Lazy Hunt.

Hope everyone is having if not a GREAT weekend then at least a nice quiet one.  I am lucky enough to have a good friend visiting so basically my SL time is going to be limited for the next few days but Woo Hoo great to see that Faith is starting to feel well enough to SL.


So I got a little bit of free time so I thought I’d pop in to clean out some of my notes but as soon as read 2 of them I had to get grabby.

The first is a mini hunt and sale at Kusshon’s .  What you’re looking for is the pumpkin in this picture, 8 of them in total and all FREE to grab.  I’ve not even had time to unpack and check but I could see that these are not only decor items but aren’t Halloween themed ones either so if you need something new for your home then there are some goodies to snag here.  If you have a few Lindens to spare then Beolas Whitfield is also selling off some of his old stock to make room for NEW STUFF Yeah!  I’m not going to buy anything personally because I already have so many books from here I don’t need more but I’m sending Baylen in for an “old tv chair” set which will suit him down to the ground.  Its really good to see a more male orientated drinking smoking poses built into the furniture, not that this is a mens only sort of furniture shop.

If you have time then walk over to the other side of the sky platform to Peotic Colours for some beautiful eyes.

PS the hair/hair is of course a Mina and although I do believe I’ve blogged it before when I get some more Free time I’m going to do it again but this is now available at The Dressingroom fusion event which basically means CHEAPO!  So time to snag it from there whilst its at this bargain price.  The hair and hat both come with colour options.  Promise I will do better photos as soon as I’m RL free.


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Mens Dept – shhhhh !

kusshon Mens Dept.

Here Iam….reporting from the Mens Dept again …but shhhh…I dont think anyone noticed me sneak in ! Dont go thinking it’s just for guys ….there’s always something fabulous that is unisex, plus some absolute steals for your home…[kusshon] once again has produced the goodies for your Secondlife spaces…(thanks Beo <3) This is the Oslo decor…two parts. A square oversized ottoman, with shelves, magazines a handily placed sandwich etc. Sooper stylish , yet also fits in a more traditional area, such as my boathouse above.

kusshon decor detail

Naturally, it’s crammed with some great poses…a lap top (plus a transfer one for your sweetie aww). Both the seat cushions and decor pile have colour change options…and the drawers REALLY open…Take a good long look at the retro look shelving unit..its got sooo many elements to it…rows of storage boxes, neatly stacked books & potion bottles…did you notice the sweeping arrow leading to the lone bulb, neat huh?! Perfect together and über cool individually.

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept.

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I sneaked in…

kusshon Yes I did..why should the guys have all the groovy & great stuff? ! The Mens Dept is fast becoming a regular trip for me, they have goodies and gadgets and deeelicious stuffs ! Plus..its always chock-a-block with scrummy blokes.. This round one of my all time fav furniture makers has something fahhhbulous on offer, it’s the “nippon” writing desk set. kusshon writing desk set nippon Retro styling doesn’t come much better than this to be honest, the box is packed with goodies…naturally the sleek desk, a stool that has some sooper lovely poses in it (male & female yay!),and all the desk accessories – all that for only 150L… plus you can also purchase the three framed prints anddd the overhead shelf …


I was trying out the poses, I’m curious like that…and realised that there were also some wearable props…how neat! Mesh pen for the writing animation and a cup of coffee and magazine for the reading one…totally unisex and low in prims..means this little gem has won its place in my SL home…thanks Beolas ❤

The Mens Dept (for the nippon set)

[kusshon] (mainstore for all the other scrummy things)


Can work be fun?

kusshon kopenhagen working desk 95L 3 prims

It sure can…specially if you have this work station ..I couldn’t believe how low prim all this set was, so detailed with fabulous texturing. I thought we deserved an uber cool place to pontificate on all those major fashion decisions *winks*. The kopenhagen table is 95L and just 3 prims, sort of scrubbed wood effect on the top that I adore. The co ordinating kopenhagen stools come in a beautiful peachy shade and are packed with *working/thinking* type animations,3 prims and only 125L. I also nabbed the computers,mouse & doughnuts on a plate whilst I was there (woot a steal at 30L) The desktop and keyboard are actually all one item and at 3 prims it wont break the prim bank we all worry about so often, reasonably priced at only 65L (and copiable yay!) The mouse is a perfect replica and was a mere 15L and 1 prim.

kusshon computer and keyboard 65L

I loved that you can alter the screen shot for one of your own photos, havent got around to it yet though…far too busy playing with it!

Pop over and take a mooch today, plenty of low prim top notch goodies to peruse…treat yourself.
Dont forget to collect the two gorgeous gifts that have been set out for you while you’re there. I previously blogged the “first lunch in spring” bench that won a place in my garden at home, plus there is also “draw a bird day” table and chair which is soooper sweet .
Go get working: kusshon

Donuts, Coffee & Lucky you

Jane *Lucky you" gift & Kusshon "First lunch in spring" bench

Bag full of “awwww” for two such beautiful gifts …I’m wearing the latest gift from Jane, the “lucky you” outfit, comprises of two tee’s (one milk, one powder) neat cut off shorts and a pair of those gorrrrjusss lil piggies darling socks ! (two versions of those also) One pair of socks has teeeeny rainbows on the ankle cuff, the other a little clover…smushyyyyyyy -love clothes thank you Janie! If you’re wondering where the donuts & coffee come into play, it’s the bench! Kusshon has left this out for us all , it’s called *first lunch in spring”. I placed it out in the garden at home, amongst the blooms and right in the fledgling sunbeams…perfect. Stuffed with great animations, touch the food and you receive a wearable munchable donut (with sprinkles yay!) and a coffee ..just right for a break from doing the chores ~strrrrrretch wriggggle~

..Take a good wander around Kusshon sooo much to see !.

Go get the goodies : Jane (group gift)  Kusshon