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Free for all – Happy Birthday Fameshed <3


Free - hair - dress- glasses - sandals !_

Its Famesheds Birthday! Not only a great round with heaps to buy but also most designers have placed a gift out for you to help celebrate. KITJA are giving away these funktastic sunnies. Essenz  are gifting you these deeeelicious Gambia sandals & Damsel Fly are going mad with a FULL pack of this Francie hair. My dress is the gift from CoCo – top-to-toe all free – thank you!

Free - hair - dress

Valentina.E’s gift is this glorious Arabella dress, lotsa mesh body sizes plus standard.

Free - hair -skirt

Fishy Strawberry are giving you this sweet skirt – which I’ve teamed up with one of the newly released Neve everyday tops. I haven’t unpacked every gift I took yet, but there are shoes, home & garden items and even some for the guys! Thank you SO much to all the designers for the brilliant pressies ❤


Neve – everyday top in neutral

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


SL10B Logo 1024x700

Yes yes yes ! Its Second Life’s birthday very soon, and SLB10 is kickin off in style…just two days to go before the grand opening and I’m SO excited *squeeeee*. The event runs from 16th June until the 29th June. There are twenty sims to explore !

SLB10 KT Syakumi Intellibook v2

Havent been to a Second Life birthday before? Well you’re in for such a treat. This year the theme is “Looking Forward, Looking Back”, so plenty to keep everyone happy. It’s basically a great big Birthday celebration, all sorts of people & groups  from within SL, get together and build. It’s not only designers or SLebritites, its anyone ! You’ll find all sorts of builds, some (in fact many) are interactive, you can ride on them, play with them and have FUN! Dont be shy about walking into buildings, you never know what you might find, as above , this powerful looking set designed  by KT  Syakumi, enter into it and you find yourself in some sort of futuristic maze.

SLB10 madpea

Some well-known names are there, such as madpea . They have a teetering pile of hats. You can climb up them, its brilliant !

SLB10 Loki Eliot BeHeMoth press day

I absolutely loved this build by Loki Eliot, this ginormous T-rex stands proud over the SLB10 sims. Look wayyyyy down bottom left , that’s where you begin your epic journey. Its dangerous, its long, and you need perseverance and nimble feet! Collect the free HUD at the entrance on the ground, click the little folk along the way for an interactive experience…I wont ruin the surprise…but you will come back to the ground laden with gifts if you follow the path.

SLB10 Bobbekins

Speaking of gifts…there are plenty of them so generously given away to help you celebrate. I had a little play on the Bobbekins board game earlier, its suggested that its heaps more fun if you do it on one of their free hoppers…great idea !

SLB10 The Man

Now I’m pretty sure that this statue is important , somehow. Its called “The man” and towers high into the air….very majestically. I especially enjoyed its simple yet strong lines and spent an age just staring up at it…beautiful. I’m a woman on a mission now to find out more about it…I’ll report back ! I have to go back and see more….irresistabubble. All info and landmarks etc on the blog link below.

SLB10 Web site