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Another Easy Monday Freebie.

So I spend some time unpacking my Pumpkins and I couldn’t help but notice a lot of spooky tattoos and since I’m a lazy person I don’t really wear them but I was surprised at the fact they came with appliers.  There was at least mesh blouse and plenty of decor items.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t find all of the pumpkins and there is also a few extra gifts out for you.

So I decided as I was LM grabbing to quickly put on a FREE mesh bloodied wedding dress and take some pictures.  Once I’d managed to kick off the Piranhas and outrun the Zombies I found shelter in this old shack when all of a sudden a freak girl in a wheel chair bursts through the wall gets up and freaks you out before wheeling herself back through it.  I tell you that you may not want the prizes but if you want to do a little hunt thats had some time, money and imagination spent on it this is the place.


The dress however comes from FLG, and until I have more time to check I’m not sure what the FLG stands for.  A simple mesh dress with a lace texture, the added bonus is the dagger though the hair and the bloodied SLink High shoes.


And that really is it for now.  Have a great Monday and start planning your pumpkin recipes.


Galicia Spine Chilling Halloween Hunt