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A New Look.(Freebie).

This isn’t my usual look but this is how I’m going to spend the rest of the day as I mooch in SL.

I look like a proper little Church Mouse creeping in early to spy on the wedding.

A blouse and skirt from S@bbia, sorry I didn’t take a behind shot as this blouse has a lovely ribbon detail at the neck.  Can be worn as separates as well but they only come in the 1 size.

PS.  Normally if I don’t mention anything else I’m wearing or using it’s because it wasn’t free or it’s an old gift that might but still be out BUT I’ve just checked and this amazing set of books with a hand holding pose is STILL only 10Lds and it’s not the only super cute bag/accessory starting from as little 0Lds and quite a few for a Dollarbie and a few bags/wearables in this style.  I’m just about to TP over to the in-world shop to see if they’re also there or if they’re just on the Marketplace and I’ll add the update if needed.



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It’s a shocker, I spent money!

I decided to pop over to cocoro Lemon’s shop Coco Designs to check out if there is any new gift/freebie’s but I didn’t even get past the entrance!  The reason being is this top, in the entrance of her shop is the demo, Link & LM for it and once I’d tried on the demo, read the link and followed the LM it turned into a costly but rewarding visit.

The top is amazing, it makes me HUM, I rarely buy clothes esp at full price because I spend my Lindens mainly on home and garden stuff but it hurts sometimes to try on something so good and have to debate “Tier fee & plants” or a kick ass bit of clothing and in this case the kick ass clothing won esp when you know that 100% of the proceeds goes towards charity.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a mad cat woman but I actually LIKE Pitbulls I think that when they’re raised by good and loving people in a responsible way you get a 4 legged friend who will act as companion and protector.  When raised by assholes you get assholes.  When you read of any dog that has gone wild you almost always find that there has been a history of neglect and or abuse by the owners…nope don’t even get me started or this will end up being a real downer of a post.

So all of the 250lds this top costs will go towards the charity.  TBH It’s a fair price for both a Coco Design top and a donation.  Another shocker is I actually donate to charity or sims which are open for all to use, obviously not a fortune but when I have some lindens spare I donate it makes me feel good but when you can donate, feel good and get a corker of a whatever then it’s a win-win.  I say “whatever” because there is more than just this top at this event.  It’s not a massive event just the right size to have a nice mix of clothes, hair, decor (and I’m eyeing up a Victorian fence gate set for I believe 175Lds) some cute stuff and some edgy stuff, scraped knee’s tattoos etc.

One thing to note is that this top only comes in 3 mesh bod sizes,Hourglass, Maitreya & SLink and no alpha, so if you don’t use a mesh bod try the demo first and chances are you will have plenty of alphas already in your invent to be able to utilise this top for your own bod.

PS, Of course, I had to go get that Lemonade trolly Faith has just done a post about and of course I had to rezz it and rezzed rather than worn as it should be it’s only 5 prims.  Plus I’m going to put the link to C…shop as I’m heading back there to see if I can redeem my CH label and find a new freebie.

PPS the raggy bits are the shorts I’m wearing under it and not the top plus I’m at Coco’s now and if you really love the design but not the colours then she does have this top in her “New” section in other colours, obviously the money you pay for those won’t be donated and I have to say there is a pale blue one which ARGH I would have loved but I would still have bought this blue one in anycase.

Rally to the Rescue (1st-20th)

Coco Designs

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Easy like a Sunday morning (Freebie)

Rotten earache means it’s just turning 8 and I’m blogging already.


Outstanding quality but then again this does come from Miamai, OK I will confess that apart from doing a few hunts here I’ve not really spent much time wandering around all of Monica Outlanders shops but I do she sells only quality items.  I had to admit that I was surprised that the group is free to join.  I’ve gone and muted this picture a little too much and lost some of the lovely satin sheen to this blouse  but when trying on different clothes with it it’s  just as sweet with a simple skirt or jeans and not only is the texturing excellent quality the attention to detail is second to none, even the sleeves have an inner lining pattern to them.

As I’ve said free to join, when you  TP in turn to your left and the board is there.


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Market Place finds

I was browsing through the market place this morning and came across this gift form R.icielli…Im always a bit shy of buying prim clothing as it never ever seems to fit me, or it will after Ive had to fiddle around with it for hourssss…anyway…I tried it on and was amazed that it fittted me purrrfectly ! Absolutely gorjuss burnt orange shade..and a seriously stylish design..for zero lindens !

Then I spied this furrrrry & flufffffy set from ZIBWARE…golden colour cropped sweater…sort of boucle fabric…and these scrummy autumn toned leggings…you also get a pair of matching leg warmer thingers..but im not a leg warmer type of gal..maybe you are though ! This set usually goes for grab this and try it for freeee !

R.icielli blouse:

ZIBWARE sweater,leggings & warmers:

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Thats a mouthful !

Quintessencia…I just know I will never be able to spell that without looking it up ! Anywayyyy a great store to visit, with some real finds for a few Linden dollars. I snapped up this pretty lil blouse for just 5L called Luly, sugar sweet and easy to wear…

If you wander upstairs you’ll find some shooz..a couple of pairs I noticed were marked down for only 5L *faints*, I snapped up the Latifa sandals, great summery shade,easy to use HUD (just wish it had a RGB function for a better skin match!), very funky footwear for not a lotta cash yay!

Luly top & Latifa shoes : Quintessencia


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Feel Free

ArisAris have another sweet-for-summer release ! Its called “Feel Free”, it features the most gorgeous girly blouse and a pure white rara inspired skirt. The jacket is sooper feminine, with its frilly cuffs and ruffled neckline..

Heres a close up of that jacket / blouse, isn’t it divine? I tried it on over a few pairs of Capri pants also…looked fab..the top layer has a sheer quality to it. Psssssst…dont forget to join the group while you’re there and walk up the stairs to the left…bunches and bunches of amazing group gifts to stash in your bag before you leave !

Anddd just as I was deciding what footwear to slip into with my new outfit..along came this superb group gift from Maitreya! The treader shoes, chunky tread sole and beautiful court style…the colour isn’t really brown..or burgundy…inbetweeny I guess…but they sure look great on my tootsies..hurrah for gifts!

Go get girly: ArisAris        Maitreya

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Purple Moon Rising

We’ve got a special guest on the blog tonight (added by Faithless because I CAN-its DAY for me & zan aussie boy ). Our good mate Zan Beck has been on the prowl and picked up a couple of items you girls might be interested in from PurpleMoon Creations and Duh!

Now you all know how untalented I am at describing female fashion. Fortunately for me, Zan has given me a hand and so I’ll turn it over to her.

Getting back into the swing of grabbing freebies and group gifties and was seriously chuffed that with my first foray back I scored!

This Floral blouse comes from PurpleMoon Creations and is completely free. It is seriously sweet, especially when teamed with shorts, jeans or a mini skirt. A wide ruffle over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. Wide lace texture on the bottom but the main body is a lovely green, blue and red floral pattern and has an excellent subtle satin sheen to it. I’m going to be keeping this one for sure.

I definitely have to agree with Zan on this, this is definitely one pretty blouse but it’s not all she managed to get!

These are the Golden clogs from Duh! I’m so happy that this shop is still going as it offers not only good honest, wearable clothing but affordable! Their prices are so reasonable. These clogs are a great example of their quality. They just go with everything! Awesome little details on the side and buckle of these shoes. They are like that pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you always pull on when you can’t be bothered to totter around in ridiculously high heels or don’t want to put on boring flats. I’m happy to see that they have added a few accessories to their line as well.  Pop along and I dare you not to buy something.

So there you have it from our own Miss Zan, a couple of sweet items that you should grab for yourself. Thanks for being a sport while I was taking the pics Zan!

Get the gear here:
Floral Blouse: PurpleMoon Creations
Golden Clogs: Duh!