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It’s a Con. (FLF(?)50Ld offer).

Oddly enough I picked up this Dust Bunny bike from the Consignment & Brocante shop.

It looks like the peeps behind the brand, Consignment and Dust Bunny, have collabed and for FLF have put out 2 items, a chair and this bike.  I’m pretty sure this FLF has been up for over a week as I’ve had this rezzable bike outside of my home for a while and sometimes a shop does allow an FLF offer to continue after a week but since it’s Fri tomorrow if you want this now you should go now.

I have a bike addiction, in RL I have this old lady bike, my Hubby has the sporty ones where you have your arse in the air and you’re low over the handlebars I, on the other hand, toddle along at a slow pace and if I could convince one of our cats I’d have one shoved in my wicker basket lol.  You get 2 versions of this bike the rezzable decor one which I think is about 6 prims or a wearable version which has 2 poses the one shown and a lovely smooth cycling one.

And yes, I’m still wearing yesterdays outfit that’s because I’ve not found today’s outfit lol.

PS.  Purple Moon is still having a closing down sale and yes everything is still 50Lds and yes I did end up buying more.

Consignment and Brocante

Purple Moon

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Bike it, NOW! (Freebie).

Quite simply a divine low prim prop bike from Beuno.  I again gave up trying to squeeze into the Shiny Shabby event and instead TPed over to the Kustom9 event which is much more quiet now that the opening day rush is over and once I’d caved in with a couple of the Gacha’s I spotted that outside is a selection of shops so I killed some time and saunter around them and found this in the Beuno shop.


A  lovely free to join GG, a low prim (5) rezzable prop bike in that pretty metallic pink but the reason you need to”bike it” is because this is a Valentines Gift and of course that’s now well and truly over so I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be out for.  So haul ass and grab it.

PS just a reminder the Beuno shop is on the sim not in the Kustom9 large shop, the LM should take you right to the Beuno shop though.


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Sun Glow(Freebies).

Almost missed mentioning the Freebie bike you can grab if you join the Wayward Group.  It’s a prop only but has a great few poses in it and at only 6 prims so low you can “prop” it outside of your home as an item of decor.


I’m using one of the bike poses in this picture to show off a lovely summery free top/skirt combo.  The top and skirt come as separates which is always handy.  Actually if you don’t want to show off your tummy you also get a system layer t-shirt which can be worn underneath.  You will have to join the Free Nerdy Girl Group to grab this gift.   I’m in the shop now grabbing the LM and I’ve noticed she’s also doing the “Vintage” hunt, what you’re looking for is a little umbrella and an easy hint is given.  So I’ve grabbed that for a Dollar and I’ll be unpacking it soon.

I TPed from my Fav sim and then realised that this next Freebie is just as equally beach wear as the top outfit.

bike2Again a neat little romper, comes with straps and a little bow at the waist.  A simple and wearable freebie but for this one you will have to log into the marketplace.

If you’re unsure about what the SLmarketplace is it’s simply a way of shopping from SL items whilst you’re out of world in a safe way.  You have to log in with your SL name and password and anything you purchase is sent to you inworld and next time you log in you will find all your goodies in your “received folder”.  Ooodles of Freebies/Dollarbies and Promos.  Goes without saying that sometimes it’s pot luck as to how good or bad the item turns out to be but most of the items which do cost you Lindens do come with a Demo version so you can try before you buy.

I’ll put the Link to the Wayward Site for all the info on the hunt/prizes/piccies/LMs/hints and you can follow that to join the group for your free bike.

 Nerdy Girl

 SMC Romper, Marketplace

Wayward Hunt


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I want to ride my bicycle !

Aphrodite 4th July set - NEW

AH yes, Queen said it best ! This is the special 4th of July version of the new Aphrodite bicycle, and ohmaiiii its sooper fun. If you want to see how this works there is a handy video right here made by the creator. Watch it, its sooo adorable !

Aphrodite 4th July Bike, fire and log - coldLogic top NEW - chevaux hair NEW

If you touch the centre part, it slowly opens and gives you access to the concealed picnic. Lovely animations for eating & drinking , plus poses for riding, map reading , resting etc – this is my new FAVOURITE thing everrrrrr ! Heres the spec’s for those that wanna know it all:

Picnic bicycle “Independence day” specially made for celebrating 4th July includes:

American Bike
16 LI
4 Single Poses
11 Couple Together poses
Includes all the poses of the other bikes and extra seducing poses (yawn trick, serving wine and toasting/ drinking the wine)
4 Couple Eating poses
10 Props
-Optional Open/close-Table on touch
-Optional wearable bike with AO
– Picnic box Open/Closes on touch.
-Optional wearable bike with AO. Ridable bicycle! (more below)

Aphrodite 4th July set - Log fire - log with couples and single poses - bike

I’ve left the log and fire out on my home sim as its so low prim and the poses are just lovely.

This amazing bicycle also includes a menu controlled animates fire as gift and a couples log fully loaded with more extra poses and props!

Log with USA American flag vintage pattern picnic blanket:

6 Single Poses
34 couple animations
17 Couple Poses
2 Props

I rode the wearable bike around yesterday, heaps of fun for sure and at such a great price ! Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

coldLogic demott top

Cheveux hair


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Look at Meee! (freebie).


Not a moments peace with Faith around.  Must be a bit quick with this as it’s a (free to join) Group Gift from Xiaj which maybe mainly a menswear shop but these bikes are awesome and you get a male and female version.  Not pack with poses but the detailing is excellent and only 10 prims they make excellent decor items.  I can’t seem to find it in the shop but if you join the Group and then check the history you should be able to find it in there.

Sorry I was hoping to get a much cleaner shot of the bike to show you how much detailing there is in these awsome rides but SL won’t rezz so I’m going to post this and then hopefully a bit later post a clearer shot.  Yeah SL rezzed enough for me to snatch this much clearer shot so you cam make out the details ie the wood crate on the back holding parcels, the rust patches etc this of course is the male version and the girls is a rusty pink.




Fallen Angel

“Too much too soon, Or just a little too late..Cause when her ship came in ..She wasn’t there ,  and it just wouldn’t wait ”


Poison Motor bike jacket brown & beige 250L

Helllll yeah hes done it again !! Just when you think you own THE jacket of all time Corocota Torok designer @ Poison makes another that sends your pulse racing…this is truly amazing..from the buckled detail on the cuffs to the zippers on the chest, the tight barely there collar..and striped band at the bottom… dontcha just want to slapppp me for having it? *grins* I tossed on my navajo jeans  (150L @ Poison)which I think look pretttty hawt with the newness…click the pics for a close up view !!

Poison Motor bike jacket black and white 250L

Here it is in black & white a real classic.worn with Poison’s worn & broken black jeans (which are gorrjusss @ 175L)..but head over to the store and check out the other colours…wowser…lime greens, cherry red, custard yellow..and more..boys! Dont worry, there are male versions too yeahhh!!!

 Go get hot: Poison

(2nd pic layering tee from Jane, pack of 31 shades for 210L !)