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Limited PROMO with Dollarbie action thrown in

Well well wellll – heres a nifty jacket and top combo you wont want to miss! This is “Inspired” by ArisAris – I’ve long been a big fan of this store, I just adore the textures and fabrics used. This is no exception and is currently on offer for a limited time at just $99L! You get the jacket and the bandeau style top, mesh body sizes for Slink, Belleza & Maitreya included.

The Hud is exceptional ! It means you can wear this all year round, with leathers, florals, neutrals – the whole shebang! I had a really good play around with all the options and wore it with capri pants, jeans, skirt and shorts – a real contender for my keeper jacket for the year! This is only available on the market place at the promo price. My sunnies are by Swallow, you can grab them for just $1L with a giant sized Hud for lotsa colour fun. I had actually forgotten that Player bought me these Lapointe & Bastchild capri pants – gawd they are pretty fantastico. Now at $599L for a gigantic fat pack its a considered purchase – howeverrrr – you would.never.need.another pair ! All denims, colours, colour change for the belt, buckle, even plaids for the cuffs if you like – I will be wearing these till they rot from my chubby little legs from now on!

ArisAris offer

Sunnies by Swallow

Key of Love necklace by Swallow

Friendship Key earrings by Swallow

Capri pants by Lapointe & Bastchild

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C’mon baby light my fire (inc. Free gifts)

ArisAris New Release

Light my Fire is a brand spankin new outfit from ArisAris, ohmai its smokin huh?! You get the fantastic leather look pants, a beautiful camisole top that has a unique lacey back to it and the sharp biker inspired jacket. Its good lookin and very swish, I’ve been wearing this ensemble for two days runnin ! Lots of mesh sizes in the pack, fitted mesh,standard mesh and a brilliant fit for Slink Physique – which I’m wearing above.

Dench Designs FREE gifts

I’m a great believer in lolling about, and this free bean bag with texture change is just dandy to do it in. Really nice leather effect texture and five colours to choose from. Its got female, male & couple poses too. Free to join group, you’ll find the beanbag right in the doorway on the left. If you hit the tp up to the Valentine store, there is another group gift – his sweet little gramophone player (it actually works) and table. I thought Id show the table even though I’m going to display my gramophone on its own – table is two prims, the player is just one. I bought a couple of items for V-day while I was there, I really can never ever resist what Amanda Dench makes – always a quirky pose here and there and always so low prim – gotta love it !

Dench Designs

Dench Designs Valentine store

ArisAris Store

Aris Aris market place

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Absence of fear

Absence of Fear - complete outfit - jacket-shirt-applier jeans & boots

New bundle of gorgeous from Beautiful Dirty Rich is out, complete outfit with a HUD to personalise your look. Called “Absence of fear” , you get applier jeans, a mesh jacket with tee attached and an option to leave the shirt off, plus the sweet bootees! Great lookin outfit that I totally adore. Whole lot for just $100L for a limited time.


The HUD is super cool, love that you can really get a unique look with it. Pretty much every piece has texture of colour change ability. Also while you’re there, two new group gifts out of jeans, group is free to join (well it was last time I looked !)

BDR Store

BDR market place

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New release from CandyMetal..the Lulu biker jacket (mesh) rich dark brown leather, and great thick long cuffs..there are several sizes in the pack to choose from and I found it pretty easy to locate the best for my voila ! One thing I particularly liked, is the leather isn’t dull…its got a pretty sheen to it…very lickabubble !  For only 250L…this really is a “must have” buy..Thanks Emychan xx

Lulu jacket: CandyMetal

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Cracked on Leather

Milo Bubble’s magical fingers have been bizzy again..and we have a brilliant new winter jacket ! It comes in both a female & male you guys can get smexy too. The leather is really fantastic..if youre lookin for realism..heres your baby…deelicious cracked leather..lotsa zips and a really superb tie with milo’s trademark details on it. You can opt for a collar only and no tie also..oh! I just noticed its on Bubblez market place store also hooray! this means you can treat your mates to it for Christmas..perfect !  Dont forget to stalk those lucky boards while youre there, theres heaps and the outfits are gorgeousss..Thanks Milo xx

Winter leather jacket: Bubblez

Winter jacket market place store for gifting:

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Double Weekend Whammy

I was waiting for something cool to wear beneath my awesome new Poison “metalhead” jacket..and patience paid off ! Steve blogged the guys version of this jacket last week…heres ours girls…isnt it just lickable? A few colour choices to be had, this is the black..just 350L and its yours…resizers in all parts make it pretty versatile..I liked it snug and more fitted but you could also go for a “its my boyfriends jacket and I’m wearin it” look…so cute.

Some more good news..Tesa Carrasco is back in business…new location, new designs,new direction…this dress is on offer for the weekend at only 50L..two colours at this special promotion price,the purrrrple above and also an eyewateringly good yellow ! (other colours are 100L) Great fat buckles adorn one side…fahhhbulous detailing…I added my nets from Fish strawberry…voila!

Go get the deals: Poison      Carrasco’s


Fallen Angel

“Too much too soon, Or just a little too late..Cause when her ship came in ..She wasn’t there ,  and it just wouldn’t wait ”


Poison Motor bike jacket brown & beige 250L

Helllll yeah hes done it again !! Just when you think you own THE jacket of all time Corocota Torok designer @ Poison makes another that sends your pulse racing…this is truly amazing..from the buckled detail on the cuffs to the zippers on the chest, the tight barely there collar..and striped band at the bottom… dontcha just want to slapppp me for having it? *grins* I tossed on my navajo jeans  (150L @ Poison)which I think look pretttty hawt with the newness…click the pics for a close up view !!

Poison Motor bike jacket black and white 250L

Here it is in black & white a real classic.worn with Poison’s worn & broken black jeans (which are gorrjusss @ 175L)..but head over to the store and check out the other colours…wowser…lime greens, cherry red, custard yellow..and more..boys! Dont worry, there are male versions too yeahhh!!!

 Go get hot: Poison

(2nd pic layering tee from Jane, pack of 31 shades for 210L !)