle if you’re me) and actually you can canoodle in it as it has some totally adorbs couple animations, so there. It’s also got single pringle poses, some dead cute ones , like pole fishing and sitting under an umbrella aww ! Such a pretty piece to have in your pond or lake. It also comes with a rolled up picnic blanket, some handy flippers in case you get the urge to snorkel, and a fully loaded picnic basket plus a radio. Youre all set for a lazy day huh?! The decor items are not hardlinked, so you can modify your prim usage hurrah! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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Sugar Daddy Needed


I want this boat (but could only afford the outfit).  I decided to pop back to dollies  to pick up their Glam Affair Hunt  offering of a simple off the shoulder mesh dress but sadly I looked to the left of my screen and on the New Items wall was this lovely tempting little number and I was going to be so good and not buy myself a new outfit.  Frilly but not fluffy.  The top has a lovely fat bow at the back and the skirt is a mini with a frill attached to the back.  Sexy and cute at the same time.  I chose the chocolate-brown but other choices available and of course a demo.


This is my little boat, and also the Glam Hunt dress which is a simple off the shoulder brilliantly textured little evening  dress, my boat is a sad little thing compared to the one I really really want.

Perga11This is what I should be sitting on.  It comes from MLCC (Motor Loon Custom Cycles) and I hope you can see in the pictures all the amazing attention to details and texturing makes this boat an absolute stunner.

Perga3Even down to the small galley kitchen and bedroom this is near damned perfect.  This is the Loonetta Model but in  the boatyard there is a few models to choose from, from this compact boat to something an Russian oligarchy would be proud to be seen in.

Because I’m a woman and I’ve spent the last 45 mins wandering in and out of all the boats I’ve changed my mind and I now want the Oceanic.  Just as beautiful, just as amazingly low primmed, just as many menus, but this comes with 4 factory paint jobs and is wow even less at 3000Lds.  Saving my lindens already to get myself one.

If your a bike nut who needs a place to ride then check out Motor Loon’s profile because he has generously set up sims for people to ride themselves to the ground.

MLCC Boatyard


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Barrells of fun

I was invited to go take a look at a neighbours home the other day…and I noticed these barrels she had out on her beach…I was intrigued so headed over to take a look at the store  they came from, The Weka Steam Company. They aren’t very high prim which is fab…and they are also free ! Two versions of the barrel huts are available…the one above is suitable to float on the water…

and this one is really designed for use on the land – but hey this is Second do whatever ! Fantastic details on these little homes..the door opens…windows inside…justttt enough room to maybe set up a stove in the winter…and some chairs or a couch..This one above is actually on my home land…love it ❤ Both varieties come in lots of different coloured youll be sure to find one that fits in with your current theme.

If you’re looking for something to whizz around on the water…why not grab one of these wee barrel boats ? Again, different toned woods are on offer…these really DO zooom around…so steady as you go !

Theres a sweet story behind these boats I found in the notecard that came with it – as follows: “Lashed together from whatever was a hand as the ship when down, Mr Weka was able to fashion a craft to carry him to safety. Old Uncle Weka’s Shirt for a sail (lucky he was a big chap!), a couple of bits of wood and a lantern from his cabin all nailed to a trusty barrel of booze. While not the most comfortable ride in the world at least when he found a desert island upon which to wait for rescue he has a tipple or two to help pass the time with “

Weka Steam Company