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Couple of free gifts!

FREE wearable chalk board (has many messages!) Free sweater

I was shooting around doing the 25L Tuesday event, on one of my regular stops I spotted this wearable chalkboard. It’s at Kei Spot, and if you haven’t been here before you’re in for a treat! Kei spot caters for all sorts of things, role play, home & garden and a bunch of FUN stuff too. This is located not far from the landing point right by the fantastic 25L Tuesday offers (which I also bought). Soooo its a chalkboard and you wear ir – so no prims taken up yay!. Touch it and you get a load of choices for the writing, and also a piece of chalk to wear. (Btw the little pot of flowers is also part of it) Totally adorable ! Thanks Kei . My sweater is a free gift from Blaraby, there’s a few more gifts there and the group is free to join (I think Zan already posted the shorts from here).

Kei Spot