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Get a new release and a dirty Turkey

If you’re looking for a big ole baggy sweater..Ive got it! Argyle Anonymous has released a whole host of seasonal sumptuousness for you…the sweater comes with a sweet plaid collar to wear underneath..or not…chunky monkey sleeves…its versatile and you’re gonna wear it HEAPS! Love how it slides over the AA skirts so easily…it went on me right outta the box..no fiddling required love that…

If you’re fond of hunting…look for Argyle Anonymous’s Dirty Turkey Hunt gift..ohmaiLAWD..I had to get the troops in to help me find this (ie: Steve) it was soooooo well hidden darn it..but voila..I now have it in my feeeelthy mitts yay! It’s the big baggy sweater in a yummy forest green..I tossed my sad cactus Argyle Anon skirt on with it (I LOVE the name of that colour !) and wore it this time with no collar…I adore !  You can get a huge fat pack or buy singles , go check it out….Thank you swanners xx (ohhh psssst GUYS, theres one in the hunt for you too, plus more colours available in store, Steve should be along shortly to show you)

Sweater: Argyle Anonymous