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250Lds for 20Lds (Info ONLY).

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the “info” I’m just about to tell you but I’m looking simply lovely and so you can gaze upon my loveliness for a few seconds before scrolling past it and to the more exciting bit.

I won’t lie but most Huds that get sent to me I almost automatically delete because they’re usually just a catalogue containing pictures of a shops new range of clothing etc but this one from Blueberry caught my eye because it mentioned my 2 fav words, chocolate and kittens.  OK, I’m kidding it’s the next best thing Birthday Gift!

I don’t know how old Blueberry is but some stores in SL both clothing, decor, home design and landscaping have forged ahead in the quality of their meshing.  They have ensured that not only is Second Life still a vibrant place people want to be but they allow us to create our dreams.

OK enough with the waxing lyrical here is the best bit, the Blueberry Group, which you do have to be a member of, costs only 20Lds and yes there are Group Gifts in the shop but check out the notices and there you will find the gift hud and you simply wear it and now you have 250Lds worth of credit!

PS.  If you’re wondering the dress is from S@bbia and it’s still out as a freebie but I’d hurry as the group gifts do change pretty regularly.  As for that adorable wearable basket, I think I paid XXX for it and I will tack the LM on to the end of this post if it’s still out.  The reason I’ve put the XXX instead of the price of the basket is that it’s now gone back to full price but it’s still only 75Lds if you like it.  I can’t find it in the shop but check it out for yourself and if you can’t find it then it’s on the Lorien Marketplace shop.




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I’m a Potato & Sunday is sorted.(LOTS of FREEBIES).

This is going to be a long post so I will break it down into bite size pieces.

The blouse is one of the hunt prizes from an event called “Party People Fair & Hunt”.

What you’re looking for is cute little potatoes and there are so many of them that in just the short distance I walked from the LM to the stalls I think I picked up about 8 of them.  Then I logged out did a quick google and found the link for pictures of what’s for sale and what are gifts.  The sale items are in the first picture and the gifts are in the second.  All of the hidden potatoes are in the middle of this sim, it’s a maze, and so badly hidden even a numpty like me had no problem.

Party People Sale & Hunt Prizes Pictures

Party People LM

The hair is a Mina one and it’s a Gacha Win from of course The Arcade. I’ve not even tried to get in there! I mean OMG is it even worth trying for at least 2 weeks? Naturally, I got mine sent to meeeee.  I usually when given the option “style” my hair with the hair tendrils hanging down framing my face but in this case, the fit of those scarves is just too good. I’m wearing the rigged version but if need be there is an unrigged version. From what I could see if you win one of the hairs in the Gacha you get a random shade of hair and a preset hud of scarf colours, the other prizes are of the earrings and other scarf huds.  Since I’m not a jewellery wearer I’m not sure I’d be too keen on winning them but they are really good earrings, I know you can’t see them from this angle but they’re quality hoops and beads and can be worn with anything.  TBH I’m cutting this short and putting the LM not only to just the Mina’s main shop BUT also to the Seraphim Yardsale.

Mina’s Main Shop.

Seraphim Yardsale

The Seraphim Yardsale is the place to go to if you want your fix of Arcade prizes but don’t want to wait and don’t want to risk not getting the prize you really want.  All of the items are laid out in a very neat and orderly way.  I’ve already picked up a couple of items I wanted without the stress of actually going to the Arcade itself.

The reason I’ve added a bit about the Seraphim yardsale is because of the Mina hair. It is rare to see a Mina Gacha hair up for resale, people are just happy with their prizes and I just never see them but I’ve noticed that the earrings and scarf huds have been boxed up for resale at the Seraphim yard sale.  So if you want the earings but not the hair or you want a different scarf hud OR if you want to get rid of the earrings or a scarf hud then pop over to the Seraphim Yardsale, they have made it super easy to buy and sell but there is a group joining fee to be able to do this but if you end up with a lot of unwanted stuff then think about packing it up and letting someone else buy it.

LAST chapter.  I know Faith did a post about the “Tres Chic” event and now that everyone has rushed over to The Arcade it means this event has finally calmed down!  So I went and grabbed all of the Birthday gifts and although I’ve not even started to unpack I have a sneaky suspicion there are some decent prizes in there inc SHOES!

Tres Chic

Sunday is sorted, I’m just about to click “Publish” do some RL work I have to do and then in a little while I can log back in with a guilt-free conscience, do the whole Party People event and then settle down on my platform and work my way through all of the goodies I’ve picked up.

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Wink wink.(Freebies).

Lots and lots of Pink Birthday Cakes at the eBento event and you know what that means?  BIRTHDAY PRESSIES FOR ALL, ok for those who join the group.

I didn’t spot any clothes or shoes or actually, I have a confession that apart from a few tattoos I can’t remember what else there was but in my defense, I actually grabbed all of this stuff at 8ish this morning so I hadn’t enough coffee in my system to wake my brain up.

The one thing I did remember was FREE EYESHADOWS.  Normally I wouldn’t blog something little like lipstick, eyeshadows etc but in my hunt for free Lelutka stuff eyeshadows seem to have been the hardest to find so to find not just some great eyeshadow but you also get it for not just my Lelutka noggin but also Catwa AND tattoo layers so all of you who have resisted the temptation, and cost, of a mesh head can have some really good eyeshadows.

The icing on the cake is that the eyes I’m wearing were also a freebie.  You get a hud and although there isn’t a massive colour difference they’re really pretty eyes and once I find out where they come from, my invent has eaten them up!, I will be popping to the shop to check out the rest of their stuff.

There are a few gifts for the boys as well.  Sorry vague on details but it’s not a massive event and I know you will grab everything, and why not, and so you can have a lovely afternoon unpacking and sorting through them all.

PS.  Yes, I’m wearing a New Mina, I’m such a spoilt B*tch lol.  It deserves a post on its own so look out for that one but of course you can always pop over to Mina’s main shop to try it on.

eBento Birthday Event.

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I had just had way too much fun unpacking and sorting through all of the gifties from the SaNaRae Birthday Event.

A really good mix of stuff, some shoes, clothes, lots of jewelry, decor etc and I’m pretty sure that everyone will find something that will make them go “ooo”.  In this picture I’m wearing one of the hairs, I do believe there is another hair as well, this one is pretty damned good and you get some lovely colours in the Hud.  The pie is to chuck at people who you both love and hate.  Go into Mouse mode aim and let loose and it’s silly fun.

I thought this cake was the freebie but couldn’t understand why it had writing above it and then realised it’s because the cake is the delivery box for this adorable AV, YES I am BUTT NAKED in this picture with no pixelation to cover my bits.  I’m pretty sure you get this “beige” piggie and a “pink” piggie plus little shorts to put on if you’re really embarrassed.

There are 3 reasons why I’m just showing you my backside, the first is so you can get a view of the large loose bun, this hair does come with a menu and I did have to make it pretty large to cover my scalp and I think it would look better not so big and so I will shrink it back down and either wear a head Alpha or a tattoo hair base.  The 2nd reason is the bum! Blimey, it’s like 2 watermelons in a sack!  The same can be said for the boobs as well. I actually really love clothes that have the exaggerated “Lady lumps” because sometimes it is nice to have killer curves.  Although this dress comes in a lot of fits but not my SLink one this one was a perfect fit.  The 3rd and last reason that this is a behind shot is that I broke my eyes! I took my little piggie AV off and pulled myself back together but as I was taking pictures of this dress it dawned on me that something was seriously wrong with my eyes, they were bulging out of my head so I just took this “bum” shot and then logged off but don’t worry because as I had expected when I logged back in my eyes were back in my head.

This is only a fraction of the gifts and a really nice and interesting selection but also check out the items for sale.  As I said I bought this build plus a few other things as it’s just nice seeing new stuff.


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Thank you VeNuS(Freebies).

I was just about to throw the towel in as my hunting for goodies just wasn’t going very well at all, add to that PumeC, the skins I wear 95% of the time is having a SALE(with 2 other shops) OMG! So even before I TPed over I bought a load of Lindens then hot footed it over and of course it’s PACKED to the rafters and LAG HELL!  So I gave up till it’s quietened down. But then to my surprise, I actually managed to TP to the latest round of The Arcade woo hoo and although I did splash some cash there is CAKE for all and by that I mean in the middle of this event is a giant cake with pressies on it for everyone (I was in such a rush I’ve forgotten for which Birthday it’s for).  I’ve not started to unpack them yet but some of the top shops have given us goodies so that’s going to be a really nice way to kill a lazy afternoon.

Then the icing on the cake was the notice from VeNuS about these NEW Group Gifts.

Humma Humma Humma theses have made up for such a poor morning of hunting as they’re such good quality.  You get so many mesh feet fits I’m gonna be lazy and not list them.  There is a whole load of shoes waiting to be grabbed and if you have time to kill then there are Lucky Chairs loaded with even more shoes and you can NEVER EVER have too many shoes!

Since I will be spending a lazy afternoon unpacking my The Arcade goodies you might see them in my next post but I will add the LM so you can also pop over to get them as soon as you want to.

Plus of course, you might be able to get into “The Multistore Sale” event when it’s quietened down.  There are 2 other shops in this sale, Sintiklia and Chain and I will confess I know nothing of these 2 other shops but what I do know is I ADORE PumeC skins and although I think that full priced they’re worth it and they’re really pretty reasonable price and on and on so to get my mitts on some new skins for “upto 75%” off is just too good to miss.


The Arcade

The Multistore Sale

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Sunday Brain! (New Mina hairs & Oodles of FREEBIES).

DOH!  I did this post yesterday and just as I was bragging to a friend how good my internet is my internet crashed! Typical but it’s now Monday and I’m up and running and yes I am clutching wood as I type this.

If you scroll back through my last few posts you might just have noticed that I am wearing a new Mina hair, ok probably not as this hair, Marion, is pretty subtle from the front.  A simple middle parting with the hair going down either side of your face but as you can see from the back this hair goes right down to your waist.  As always I’ve stuck to the standard me colour, brown in SL brown in RL LOL but of course you can chose any hair colour pack you want.


Marion is from the latest round of Hairology which is a really nice little event, loads of fresh new designs but not so many you get overwhelmed and  give up half way and miss out on something new for your invent.

I also finally managed to get my sorry AV Ass over to the “We love roleplay” event which is having it’s 3rd Birthday in SL and you know what SL Birthdays means?…FREEEEEBIES!  Oooodles and ooodles of them.  Almost each stand has a giftie set out for us to snag and of course I snagged and snagged and then gave up.  Honestly so many goodies I just didn’t have enough time to grab them all and unpack etc I literally just walked straigth ahead then turned right and after a few more stalls that side I just ran out of time so can you imagine how much is still there waiting to be grabbed.  I do know there seems to be a wonderful mix, plenty of jewelry and accessories but also lots of decor items.  I didn’t actually come across any free clothes,which is why I am naked..yeah right LOL any excuse.


Not the hair though, just in case you thought it was.  This hair is another Mina’s but it’s not available yet but the reason I am showing you it now and not in a couple of days when the Tres Chic event is up and running is because this hair, Faith is very similar to another hair called Bridget which I have already shown to you. Bridget is from what I can see simply a shorter version of this hair and because “Faith” isn’t available yet I thought I would mention that Bridget is now in the mainshop but it’s a Gacha.  If you want a super bargain and not to set on a particular colour, you do of course get a colour pack just not of your choice, then you may want to try it.  Not 100% sure but I am pretty sure it’s only 75Ld a pop but check it out first and of course there is a Demo of Bridget and if you like Bridget but don’t want to risk the colour pack you get then give it a day and go try the Faith version @Tres Chic when it’s opened tomorrow but that one I do believe will be the standard full price.

So apart from the hair everything else is free.  The excellent backdrop/draped wall decor behind me which has 2 sides, this earthy painted look and the back is black.  And look closely at the leafy brown/ginger plant.  This is stunning, it’s a pretty tall and light from…nope sorry can’t remember but I promise I will try to put an update at the end.

The biggest Freebie I found so far is the skin, don’t clean your glasses I have pixellated the nips LOL.  This skin came off the Plastik stall.  You only get 2 skins but also a whole FAT PACK of addons and Appliers, everything from lipsticks to a “nipless” skin.  I will admit something though, because the backdrop was so dark I edited the picture a bit and it has slightly changed the skin colour.  The skin has a slightly dusty ethereal look to it which is actually in keeping with the style of the Plastik shop.  It’s been a while since I was last over there so time to check it out….once I’ve been back to the I love to RP event of course.


A couple of hints though, I snapped this picture at the RP event and as you can see the windlight is stunning so change it LOL.  It’s hard to see the lovely stuff here in such a dark setting so once you’ve admired it change to a lighter setting.  The other big thing to do is click everything because some of the Freebies are pretty obviously in their little gift boxes or bags but  a lot are a picture on the wall or just in another object.  Plus not everything is free I did pick up a few 10Ld items but it looks like most of them are set at 0 but make sure if you have to be super careful with your Lindens.

But remember to treat yourself.  A lot of items here are discounted and I ended up grabbing so many demos and I also treated myself to a stunning head dress which only cost 35Lds so this event has something for everyones wallet.

Tree is from the E.V.E stall and trust me it’s worth a visit for that alone.

Backdrop/drape is from the Unkindness stall.

We Love Role Play


Mina Mainshop

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All the gifts you could wish for

FREE miss chelsea button shorts  - coldLogic ortiz tucked shirt - Mina hair Elvire NEW

Soooo Fameshed is having its third birthday and most of the participating designers have thoughtfully left out gifts for us ! Zan has already blogged about the new Mina hair that’s on sale at fameshed, and I couldn’t resist buying it while I was there, it’s really totally gorgeous. The shorts are a gift from miss chelsea, sweet little button up design, mesh and all sorts of mesh body sizing in the box. Shirt is from the latest coldLogic release, the tucked version or ortiz.

All FREE ! Damsel fly hat & hair - coquet dress, fishy strawberry glasses - zenith clutch Gifts

Another selection of fabulous gifts from Fameshed, clutch from Zenith (hud with colour change) bangles from MG, lovely little dress from couquet, hat & hair are a gift from DamselFly, and the sunnies are from Fishy strawberry ! If you get ONE thing, make sure its the glasses – totally amazing HUD to give all sorts of effects .

FREE gifts

If you’re not into fashion, don’t fret – there are plenty of gifts for your home. Theres heaps more but I really don’t have time to share any more. Just join the Fameshed group (its free) and collect the gifts as you go round – simples.


coldLogic store