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$10L items @ Whore Couture

$10L @ Whore Couture

If you got a spare hour head over to Whore Couture – they are celebrating their 10th Birthday! Because of this most of the designers have a special $10L item up for grabs. Above are just three of the dresses I found from L-R Kaithleens, Opia & Luas.

Top tip: Its dead busy and a huge event so:

Go into edit mode on the box and check the contents tab – unless they are using caspervend you should see what the gift item is – saves waiting for the photo on the box to rez (it takes ages!)

Whore Couture

Hair by Doux @ Level

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It’s your second chance.(25Ld Tue).

I’m so pleased that this gorgeous coat and short set from Belle Epoque has been put out as a 25Ld Tuesday offer.

I already had this coat so my remaining 92Ld budget is safe.

Don’t worry if you’re not keen on this natural colour she has some lovely bright or pastel shades on offer. I will say that if I wasn’t on a budget I would have snapped up the blue and pink summery coats.

If you’ve not worked it out this is the sort of design where you alpha your arms/hands out and you keep this hands in pocket pose.

I’ve also popped one of Mina’s “beanie” hairs on just to show you one of the other styles she has. “Sira” (not a 100% sure I have the name right) comes with a large colour palette for the hair and the style hud inc in the 300Ld price.

Belle Epoque.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Looking good for 45. Special Event.

No freebies, apart from a lovely wearable drink and Hello Kitty balloon, from this event.  Turns out that Hello Kitty is 45 years old and in celebration, the shop Asteria has created a massive family fun and kitten themed fun park.

This is one board showing you all of the fun things you can do and the other board, not shown, shows you the pool and all the different things you can do in and around it.

The map doesn’t really show you how big this event is and even my pictures are just showing you bits of it.

Lots of rides and fun things for you to do either on your own, with a partner or if you have an SL family then it’s perfect even down to child-friendly places.  Which means of course esp when in the pool…keep yer knackers tucked away!!!!

Lots of different rides, this one you need to wear a hud and there is a challenge for you to complete…I think.

The star of the show is this massive Kawaii pool.  Lots of changing rooms and seating areas. If you look at the loungers it gives you some idea of how big this pool is.

Hello Kitty, by Astraila

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Itty Bitty Pretties.(Freebies).

“Flora” is an event which is also having a birthday giveaway.

Almost all of the stands have a little gift out for us but I will say that the reason I’m using the LM picture is that most of the gifts are the small things, a lipstick, nails, earrings and on and on.  Nothing wrong in that it’s just that I’m not an accessory sort of person.  I am looking forward to unpacking them all later and I’m also looking forward to checking out the LM’s I also picked up from the stalls as I’m always on the lookout for new shops, new designs or a new look for me.

This event started on the 22nds so I’m not sure when it’s finishing so I’d go now.



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The Struggle Is Real! (Vouchers).

One of the places I visited this morning is a shop called Addams and it’s HEAVING!  Packed solid with so many AVs some are stuck being fluffy pink clouds but I struggled, lagged and bitch slapped my way from the LM to the shop to try to work out what is the cause all of this mayhem and greed and it turns out Addams is now 4 years old….Happy Birthday, Addams.

(Yes, I just cammed and took a picture of the poster in the shop).

I know you have to join the Addams group but that’s a piffling, my new word, 19Lds and then you have to loiter with the rest of fluffy pink clouds and then Voila you get sent 3 coupons!  Sorry as it started yesterday so that only leaves today and tomorrow are the last days and I don’t actually know how much each coupon is worth but I do know I need new shorts and we do have till the 26th to return to use those coupons.

So don’t delay and lag your way over to Addams I don’t think we will be disappointed when we finally get around to cashing them in.

PS.  They are Group Gifts but they’re as old as Addams (can you hear me meowing?)

UPDATE…because I read and then C&P the note and so you can read the important bit before TPing in.

TP to Addams Mainstore and click the poster by the entrance
► You MUST be wearing your Addams Group Tag in order to receive your gift
► When you touch the poster, you will be given a folder with Addams Discount Coupons. Each will have a discount value for you to use on Addams vendors IN STORE ONLY [between 5-50%]
► DO NOT accept any offers and coupons of other avatars, only accept from the poster or Miglena Mills.
► VERY IMPORTANT, after receiving the coupons of the day, wear it (NEVER rezz on the floor – this may cause you to lose coupon) to activate them in the Addams store.

2. How to use

1) CLICK Poster to receive coupons
2) ATTACH the coupon and an amount will appear on it. This will be your discount (anywhere from 5-50%)
3) BUY your Addams item that you have chosen
4) CLICK on Coupon – It will ONLY say Apply Now AFTER you BUY the item
5) Your discount amount will get refunded to you


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4 44 444?

Awww Happy Birthday Free*Style! And what a superb birthday type bash they are holding yay! Starts today and ends on the 14th..a room chock-a-block with goodies and because they are four years old..everything is priced with the number four…such as 4L or 44L or 444L . The place was packed to the rafters when I dont rushhh you’ve got a coupla weeks to do this…I snapped up a few things to show you..above I’m wearing a dear little sweater & tank from Sassy! Pretty little cuffed sleeves..and just 4L…Im holding a free wearable drinky from C&D Designs ..and the skin…ohmaigosh the skinnnn…I hadnt heard of Chain & Vine before…but hubbidy hubba Im glad I saw this..its called LOIE..and its only 4 L *faints*..its just sooper delicate, the face is especially sweet..great shading all over..

I totally caved in and broke my “no more new shooz” promise when I saw these cuter-than-cute Mary Janes from DUH…the white pair is just 4L..or there is also a fat pack of various shades for 44L..

Mystic Sky had this gorgeous Autumn wreath on offer for 4L..I loved the colours and its mod so you can get a purfect fit..the skirt I’m wearing is Argyle Anonymous’s Super bargain Saturday item ! It’s a real peach…old denim..little peacock feathers adorn the front..alpha layer for your derriere..thanks swan xx anddd yes I’m wearing the Chain & Vine skin again (I lovvve it)

Last thing into my partay bag was this sweater from Pig..Ive always had a soft spot for their understated styling..and their gear wins a place in my SL wardrobe everytime,just 44L ! Little hearts necklace is from Lolapop..uhoh it just appeared in my hand *squirm*..well at HAD too…

Congrats to Free*Style…hope you have many many more Birthdays to come !

Birthday Bash: Free*style event

Super Bargain Saturday item: Argyle Anonymous