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Dr Who fans its for you !

Aphrodite cakes NEW - FREE operational tardis !

All you Dr. Who fans out there – or those of you who have a fan in your SLive, listen up ! Aphrodite Store has released some really terrific new celebration cakes. Inspired from the television series, with lights on the Tardis that actually work and a Dalek that says “exterminate!” – awesome ! They give out animated slices of cake too. The Tardis is a freebie I found on the market place, it’s a HUD that you use to summon a Tardis, either beside you or around you – its got extensive functions that I haven’t got around to finding out how to use yet !

Aphrodite Tardis & Dalek cakes NEW

The chocolate Dalek is actually a Boston cream cake, its got swirrrly cream , the Tardis one dispenses 8 different pie slices flavours on touch, Caramel, chocolate, dulce de leche, lemon & choco, rainbow pie, strawberries & cream, tiramisu and two chocolates. It also plays the popular traditional happy birthday song just clicking on the platter! (Includes as well a FREE dressed table with tablecloth, as gift!) Both cakes are mad in mesh and if you have any special modifications you’d like, contact Marina Ramer who might be able to help you. (Different song or colours perhaps) Head over to the store, as there are some totally adorable wedding cake figures just released and a few more cakes to dribble over – Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Free Tardis




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Birthdays & Champagne

Aphrodite Musical Birthday cake & Rose Champagne NEW!

Aphrodite have just released a new line of Birthday cakes, they are sooper special and beautifully made. I’m showing the “Queen of  roses” which is quite literally the sweetest cake I’ve seen in a while. It has blowable candles that sparkle away, and it also plays a “Happy Birthday song” upon touch. It’s not the same old same old Birthday song, it’s a long version ! If you touch it you get a menu for all sorts of cakes. Also new is the posh rose Champagne, extra bottles to place on the table, and a beautifully animated glass with frothy bubbles for you to wear.

Aphrodite cakes New !

Heres a few of the delicious cakes, all are animated for you to hold them. The awesome thing is not only can you wear these and *eat* them, they are only 2 prims each – so scatter them around for décor ! Btw, the cake comes with the sweet table, so you’ve got the complete set up, ready to roll. Go take a peek in the market place store or the inworld one, there are a few different cakes to choose from.

coldLogic NEW! Damselfly NEW! Aphrodite musical Birthday cake - dispenses fooood NEW!

Had to try one didn’t I ? The strawberry looked so yummy so I dived in et voilà ! My dress is part of the new release from coldLogic, its called “twain” , the range of colour options is juicy and fresh. Perfect for those end of summer weddings. More on that new collection later – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

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