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This n that.

First of all my “fluff” shot.  Yup I really did have fun doing this piccie.  As it happens I had both the Mermaid tail and the shell bra already in my invent but a recent  noticed from Pididdle reminded me to dust them off and just have some SL fun. I am wearing the pink coloured shell bra and although you do get only 1 bra in a pack you do have a choice of colours to buy.  Check the picture of them in Brutus Martinek’s shop and you will get a better image of how pretty they are.

memaiduseBrutus Martinek has like a lot of us had comp problems but now she’s back and I’m so looking forward to some new stuff because this is the sort of shop that has a bit of everything that tempts you to spend more than you had planned to.

cross blue

This smile is a prime example because I came over to check out her new skirt with cute and unusual Armadillos over it and then got waylaid by these mesh teeth.  Subtle and a great fit and you get 2 sets of gnashers in the pack ones which are pre fitted for an average AV and a second pair which rezz just outside of your lips which means that it’s so much easier for you to edit this pair into place if the standard ones don’t fit.  Don’t panic as a demo is available.  You will find these “pearly whites” upstairs and at 85Lds a bargain.  So much so I treated myself to some of her shocking Lippies colours as well.  Although a lot of the items here are mesh I have to say that she has some non mesh bikini’s which have such big lovely fat bows on them I was sorely tempted so if you’re not a mesh head like me then pop over and check them out.


Honestly! I forgot to put the pantie layer on so I’ve popped a rose there to cover my mistake.  This is the latest shape from Amaly Amat and can only be found at the bargain price of 80lds from the The Designer Circle Shop.   As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I blog a Anna shapes all the time and for good reasons, basically she does the BEST shapes ever.  So if you want to see what her shapes look like the check out all of my pictures because basically in 99% of them it’s an Annas shape I’m wearing.

I’ve had trouble finding her shop in SL but I’ve put the link to her Marketplace shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t noticed it before but she now has whole load of shapes under 100Lds and a free demo pack for you to try them all on.


The Designer Circle (Discounted Shape)

Anna Shape Marketplace

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Read the sign.


Thats right applaud me please, ok shrinks big head down.  I spotted this dress on one of my Flickr groups and loved it so much and I have to confess loved it even more because I thought it was a freebie, which it is in a way.  Comes from a shop I’ve blogged before I will do again and again and again called !Soul.  Everything in !Soul is priced between 60-90Lds and more often than not you get not only the outfit but also an accessory such as shoes, bags etc. However this isn’t free and doesn’t come with the shoes I’m wearing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with extras.


This is actually her group gift but it costs 60Lds to join the group and I think it’s a damned good bargain because not only so you get the standard mesh sizes but 2 choices of bright and normal in the texturing.  Both pictures were taken in the same settings and I think you can see that in the top picture the fabric is brighter than the bottom. Because I took these photos late last night and I was so sleepy I didn’t slap on the Lola Tangos but Woo Hoo for us booby lovers not only does it come with the Lola Tango Applier but also the Lush Applier.

PS I’ve been extra cheeky and wore one of my emm nipples so if you don’t want to flash the nips then you don’t really  unless you’re rude like me and slap on a nipple clothing layer.


!Soul Marketplace

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The Last Gasp.

Obviously I know that for all the Autumn season is upon us but of course in SL it can be Summer all year round.

Glasses11I got a parcel off Boom which is like an early Xmas pressie but I have to confess when I saw it contained bikini’s and sunglasses I groaned and kept it unrezzed.  Finally knowing Booms quality I gave in and opened it and it got a WOW off me.  The bikini is as always with Boom great texturing, fitting etc but check out the specks!  the only SL glasses I wear are my beloved Nerdy ones, usually the oversized glamourpus ones turn me cold but I absolutely LOVE these the colouring is stunning esp the lenses. I’m not sure if it’s because of the updated viewer but these rezzed so quickly.  I think they’re going to be just as great under a big floppy hat as they are posing on a beach.  I love them so much when I got back inworld I TPed to Boom to buy the Cocoa coloured ones for my own use..

BoomThis is me popping into Boom to get my new glasses and Boom, Piddle and Misteria have all had a complete change of shop so if you haven’t visited for a while come check em out because new shops, new layouts, new stuff.

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It’s a Wash.

Summer has retreated behind a cloud for the best part of the afternoon so I decided to retreat in world


The Wash means oodles of carts for not a lot of Lindens in fact everything is priced at 10Lds.  A wide selection of clothes but also shoes, homes and even fun items.


Big named shops and a lot of smaller unknown ones.  This costume is from my fav shop Sn@tch. Make sure you open your mini map so you can see the layout so you get to check out all of the great stalls.

DressI was just pondering if I should pick up another bikini and then I found this stunner!  Simply gorgeous.  That big fat juicy crumpled bow on the back makes it stand out.  This dress is a keeper for me.  My invent might be stuffed but for something as perfect as this I can squeeze it in.  And yes 10Lds!  Comes from .:Pure:. and is called Christine. Pure has a small shop with a lot of 10Lds offers in but I picked this one up off one of the stalls so I’ve landmarked the shop but also the Wash so you will have to have a good look unless of course you want the one in the shop or get tempted by the other great shop quality clothes and if you accept the group invite (this one doesn’t use one of your inworld group spots so say yes and you score another great mesh dress).


The Wash

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I Lied!

Only about it being the last photo of a boat.

SaluteA final salute to my little blue boat that bobs so sweetly but just imagine this, 3 of these little boats is almost the same prims as my lovely new boat.  So time to pack it away.

And the check out my sexy outfit.  YES I really did have to buy a sailor outfit to go with my new boat but my denfence is I saved money on the shoes because I already had them.  An outfit from Boom non mesh with sulptie skirt panel and puffy sleeves and a rich royal blue colouring.  Made even cuter with the hat which sadly doesn’t come inc with the dress but makes the outfit look just extra special.

I’m giving you the MP as well as the inworld main shop because I wandered around but couldn’t find them in the main shop but I know that this is one of their newer designs so they have to be there but check them out on the MP if like me you can’t locate them

BOOM Dress Marketplace

BOOM Hat Marketplace

BOOM Inworld