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“Mama raised no quitter”(Freebie)

I lie because I QUIT for the day.  It always starts out well, you drag those boxes and bags down from the attic and then the fun and games start!  I’m stood there decking the halls with boughs of holly, fallalala…bollocks.  Can’t see the floor for tatty tinsel, baubles and bauble fragments.  Who the Hell sneaks up into the attic to retangle(sic) all those lights I carefully put away detangled last year.  Why do some lights work and then as soon as you’ve draped them on the tree decided they’re not going to work anymore and finally my old cat managed to get past the dry heaving stage and has puked somewhere under the tinsel, I have yet to find it.

So I retreated inworld and enjoying a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the headache tabs to kick in and look what I found.


Look at those built in Ganungas! (big boobs) although I prefer the more natural look there is just something “ooh” about an exaggerated feminine shape and this sexy Sci-Fi outfit comes prepacked with all of that.  Believe it or not, this is the SLink Physique fit, just to see if it was the same for all of the mesh fits inc mesh body fits and I can say these Gazunga’s are pretty standard.  So if you want some big uns or at least to see what you would look like with them then try this out.he icing on the cake is there is a second

The icing on the cake is there is a second colour in the pack and it’s a deep metallic red, simply stunning.

There is a row of Gifts from the …..on the table at the entrance.  Some sexy underwear and a rather impressive red hood but sadly for me the only other item I wanted for some reason wouldn’t give me the contents.  Never mind one less thing to be swallowed up by my invent but if you need undies make sure to pop over to the MMC shop.


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Skating Princess

PergaHow sweet that Etchaflesh sent me a lovely dress which I tried on and “oood and ahhhed” and then took it off and went and bought this.  This is my treat to myself a Lolita  Mesh corseted dress.  It comes with knee-length buckled kick ass boots but I wanted to skate so a good excuse to wear my Bax Skates. At 399Lds a “considered purchase” for some but I considered it for a long time and then went and bought it and I’m not disapointed in the slightest.


A mesh dress which comes in 3 parts the corset, skirt and mesh undies.  As always and I know I go on but this is one of Etchafleshes biggest selling points is that the pack contains ALL sizes so you can not only mix and match your top half to your bottom half most importantly as standards their corsets come with normal size way up to GAZUNGA sized.  One day I may model a pair on my little boobies and you will be able to see how big they go up to.  Although of course all come with demos so pop on your biggest and best and have a try.

LeafSpecial mention about the hair and a chance to pose somewhere without snow.  Yes I went back to the Pink Sugar Cafe on the  petit pas sim but I also popped into the shops and I’m glad I did.  Mainly non mesh and Kawaii influenced with a heap loads of Kath Kitson floral textures and lots of whites and pale colours. With this hair you have 2 choices of styles with or without ears (ears shown are mine).  So cute but in the end I chose the hair without the ears simply because I have quite a few already. As a Christmas gift they have priced this hair at half price at 75Lds and at that price I bought both the light and dark colour sets so I got a total of 16 shades (I’m wearing the pretty light pink colour) for 150Lds.  There is a small discounted section upstairs if you want to see how lovely the fabric is.  Make sure to pop to both shops Kyoko Couture and Lo’momo because both have some real lovely generous group gifts on offer.

Etchaflesh Virgin Doll Dress

Kyoto Couture and Lo’momo

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Last Squeeze

When I model an Etchaflesh corset I usually take a front photo and yet always go on about the details on the back so I decided it was time you copped an eyeful.

So now hopefully you can see why I do go on.  Attention to detail and a gut busting tightness is only matched by the PROMO offer.  So even though I now own a whole folder full of Etchaflesh at 99Lds I’ve managed to squeeze a couple of more in.

But of course each week they are expanding their collection so they have tops and bikinis and now brilliantly SKIRTS designed for the retro, corset, kinky lover.  Also a lot of their corsets come with the more “specialised” sizes as standard “flatties” like me all the way up to the “Gazungas” can get a corset.  Loads of demos to try so make sure to grab as many as you can to make sure you get the tightest fit possible.

Just had to “squeeze” another photo in.

Etchaflesh Market Place

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“My Humps My Humps My Lovely Lady Lumps”

Bet the title got you looking and why not indeed.   The reality is that in SL we all love the perfect bodies, hair, skins and of course there are those who love boobs.  This is reflected by the amount of people investing in Gazungas such as Lolas, ecorps or iboobs which sadly is an expense even I balk at however we clever girls can always fake it (RL and SL ;-)) and this is how. This photo is of me in my, hopefully, more natural shape which is the one I have to use to wear a lot of mesh clothes.

Faked.  Now they appear slightly paler than my skin but thats the bubbles because in SL they actually looked a really good match but it doesn’t matter because in this pack you get a massive selection of colours and shapes and you can even edit them to get a perfect match to your skin or colour preference (sadly I’m pants at that and now own a pair of green tinged boobies!).  And of course I’m trying them on with my Laq skin and when I have some more time I will be mixing and matching boobs with skin so every skin pack I have will now contain a boob layer.

Pale natural.  Of course most cleavage layers have the shading on top whilst these layers have the shading underneath and around the nipples.  This is because these are more like boob changers and not cleavage enhancers. Worn when naked or under sheer clothing to make your SL boobies stand out even more and remember I keep my SL boobs small and slightly low down but for those of you who love your gazungas you can  imagine how impressive adding more shading will make them without the extra expense of enhancers and the specialised clothes you need to purchase to fit them.

If you look closely, which I know you will, you can see the nipples are also different.  The come with a choice nips as well and they’re so natural from the poky out ones to the slightly inverted ones.  If that wasn’t enough each shade comes in all layers and tattoo AND then you can even buy a Nipple pack which is equally stuffed with nips of all shapes and sizes so you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Not sure if you can get them inworld but you get get them all including the  demo pack which I reccomend you ty out first.  Well worth the money even for the entertainment of trying them on.

Slightly Skewed (make sure you sign in with the Adult option or all you will see is eyes, make up and a bit of bruising)