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Bloody Hell.(Freebies).

If you’re going to an inworld Halloween event you don’t have to spend a penny to stand out from the crowd.

This dress is an old Victorian one I think I won from a Gacha a long time ago and when you team it up with today’s Freebies from Haro and then slap on the strongest Body/Face light you WILL stand out.  The “bag head” is the first Freebie and it’s a em bag on the head, ok slightly more than that because a nice touch is it blinks lol. So those crosses change to a line as though you’re blinking.  There is a Hud with this but I didn’t really pay it too much attention but I think you can change the shade etc.    It also has a noose around the neck.

The other freebie is the bloody umbrella.  Comes with a really nice hud of textures and it can drip blood as well.  I made the wrong choice for this picture, ie clear plastic with bright blood, and as you can see it’s blending in too well lol.  No pose comes with this so I’ve used one of my own and if you want to rezz it as a prop then it’s 14prims.

Both of these come from a shop called Haro which is a shop that specialised in clothes and add-ons for what I’m going to assume is a super Kawaii little shape/AV called Kemono and there are other freebies but they are designed to fit this shape but you never know you may find something from the other freebies that will work for you.


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A busy nights work.

HorLook who’s creeping up on your home!

Horror8No door can stop me.

Horror44Typically no one is home so I’ll just hang around until someone comes back and I can scare the carp out of them in my new Jason Vorhees costume.  I tried it on a few days ago but at 500Lds it was a “considered purchase” as they say but then again the quality is just so excellent plus Damian Fate of FATEwear has been canny to include a clean version so the overalls will work perfectly as workmen s overalls.  So I caved in and bought it.  Comes in standard sizing, clean and unclean, mask and machete and also a simple HUD which give you an option of a static pose(used in first 2 photos) and an animated one of slashing movements which is pretty scary.  There is a choice of characters and their weapons, male and female versions as well and even though each comes with it’s own weapon of choice if you want all of the weapons you can buy them as well.


Then I got bored waiting for people to come home so I wandered around the sim and noticed in the main shop there is a photo booth, amonst other things.  I think I look pretty cool (clean version worn).

Horror66How cute is this, I can EAT my own face for a change.


HISpose and El Patio Inc.

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“Don’t worry, it was already dead when I found it!”

Urbain Use

The bird I am nomming on comes with an AO and loads of bloody mess layers.  Look closely and you can see how well detailed the bird is from it’s twig like legs to the feathers fluttering down.  But the “don’t worry it was already dead” message it sends out will reassure people that you didn’t kill it.  Maggot Meatball (Elsa Liebknecht)has inc a simple instruction to change the script so you can stop the message or change it.  What I enjoy most in SL is shopping in posh busy shops wearing my “unusual”  AVs like my granny one or my sobbing bride and I have to admit my drunken staggering AO can be most annoying so I enjoy that.  So pay  15Lds grab the gifties and the Bird (another 15Lds, look up high on the wall) and  go out and annoy.


Not that everything in this shop is so gruesome there are plenty of  sweet corseted outfits,  doll like clothes, bloodies clothes, hairs, clothes, mesh, non mesh, items are to be had.  In fact it was an old pack of Vintage Circus Hosiery that I was going to show you I got sidelined by the maggoty shorts (50Lds).  Mesh and if you look closely those are not buttons but holes with what appear to be maggots peeking out.  Lurvely.

Rotten Toe

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Gonna Be Bad!

CenosredIf I look bad in this photo you should see the state of the AV I fought with.

Faith doesn’t have many rules, spell check, use occasional commas and don’t babble (I fail on all) however the one rule I do stick to is no nips or muffs…till NOW! The only thing is to see what it is I’m talking about you will have to click onto my Flickr account links.

The nips are a giftie from Anairah Galicia, her shop has the most appropriate name of Slightly Skewed because that’s what she specialises in.  Some sexy, some twisted and some “Oh, bloody hell” (that’s the name of one of her more bloodied looks).  I have blogged her Boobs and Nips clothing layers which mean that if you want to change your decolletage but not your skin then just like make up you can pop on one of her boob changing layer or a nip layer.  I still have mine and I still use them.  perfect for those who don’t want the mesh boobies either because of the cost or the extreme look. These are a perfect compromise. Change your boobs to suit your mood,  You can choose to buy the boob package or the nipple package and both are PACKED with so many shades and variations to suit a whole variety of skin tones and each comes in all layers. Best of all you can get a demo pack before you try which is a lot more than some others would do.  So deffo try before you buy but you won’t be disappointed.

Now I’m not re blogging something I’ve blogged before but they’re too good not to give them another mention but whats made my day is she has now upped her boobs to include nips for Tango’s.  I know that Lola Tango boobs come with nip choices but in all honesty I haven’t played with them much and I do remember there not being as many as I would have hoped for well now you can add to your Nip collection.  The pack I got was the darker ones and again a big choice of sizes and colours but if you want lighter ones then there is a pack for that (on my shopping list).   Simple easy to use instructions (you need to be able to “add”) .  And again she’s provided us with Demos so you can try before you buy.  Priced at 159Lds a bargain.

Now lets lower our eyes to the Muff bit.  In RL we wax, shave, pluck and zap or excessive hair and it looks good but I am not that keen on the super smoothness perfection of SL females. Of course most skins come with a hint of something down below or you can buy a muff layer or go even further and buy fake fem bits but these are the best I’ve seen so far.  Very realistic this is how Bation Nitely describes them “From neatly trimmed muffs to full bush these sculpted pubic hair enhancements combine practical simplicity and exquisite detail, and they’re attachable with girl bit devices 🙂 So real they’re nearly tactile.” Can’t actually disagree with that.  Just click and wear and with a little bit of editing you can have as big a bush or a slight a fuzz you want. 250Lds and I chose the dark brown which comes in 3 shades and 2 attachment points but she has a variety of colours and shapes.  Demos are available.  And for the men there is some proud man pubes. She also has a range of sculpted nips. Almost forgot to mention that they come scripted so you can hide or show your muff with a simple instruction.

Click the link to my Flickr account if I have the settings right then you will have to click yes to view them.

Pure Logo

Slightly Skewed

Nearly Tactile