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I’ll Be Back !


Tomorrow I head off to hospital for surgery, Id be a liar if I said I wasn’t worried ! Haven’t packed my case yet justttt in case I fail one of the many tests they did on last Friday. I should be in for around 3-5 days possibly less maybe more – I just don’t know. Anywayyyy Zan will be around, but her time is limited too with RL issues happening. Stay safe lovely people ❤

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Oh wow – Eight Years !

Blimey O’Riley , this blog has been going for over EIGHT years now ! I was chatting to one of our readers (that sounds posh doesnt it) earlier today and she said she had been reading the blog on and off for quite some time – which got me thinking – “how long have we been doing this”?! So…I checked…and yup – its just over eight years.

In those heady days of sculpted clothing,flexi, and prim builds we girded our loins and rampaged through Second Life looking out for things to show you – free things, funny things, weird things – and we still are ! These days of course its Zan and me, we used to have Steve who was pretty good eye candy I have to be honest. However, he left SL and headed off to seek his fortune in the big wide world.

Zan and I work really well – the occasional bitch fight over covering stuff , or a note-card saying “back off biatch” etc… She loves the weirdest things – but pulls it off with aplomb , I’m your standard Barbie doll Second Life kinda chick – safe & sane at all times. But…it works and here we are – eight years! Thanks for reading the ramblings, putting up with not always the best pics and for not grumbling when we get a landmark wrong!

Without YOU..its really for nothing ❤

Faith xxx


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Into the light

Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! complete outfit with shoes for slink feet $1125L! Zan posted here about some really neato patches of sparkly lights from Icons of Style the other day. They were on sale at the colour me project event – trouble was me and another reader hopped and skipped over to snap them up – and the vent was closed *sniff*. Thats what happens when you’re a slow poke I guess ! Anywayyyy I’ve got GREAT news, they are now for sale at the main IOS store yippeee! Katia Millet let me know as she had read that we were all sad about not getting them, and I whizzed over to grab them. Sadly, IOS is such a bloggers/photographers paradise of poses, props and SPARKLY things, I got into trouble prettily easily ! I bought a few packs of the twinkly light patches, there are simply heaps of them, and so affordable I got loads. You can lay them flat on a floor, or as I did above hang them also on walls, they really do sparkle and twinkle so beautifully. I treated myself to a couple of props, above is one of the candle poses – you get six and just $90L its a real steal. (each patch of lights is just 1 prim) Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! Complete outfit with shoes for Slink high feet £125L !! I couldn’t resist the light-bulb pose pack , again six poses and only $90L. If you click the bulbs they turn on and off too – brilliant ! You will find the light packs upstairs, be prepared there’s so many options and colours – even ones that roll across the floor. Thanks Katia ❤  Btw my outfit is by Stars Fashion, special promotion for another couple of days for just $125L, complete outfit, optional vest, bra top and micro mini skirt PLUS shoes that fit Slink high feet – don’t miss out !

Icons of Style

Stars Fashion market place


Do YOU blog fashion?

If  you blog fashion, milo Bubble & Jean Snowfall want to get to know you! Milo has set up a group for active fashion bloggers, heres what she has to say in her own words:

“This is a group for all Second Life Bloggers to group together to help each other. We are also in the planning stage to invite shop owners to join. This will be a one spot group for shop owners to send information to bloggers about new release or promotional items to review. Shop owners can even send us the items for review. It is a win-win for both SL bloggers and shop owners”

Interested? You  oughta beeee…psssst dont tell but we even get our own “bloggers den” which is majorly cute and full of stuff to fiddle with ! To apply for membership please go here and fill out the form ! Good luck, maybe all of us at Pure Eggs & Spam will see you at Bloggers-R-us !