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21 Shoe heads up.

21 Shoe YS & YS Rapallo Pure & B&W. Black lace FREE Lingerie with appliers The Wayward Hunt

Heads up my beauties, it’s almost time for 21 Shoe again, yes yes yes 24 magnificent hours to grab your trotters some prettiness. I’m wearing the offering from YS & YS, I’ve come to really love their shoes lately. Always classy and bang on trend. These are “rapallo” and of course you get TWO pairs for the price of one for the duration of 21 Shoe. These are the “pure” version, pristine and white, with a high heel and lots of strappy action across the tootsies. You get two versions in the box for Slink & Maitreya. Ohhh my lingerie is FREE btw ! It’s from Blacklace and is their gift in the Wayward hunt, traditional layers and appliers included yay! info below.

21 Shoe YS & YS Rapallo Pure & B&W. 2 for 1 !

Closer view and showing the other pair in the special deal, rapallo black & white, these have a wooden platform heel so a little more of a casual look than the pure ones. Dont forget, the 21 Shoe event runs for just 24 hours and begins on the 21st of the month.



The Wayward hunt blog

21 Shoe blog

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21Shoe – Tease me

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - BlackLace lingerie Rousing with heaps of appliers 99L

A new round of 21Shoe opens on the 21st of January – for ONE day only ! Yes yes you need to be speedy to snap up the offers. Sax Shepherd has a fantastic special on for this round – two pairs of “tease”, in a gorgeous pale blue and a beigey apricoty sandy tone. I adore this open toed style, its Princessy and delicate.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours

I dont know why but with Sax’s shoes , they make me feel so sensual. I tend to buy new lingerie to showcase them and I did this time too. Its from BlackLace and is called “rousing”, not only traditional clothing layers but all sorts of appliers too. It also comes with a mesh corset which Im not wearing because Im feeling a bit sluggish after a rather huge lunch date. Just 99L for the set.

21Shoe - Sax Shepherd - Tease - exclusive colours - 2 colours for the price of one!

Heres a close up of the shoes, to-die-for huh? The hud has the two colour options in it, plus different colours for the jewells – nice touch. These are for SLink high feet btw, which you need to own to wear these beauties. Thanks Mister Shepherd ❤ DONT forget this event is only on for 24 hours and begins on the 21st !

Sax Shepherd Designs

BlackLace lingerie



Cheap,Chic and almost Free

Roses sneakers 40L - Care sweater dollarbie - coldLogic leggings - Argrace hair

After I saw a preview of a post Zan is doing about Mag<3.B , I had a little nosey at her market place store. I’m hoping she wont mind me posting this sooper sweet sweater I bought, a real find at just one Linden Dollar. I also couldn’t resist the roses long sneaker boots – ohmaiii 40L only ! There are a lot of these in alllll sorts of patterns and colours – brilliant price and a great fit. I’m actually wearing my Slink mesh body and a pair of coldLogic mesh leggings with them – didn’t have to edit a thing yay!

Lingerie - with appliers for top plus system layers and mesh shorts - 69L !

I mooched more on the market place and wouldn’t you know it – I managed to find some gorgeous lingerie for 69L. Its listed as pyjama’s, but hmmm I don’t know – looks like lingerie to meeeee ! This set is called Mona and I bought the teal set, its made by Blacklace. The top comes in system layers, and also with appliers for Lola, Wowmeh and SLink Physique – I’m showing it here using the SLink Physique applier. The shorts are mesh and come in the usual standard sizes.

Happy Shopping !

Mag<3.B market place store

Blacklace Mona set (opens market place)

Riley hair by Argrace

coldLogic market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

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Renting a Home in Secondlife (Part 5)

Aabye 37L per week rental home 1

I was really beginning to give up hope of finding a home to review. I’ve been dumped in forests, under buildings and left in the middle of a sim with nothing to tell me where to go see a home. *le sigh*. On my 50th teleport I finally found something ! This is Aabye rentals, and amazingly this sky home is just 37 L per week (paid monthly) Its got a lot going for it to be honest, and I’m not a big fan of these “boxy” style places, but even I warmed to it. Its spacious and almost everrrrrything in it is texture change. Youre not lumbered with what you’re given, love that. I fiddled about a bit, changed the wall colour and pattern, the lounge set is all colour & pattern change too, even the bed has a lot of choice of linen shades! The kitchen is a little out of proportion – unless you’re Amazonian woman – but its great fun, you can alter the wood of it and the counter tops, plus its got animations for cooking,baking,washing up, the fridge even hands out food & drinks. If you touch the window you get a choice of scenes to look out upon – nice touch. The rules are simple – you get a zero prim allowance, so you cant rez anything out permanently, but you can place shopping to open and then remove it. My group invite arrived within seconds, which was lovely. It would make a great base or romantic hideaway – the bed has a REALLY FULL menu *wink*, there’s also a dance system. Brilliant value all round.

Slink Physique & 37L per week rental home

Had to get a vanity shot in, the new corset that Player bought me from Blacklace awwww and also my newwww mesh Slink Physique body ! I’ve been playing around with this allll morning and I LOVE it ! Such a great price too, at 1250L it’s so affordable. Go grab a demo and try it out, worth a look. My hair is from Damsel Fly, a store Id not been to for such a long time – they sorta seemed to get stuck in a groove of what Id call more middle-aged female styles? Anyway, they’ve moved on and got into mesh, I popped over on the day of the 100L sale and snapped up a few do’s, very very pretty and modern yay!

Aabye Rental homes

Damsel Fly