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Biker Chic

SF Design - Biker Chic - inc. mesh boots,pants & jacket

I was sorting through my inventory yesterday and found something I hadn’t had time to blog from SF Design. Ever had one of those “whoa” moments? I knew I hadn’t tried this Biker outfit on, so thought I would and WOW… duckling to a swan, it transformed me into this über cool biker chic in a jiffy! The set comes in a variety of delish colours, I was going to go with the bright red, but SO loved this glam ivory creamy leather, I got hooked and went with it.

SF Design - Biker Chic inc mesh boots jacket & pants

In the set you get the boots (rigged and not) super tight luscious leather leggings that sit superbly inside the boots. Plus the simply gorgeous leather jacket, complete with heaps of zips & buckles…The fit is just SO good, I felt a million bucks ! Head on down to SF Design and take a gander – don’t forget to join the group (small fee) and pick up your mesh colour change gloves too !

SF Design store

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Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Biker Chic

From the tight leather trousers to the baggy American Flag (Mesh) top this screams cooool to me.  It also screams bargain because those two outfits are group gifts and they also have a number of other gifts on offer but this is an outfit that I will be keeping in my invent.

Hair was a Giftie off my boss. I got it from Elikatira.  I decided to go a bit more diff from my normal style and picked up a multipack of basic hair colours ie 1 black, 1 browm, 1 blonde etc instead of the usual 5 different shades of the same colour.  280lds for this pack but a normal 220-250 for the others.

Pirate Arts


Now scroll down to my other post  for some excellent boots that finished off this look.