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Its all Blah.Blah.Blah (Free)

blah blah blah FREE mesh Tee

I was attempting to do a hunt this morning and failing miserably , then I came to Blah.Blah.Blah. Although I didn’t find the hunt item I had gone there for, I was virtually tripping over prizes for other hunts ! First find was this fabbo tee, great colour for jeans, shorts or mini’s and a fahhhbulous fit.

blah blah blah FREE lingerie - Pure Poison FREE spring necklace

Then I almost zoom-cam blinded myself and got sort of stuck in a wall (don’t ask) and found this absolootly darling set of mesh lingerie. I’m always a bit shy of mesh lingerie as it never seems to fit so well on me, but this was perfect. Ohhh btw, my necklace was one of the heap of group gifts I snagged at Pure Poison the other day – group is free to join and I still haven’t had time to go through the copious boxes I took !

blah blah blah FREE mesh dress

Last gift I found was this wee dress, nice detailing around the hem and dead slinky-dinky huh?! Anyhoooo head over and take a gander around, its one of those stores where there is always something happening.


Pure Poison

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Blah Blah Blah its not

I’ve never been to blah Blah blah before…I got all curious so headed over to check it out..oh my… they are participating in  bunch of hunts at the moment…I wandered about and kept stumbling over gifts! I’ve got a couple of them to share…to be honest…I cant recall some of the hunt names, BUT..on the wall not far from the main entrance is an array of hunt boards with hints & info..just take a gander and you’re good to go. This gorgy pink bikini was one item I found..lovely texturing on it…my earings are from Bens Beauty, love love LOVE them, so bright & zesty !

I also tripped over the gift for the leather & lace hunt, this vibrant lingerie set. Complete with bustier, net sleeves laced cuffs, thong & stockings…sweet!

A recent group gift (free join btw) was a 250L gift card…and I saw this beautiful crisp white lacey bra & panties set, it had to be mine! My stunning necklace is currently a gift from Ben’s Beauty…such a striking piece and I felt it complimented the clasps on my new lingerie so well…pop over when you get a few minutes…and take a look around…it looks to be a mesh free zone, so if you havent got into the whole mesh revolution yet..this might be the perfect place for you

blah BLAH blah

Bens Beauty