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Dare to Flare!

Shall I confess that I almosted binned these because in my world, RL and SL, pale blue flares do not exsist and yet don’t they look good! Teamed with my  so wearable Duh clogs and my Boom leather fringed top I think they just look great.  However the pack doesn’t just contain the MESH jeans for 150lds you get the jeans a blouse, a mesh vest (excellent on it’s own), bangles and earings. Almost forgot to point out and this is my own personal bug bear but this has a lovely neat tight waist which is something that sometimes mesh trousers are weak on.

New shop to me and as soon as I rezzed the first thing I spotted was a wall of Lucky Boards, all items in the LBs are non mesh.  As I stood there clicking away at the LBs I couldn’t help but scan the shop itself.  Wall to wall pictures of clothes but if you wait a moment you will find that on one wall they have mainly and very reasonably priced mesh items and I for one couldn’t help resist but to snag myself a seriously cheeky side boob flashing top and another lovely hippy chick type top.  There also seems to be a hunt going on, sorry I didn’t get the name but there are 10 sweeties hidden, not very well if I could find them, around the shop. Not free as you have to pay but the 2 I clicked on were for 1ld and 10ld so worth a look at.

M&M Female clothes and hair


Gimmeee more more more

YESSSSSS! He did yippeeeee…Corocota Torok designer & owner at Poison made morrrrrre of those jeans I was raving about knowwwww the ones..that youve had for years…that are all worn, faded, maybe a lil ripped and tatty…and oh GOD..the worn blue pair *faints* is such  a deeeelicious shade of blue..check this out and tell me you have never owned a pair in real life JUST like this-click for a closer view..

New release Poison-blue worn & broken jeans 175L

toldddd you so! and there’s get as usual the low slung and normal in the box, PLUS cuffs with resizer or not..

Poison black broken jeans 175L

Dont forget guys…these are also available for you !

Poison black worn & broken jeans

okkk last pair..boooo…we want more !

Poison new release blue broken jeans 175L

ohhh I just tried them on with my kookie pomski boots and bubblez furrrry ear muffs & jacket…they look awesome!

Go gettem : Poison