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Its Sweater Dress Time ! (Free)

I cant sleep ! Boris has just given us the news that we are going back into a lockdown – but its not really a lockdown – but it is with days with a “f” at the end and if you eat baked beans on a Wednesday – or something. GAH! I give up , Decided to wander over to The Free Dove and see what I could see. Came up with this little bit of gorgeous from Hilly Haalan – bloomin heck, you not only get the sweater dress with sweet shirt beneath, but two bags, and a pair of stockings with shoes attached.

Theres also a Hud with more patterns and colours for both shirt and dress.

I also spied this classic sweater dress by GGVG – very snug fit and lovely textured woolly fabric. Absolutely essential to get for your winter wardrobe, pop it on, nice pair of thick tights and some fab boots – et voila !

This also comes with a Hud of totally have-to-have colours. If you’re new to The Free Dove its dead simple. Arrive, join the free group and click to your hearts content at anything and everything – if you cant see a group joiner just click on an item and in local chat you’ll get the group join link.

The Free Dove

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Backdrops $0L – 1$ L

I have lost count of the 1) The amount of cash I have spent on back drops 2) Where they are in my inventory 3) How many I actually own!

So with that in mind I decided to take a gander on the market place to see what I could find without spending a ton of dosh. After about 10 mins I had collected the above for the grand sum of $2L ! The red carpet by Perfect shapes is pretty well-known but still worth grabbing as its dead useful @ $0L. The dandelion and wooden floor by [SouthSide] is handy too and just $1L. I know I’ve bought the garage backdrop before – and couldn’t find it ! It’s by Yumi Chiuh and is $1L, such a great one to get as you can dress it up with vehicles or make a grungy street scene for your photos. Saintstreet have this blue room with light cubes, all linked and dead pretty for $0L, and my current fave is the plain room by the same store, so easy to scatter a few pieces of furniture, add drapes etc too and again $0L.

Sainstreet Light cubes room

Sainstreet room

Dandelion Backdrop

Red carpet backdrop

Garage backdrop

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Oh wow – Eight Years !

Blimey O’Riley , this blog has been going for over EIGHT years now ! I was chatting to one of our readers (that sounds posh doesnt it) earlier today and she said she had been reading the blog on and off for quite some time – which got me thinking – “how long have we been doing this”?! So…I checked…and yup – its just over eight years.

In those heady days of sculpted clothing,flexi, and prim builds we girded our loins and rampaged through Second Life looking out for things to show you – free things, funny things, weird things – and we still are ! These days of course its Zan and me, we used to have Steve who was pretty good eye candy I have to be honest. However, he left SL and headed off to seek his fortune in the big wide world.

Zan and I work really well – the occasional bitch fight over covering stuff , or a note-card saying “back off biatch” etc… She loves the weirdest things – but pulls it off with aplomb , I’m your standard Barbie doll Second Life kinda chick – safe & sane at all times. But…it works and here we are – eight years! Thanks for reading the ramblings, putting up with not always the best pics and for not grumbling when we get a landmark wrong!

Without YOU..its really for nothing ❤

Faith xxx



Happy Birthday…to us!

Happy Birthday Pure people !

Awww yes indeedy, it was one year ago today that Pure Eggs & spam opened their blog doors! Its been a sensational year for us as we have learnt & grown. We had a lil pink type partay in the Pure studio..I wanted Stevie to smile but frankly it was a “whoaaewww” moment..guys just look kinda dorky when using facial animators right? So he looks glum and aloof and guy’ish amid the pinkness *smirks*

 We’re sooo thankful to the designers who allow us to review their creations and show you the newness! I always used to be a little shy about “speaking” to some..but I can honestly say I’m glad they spoke to us! We’ve found many new friends through blogging….from those that write in, some who give us tips for new & sooper stuff and of course the designers themselves..who despite being terrifically busy always find the time to say “hi how you doing”. I have personally found sooo many new stores & creators through blogging, is that a good thing? It means MORE shopping yay! Sooo whats a partay without giftsss….of courrrse there’s a gifty for all the Pure group members, it’ll be winging its way to you all as soon as I’ve gift wrapped it !

Personally I’ve really enjoyed being involved with some of the charity events that are held, and am in awe of those that arrange & organise them,there are some really fabbo ones coming up this year too!

Huge birthday type kisses & hugs for all of the Pure group, designers & friends…*chinkchinkglugglug* Heres to another year blogging!

Fai ❤,Player, Steviebobs, Faeth, Drivin & Zanzibarrr