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2nd Chance – 50% Discounts

Popped over to this event and scoped it out for you – heaps of goodies on offer. New-to-me store [LIZ] had these tweed blazer outfits, basically a skirt, top and blazer joined. The texturing on the pieces is super lovely, really looks “nubbly”. Tested the upper section with some jeans and it works a treat, as does the skirt – we love flexible ❤ You can snaffle this up for just $125L at the event, I did go and check the store and I have to say, there is a small but gorjus collection of items there !

PS. I liked this SO much I bought it in two colours !

2nd Chance Event

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A Lollipop and a Good Blazer… will get you far

Love love love this classic black blazer from mL – just $10L and you get a Hud for the tee-shirt beneath the jacket! Lotsa mesh body sizes included in the box. I teamed it up with one of my most fav pairs of jeans “Cassie” from L&B – a considered purchase perhaps at $799 – but you wont regret it !

My lollipop is from No Cabide – just $1L and you get large , small, glowing and a HUGE Hud for the stick and lolly pattern !

Happy Halloween ❤


mL Jacket – Limited promo 

Cassie Jeans

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Sneakers and Tailoring

even.flow jacket for Acid Lilly 69L, Eclectica antique hearts jewelry coldlogic bradley skirt skirt

Two strange bedfellows huh?  It’s why I so enjoy the Acid Lilly weekly event though…such a wide variety of items. This week even.flow have this divine little tailored mesh blazer on offer for just 65L. Sweet details make it a winner for me. Wrapped tie belt and all over leaf pattern…classic and stylish. I teamed mine up with a skirt from coldLogic called “Bradley”, pinstripe and slate grey, great combo ! ( coldLogic have a ginormous SALE on at the moment – 50% off!) My jewelry is from Eclectica…this is the “Antique  hearts set”, there is also a bracelet that matches and you receive three styles of earings with it ! All texture change for the hearts and metal tones. (psssst Guys, this would make a gorgeous Valentines gift – buy it on the market place and have it sent directly to your lady)

even.flow mesh spiked sneakers for Acid Lilly - UNISEX - 65L

The other offering from even.flow for Acid Lilly , is these terrific Studded sneakers…gawd I love ’em..quite a few colours to choose from, but I adored this creamy shade. You get two versions in the box, silver or gold spikes…PLUS…they are unisex …YAY! Easy to use resize menu means you can get the purrrfect fit, at just 69L Id grab a few pairs up.

even.flow at Acid Lilly Gallery

coldLogic market place

coldLogic inworld store

Eclectica market place store (inworld store has demos)

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A Quick Coffee

If you’ll cast your memory back a little while ago I blogged a truly fantastic, colour changing Military Jacket which was a hunt gift from Kauna. Well I couldn’t help myself and had to go back. There is a fantastic range of mesh items up for grabs – shoes, jeans and coats – all of which look as good as the item I finally settled on to show you all. I chose this blazer in a gorgeous coffee colour and it looks brilliant. This can easily be worn with jeans for a casual look like I have or team it with some dress pants and go formal. The details on this blazer are superb: the creases around the elbows, the buttons on the cuffs and middle – all done so well. The mesh comes in 3 different sizes and I found the medium to fit perfectly.

This blazer costs L$249 and I think it’s most definitely worth it. You should head on down to Kauna and check out what they have to offer. Oh and by the way, if you don’t like surprises, you can also buy a version of that Retro Military Jacket with a colour change HUD included now so you can pick what colour you want.

Get the gear here: Kauna

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What in Blazes…

Blazers and business shirts, a match made in Heaven! SF Design have released a new range of both and they look sensational.

The blazers are double-breasted and come in a range of lovely colours. The details on these are fantastic, I especially love the look of the buttons, very classy-looking indeed. The double-breasted blazers feature sculpted cuffs, collar/lapels and a bottom of the coat and they all come in two versions – one with a resizer script and one without. I didn’t need the scripted versions of them myself because I found that they all fit pretty much perfectly right out of the box. There’s also a skirt layer that you can use as the bottom of the coat if you don’t want to wear the sculpted one.

As for the business shirts, well they are just awesome. You’ve seen them in these pages before, some weeks back as a Monday Mania item, well now you can get them in more super colours. They go so well with the double-breasted blazers you would not be blamed for thinking them part of a set and not separate items.

However, as you can see here, they look just as good all alone. These shirts come on all layers so they can be worn as above, or by themselves, pretty much anyway you want to. The collar and tie come in 3 different versions: the long flexi tie, the tucked tie that you can see above or the version with a longer tucked tie. They also come with cool-looking sculpted cuffs and are just an all-round terrific piece of clothing.

These items are amazingly priced with the blazers costing L$200 and the shirts a stunning L$150, definite bargains and you should definitely head down to SF Design and add these to your wardrobe.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Men Only

Another hunt for us guys has begun, hooray! It’s called the Men Only Hunt and started on the 1st of December and will continue until the 17th. There are many, many awesome gifts to be picked up in this hunt and because missqwerty Pevensey, the organiser of this hunt, was so generous, I have lots and lots to show you quicker than I normally would. To be honest though, I was too excited to take pictures of everything so I have a few things to show you right now.

In the picture above I’m wearing the gift from American Bazaar which includes the black blazer and jeans. I love my blazers and this is a super one that features sculpted cuffs, collar and bottom to the jacket that fit all too easily. Worn casual or more formally, this blazer fits the bill and looks brilliant. The jeans are cool too with a great faded texture and cuffs that I didn’t have to edit at all. Under the blazer I wore the Ju Sweater which is [NV]s hunt gift. As you can see it looks fantastic worn under a jacket but looks even better by itself (see below).

I’m absolutely loving the sculpted bottom for this Ju sweater, the colours are gorgeous. It comes on multiple layers and has sculpted sleeves and collar (which I chose to go without for this picture).

The skin I’m wearing in all these pictures is Belleza’s entry into the Men Only Hunt which is as terrific as you’d expect. I haven’t seen Belleza in too many hunts that I’ve done before so this was a definite must-have. Superb details and look with the hip facial hair included, this is lovely skin and one I’ll be wearing long after the hunt is finished. The ‘Follow This Line’ tattoo I’ve got inked on here is from [DIAMOND], a store I haven’t been to before but one I’ll be checking back with as I always enjoy expanding my tattoo collection.

Last but not least we have this outfit from Be Happy! Another store I haven’t paid a visit to and really, this is one of the best reason to do a hunt, getting an excuse to sample stuff from places you might never normally find. Their gift is called, fittingly enough, the Hunter Outfit and comes with the jacket and jeans you see. I love the jacket with its wicked snakeskin like texture and rounded collar and the jeans aren’t too shabby either, I think the colour of them rocks. The poses I’ve used in all the pictures are also a hunt gift from Art Body Store and definitely came in handy.

So there you have the first little taste of some super hunt gifts. I’ll have more for you in the coming days but you should so get started on this, it looks like a good ‘un. A screwdriver is what you’ll need to find to nab these.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1 Blazer & Jeans: American Bazaar
Picture #2 Sweater: [NV]
Picture #3 Skin: Belleza | Tattoo: [DIAMOND]
Picture #4 Jacket and Jeans: Be Happy!
Poses: Art Body Store

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A new store for me “awram viie” , has some really lovely gifts & dollarbies out for you to sample the quality…above is the natty striped blazer (sorry bout the blur on the arms but my graphics were not lovin me today)

I also snapped up this darling little skirt..such beautiful detail on the fabric and soooper girly! The blouse was also there to grab  and its lully teamed up with the skirt..

F came up on one of the two luckyboards while I was there yay! I won this red blouse..absolutely stunning…I also picked up three feather boa’s as gifts while I was mooching. If you like vintage or ethnic gear go see, it’s all very reasonably priced ..

All clothing: awram viie

(skirt in photo 3 is from Jill, closed for a move at the moment)