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The Creative Spark – modern or not?

Oh I love a bit of lounging about wear – and surprisingly this little set is a real keeper for me – I say surprisingly because this is actually from EBDesign, which is usually known for its period clothing – for me this is just beautiful and something Id wear anyway! Bloomers with a camisole top, the detailing on the frills and flounces is so fine. It comes in standard mesh sizes and I found a size M was perfect for my Slink Physique mesh body. Both items for just $60L during this round of the event – a little additional bonus is the slippers – they are the hunt item ! $5L per prize and although these aren’t specified for mesh feet – as you can see they fit my Slink flat feet well (with a little tweak using the resizer script). You’ll find a hint giver for the hunt in the main  hall of the store – its not hard to locate!


The Creative Spark hunt blog

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Bloomers !

Goji Bloomers Frill - Top Celestial Frill NEW!

Goji have released a fantastic line of quaint lingerie / leisure wear and ohmai goodness its sooper cute. (Goji is a new store created by Janie Marlowe & Damien Fate of coldLogic & Neve). Sooo onto the goodies – there are bloomers ! Yes bloomers and to be frank I’ve worn these little babies for almost a week now , dead comfy, easy to sling on and a brilliant fit over my Slink Physique mesh body. Of course the following mesh bodies are also included in the fit, plus the standard avatar sizes: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M – Maitreya Lara Fitted, Belleza Isis & Freya,perky Fitted , Slink and Slink hourglass. Above I’m wearing the “frill” bloomers and celestial “frill” top. There are a whole bunch of variations that include gingham & floral to name but two. Each pack of bloomers and each pack of the top comes with  a HUD that gives you four colour options, it doesn’t end there though, you can play around with the trim, the shine andddd….

Goji Bloomers & Top NEW! Chez Moi Vanity stand NEW!

….drum roll puhlease – even remove the undershirt so your back is sweetly bared. I love love love how this looks, fantastical styling and very sensual.

cGoji NEW! Chez Moi NEW!

My bathroom is also a new release from Chez Moi, there’s an array of pieces for this new set, PG & Adult animations to choose from, plus all manner of décor items to place around . The fab thing is you can buy this new release as a set complete, or as separates, so it’s really up to you how much or how little you get. Theres everything from bath to daybed and in-between – thanks Nanda ❤

Goji sleepwear NEW!!!

This is the “speckle” top and bloomers, a little more boudoir oh la la ! With these pieces you have a more sheer look to the top – which is dead sexy. Again HUD’s for both items with heaps of options to fool around with.

Goji sleepwear NEW

This is the back with the under-shirt showing, its optional you can have your back exposed as with the “frill” set of course. Get yourself down to Goji and check it all out ! Thanks Goji team ❤

Goji store

Goji market place (demos are free)

Goji blog

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

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Big “N” Busty “N” Bloomers

No sighing because I’m wearing yet another corset (be warned I have about a dozen in my invent and I might show you them ALL) so why this one?  Well it comes from a shop called Etchaflesh which is packed to the rafters with the tightest, cheekiest corsets you’d want your AV to be squeezed into but what makes them difference is the sizing.  Now believe it or not in SL terms I’m almost flat chested because of course what is popular is big, bigger and BIGGEST and this is the corset shop for those who think Big is best, personally I’m still waiting for pert and petit.  So for those of you with bosoms that enter a room before your body does then this is the shop for you, actually this is the shop for us all because how good does this look on me!!! This one is called “someday” and it’s a sweet retro duck blue floral pattern (in my photo it looks more greenblue but thats because I fiddled with the lightening).  However you MUST check out the Market Place first as they have this lovely at a lovely 99ld Promo price and sadly for my bank balance they have a massive 164 items for 99LDS!


Etchaflesh shop

Now for the  frillies.  I love Sn@tch thats the shop of course.  When you buy an item of clothing off them you don’t just get the one colour you get a whole set of colours the whole clothes layers and then the icing on the cake they’re Trans! So basically any colour you don’t care for you can give away to friends who will I’m sure love you even more.  They have such great texture to their clothes you really can see the fabric they are made of.  Couldn’t resist this sweet, sexy, naughty Miss Maverick.  Now in this case you only get the single colour but at a sweet 50lds I still think it’s a bargain.

This is through the Marketplace however I’m giving the LM for the main shop as they have generous LBs and you can even fish for an outfit but I bet once you start scanning the shop you will end up buying something.

Sn@tch marketplace

Sn@tch inworld



Ohhhhhh a sale in one of my fav stores ! Argyle Anonymous has mooooved to a new fahbulous store..its pretty funky…and for a few days everything (cept the ties) is 25L *faint*…I snapped up a pair of the yummmy bloomers and a cuppy cake tee..

Doesnt that cupcake look tasty? gawd just how cute is that huh !!??

I adore how Swan makes her bloomers..currently holding the world record for being the only ones I’ve ever found that fit me without massive amounts of prim fiddling..wear-em-n-go gotta love it…all outfits & items shown just 25L.theres tee’s,jeans,skirts,shirts,shoes and more more more….what you doing here still gawping..go grab yourself some pretties before the sale ends !

Go get bloomered: Argyle Anonymous


Butter wouldnt melt…

Argyle Anonymous Bella Bloomers

Theeee sweetest outfit that ever graced my butter-wouldnt-melt self ! Argyle Anonymous have newwww gear and its edibubble…and will make boys want to huggggggg you forever ! The Bella Bloomers are an all-in-one deal..and despite trying this style of pantalooony things on before without success (think gaping leg prims)these DO fit…kudos to Swan Ling for making them fit right outta the box hurrrah!

Bella Bloomers

I chose the brown shade (naturally cause I’m in brown mode lately ) but they do come in a few other tones that are super pretty…you can also buy the bloomers as a seperate and team them up with your tee’s & shirts..

I noticed on the *coming soon* board a coupla items I’m already panting for…looks like we gotta keep an eye on this place, she keeps sneaking stuff in without fanfaring it..*arm foldy pose* how naughty !

Go get bloomered: Argyle Anonymouse                 

 (for some reason when I use the LM I end up in the ocean! Just fly up if you do and head in a straight line to the store, its right in front of you )