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Info only, Sale & Freebie.

Beusy is having a SALE on at the moment with discounts up to 50% on some hairs, less on others, and I think some are still full priced.

You will see on each poster a red banner on the corner which lets you know how much discount that particular hair is.  So, for example, the demo hair I’m wearing has a 50% discount on it but I don’t know now if I will buy it.  It’s a super hat/hair and great hud for both the hair and hat, styling options and there is even a version of the hair alone with the hair base being so close to the skull it means you will probably find it will fit under other hats you may own.  I’m just so undecided that I’m going to wait till the place calms down and have a proper look at everything there

You will also spot that some of those red banners on the posters say “FREE” so the free hairs are mixed in with the other hairs.  You don’t need to join the Beusy group you just need to be patient as the place is a tad laggy.  This sale goes on till the 10th so you have a few days left.