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Style Statement


I dunno why..but Im loving white at the moment…which to me is usually a *non* colour…so anyyyyway…excuse me while I indulge in my white fetish…Ive got some newwwwness from =Blue Slush=…lovely set of high waist mesh mini’s hooray! I chose to show this one which is called “Norma”, for obvious reasons….great range of colours in this so get over and take a gander…my top is from coldLogic , “early”..such  a useful little cropped sweater…in a multitude of tones…I find myself reaching for it a lot lately. The thigh high boots are also recent from =Blue slush=…might as well take a look at those while you’re there!

=Blue Slush=


collabor88 for: Hair by D!va and Glitterati pose cushion

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She Cried More


Such a lovely “boyfriend” sweater style dress, called Idol, from =Blue Slush= to show you..I really like these sorta items…cute but smexeh..there are three designs to choose from…but I adored this soft dove grey..and the red lips on the motif that just pop out…thanks Bloo ❤

=Blue Slush=

=Blue Slush= market place store


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Show a little leg



=Blue Slush= has a coupla new items that I thought you might just be interested in…cause you knowww how we love our boots hmm? So, there’s boots..thigh high…in each colour pack you get two versions..the block colour..and  also a pair with a net look…fab huh?! I’m wearing the new lace boyshorts and bra above , along with the white mesh thigh highs…I freakin LOVE these boots…gorgeous details on them …



Had to try another colour of the lingerie andddd the boots… red & yellow is SO juicy…This time I wore the netted version of the boots…voila! There are seven diff colours of the boots to choose from…and at 150L  a affordabubble…the lingerie comes in seven varieties too and is only 99L per set…thanks blu ❤

=Blue Slush=





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slush puppy blues

awww yay… = Blue Slush= has some new stuffage out…its been a while and I’m sooper excited ! Double yay because there’s some MESH gear too *squeee*…I plucked a coupla things to share with you  (thanks Blu for the package <3) This dress is sooo summerlicious…love love LOVE the mix of colours…teamed up with my aptly called “yay wedges” from HOC…and my newwwwwww “candy” necklace from “Amorous”…it has texture and colour change comes as single strand..but if you copy it, you can keep on adding more to your hearts content…fabbo !

Decided to show you the plaid mesh skirt too…there are squoodles of colour options for it….and inexpensively priced..grab a few! Nowww then…the studded sneakers are awesomesauce…and the red pair I’m showing are actually a group gift at the moment…heaps of other colours available too…the “teeny blue sweater” is another group gift…and also comes in various other shades…adorabubble all together huh?

Had to show off this striking little beach dress…arent the bright slick colours just deeelicious? Now incase you’re curious about my backdrop today….its a NEW item from Designer Prims….her very first mesh home ! Called “The Romantic Loft Space”, it has a really bright & breezy feel about it..

At just 28 prims its amazing…and and and…you can also change the floor texture and wall texture…theres squillions of choices…totally adore the shadow effects too…it comes with a few items of furniture in it…I added the fireplace and a couple of other items from Lisp 10L bazar…

You can lock the door….pull the blinds…and revel in your stylish new home ! Theres even a little balcony outside to catch a few rays on…perfect …thanks for sharing this Elle and congrats on your first meshy home ! ❤

=Blue Slush=

Designer Prims


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Haiiii Slushies!

Its been a while since I popped over to =blu=, and I was dead chuffed when I did to see a fahhhbulous new group gift out! Its called delicious…it certainly is. You get a pair of overalls,with two tee’s for underneath. One in blue, one in white…sooper cute for summery times…also look out for the mouth candy gummy bears…also a group gift…love them!  The store seems to have had a revamp…more spacious and easier to see the gear…

go get scrummy: =blu=