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Feathers mean your Angel is close by

ArisAris have this amazing Angel on promotion for a limited time – just $99L! List below whats in the box (its extensive!) You can choose to wear the static wings but give the animated ones a whirl – SO sweet, they curl around you, flutter, stretcccccch upwards – I’m hooked.

Included: Market place only

1 Static
1 Multi animations

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

6 SHAWL- Stole:

1 for Maitreya
3 for belleza – Freya Isis and Venus
2 for Slink – Physique and Hourglass

1 Halo


Angel Outfit

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Release the Moth’s!(or just lurk for Freebies).

OK, the gloves I’m wearing are in a Lucky Board BUT you only get the 1 shade, however, the full priced pack which comes in Slink, Maitreya and one standard fit only cost 220Lds and I don’t think that it unreasonable esp since these are Bento Gloves.  You don’t need Bento hands for these gloves as you take your hands off but you will need a Bento enabled viewer and I guess some sort of Bento Hand Hud, obviously, I just used my SLink one.  Anyhow, Demo there for you to try before you buy or of course you can simply kill some SL time and just loiter to grab the free pair or any of the other gifts that come up on the LB’s and there is also a couple of Free Group gifts.

PS the paid for pack contains 10 colours everything between classic white, scorching red and the blackest of black.

Just a mention about the hair which is called Blair and yes I know it sometimes sounds like every Mina hair is my fav when actually I don’t like every Mina hair! Shocking I know but we all know as good as a hair looks in pictures when you put it on your AV it sometimes just doesn’t gel.  That doesn’t happen often with Mina hair for me but it still happens and that’s why I always say “try before you buy” or else you may regret it.  Anyhow Blair is one of my favs.  I’m wearing one of the gray shades not just because it goes with the whole look but we all know that the gray shades in SL are very hard to do as it’s hard to use that shade and not have it look as though the item just hasn’t rezzed properly.  You can see that with the detailling she’s managed to make each strand stand out.  Even though, I think, this hair is at least 2 years old it’s still top quality.

Like Designs

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Quick in & out with freebie action (oooooer)


Blimey its been a while eh? I’ve been unable to get any free time at ALL the last coupla weeks (don’t ask!) but hey ho , here I am again. Had to share this new release with you from Chez Moi – currently gracing our frozen pond , this is “Happy Bear Yellowknife”. Gorgeous old bear stuck in a heap of snow, some attached bare trees and some sweet poses to play around with. This is on sale at the latest round of The Chapter Four, link below.


You might have noticed my supduper new rara inspired skirt and top – newwwwwness from Neve to start the New Year off just right! “Buttons” top and the “Sherlock” skirt…gawd it makes me ever so perky wearing it. As is usual with Neve you get a pile of options on the Huds, four colours per pack and different packs for each style with plaids etc.


Top notch fabric with adorable details and OHmaiiiii – gloves! Now I’ve been slow off the mark with Bento , Zan has tried it all out but I need to update my viewer and fool around with it all. The gloves are stupendous and do come with pairs for Bento yippeee! “Toasties” come in plain woollen, stripes and a scrumptious leather. Btw I grabbed up a lovely freebie from The Gacha Garden (free to join group) a small palette of lip colours from Birth – one of which I’m wearing above.

Neve store

Neve blog

Neve market place

The Chapter Four

The Gacha Garden

Tights – Sweet Tea Couture

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Piggies remorse, and yes of course a FREEBIE.

“Stick a fork in me I’m done” or in my case stick a fork in me and I will EXPLODE!  Thank God for Fat Pants! Fortunately for me my “fat pants” are a particularly ugly unflattering pair of jeans which are so ugly they at least spur me on to getting back on to healthy eating…..once I’ve eaten those tubs of Ben n Jerries of course.

Going to keep this really simple but if you don’t know about Bento in Second Life then it’s time for you to do a bit of research but until then look at my “corpse hands”.

xxxbentouseYup, I know hardly a great advert for Bento BUT damn I was impressed.

I found these Free ones on the Marketplace and I didn’t even know my viewer was Bento enabled but it is so yours might be as well if not then you might want to update it in any case

What Bento hands give you is the exc mesh hand shape with the addition of a menu packed with not just so many poses but also movement.  I’ve also seen on youtube that you can also get your bento hands to sync with your AO and as you walk and talk your hands or more importantly your fingers move in such a natural way in sync with you. As you can see they’re uncoloured because I simply couldn’t see how to find the colouring in the menu huh but you might have more time than me.  TBH I was just chuffed to know that I can use Bento and see the hands in action.

Bento Hands Marketplace

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A Christmas Miracle (Freebies and LOTS of SPAM).

Yes, I’ve managed to download a newer version of Firestorm but….I’ll leave that until the end so you can choose just to check out the Freebie first and read all my ranty spam at the end if you wish to.


Seriously pretty special effects on the picture editing sadly, not Winlight.  The reason I’ve not concentrated on the dress is because at the FLG shop there are oodles of different outfits for different groups, don’t worry the group invites are right under each picture and some of the gifts are copies, don’t worry you will see what I mean when you get there.  This is a simple dress with those deep folds but what you can’t see is the 21 colour Hud, 21 colours for the dress and 21 for the bow.  Simple and pretty.

Now for the ranty spam, but it is pretty informative so read on….

So I’m back with Firestorm.woo hoo,  but this newer version is slightly different from the one I was using and actually more like the official Linden Lab one but I can already spot some of the Firestorm settings which I personally like and need so it might take me a little time to work out the kinks to have my viewer customised to my preference but at least I have a smile on my face.

Last night the whole Firestorm download site was unavailable and that’s because everyone was trying to get the latest download to get BENTO and I don’t mean the charming packed lunches of Japan but the next level in mesh bod bits.  Until now I’ve not been a big fan of mesh heads because I just don’t seem to be able to work with them, I either look like an alien freak or a stoned barbie and neither is a good look but Bento allows you to use the “avatar appearance sliders” to completely customise your bento head till you have something that you can relate to.  Woo hoo but hold on because just as when Mesh first hit the grid and people walked around wearing “doughnuts” to see Bento you have to have a Bento compatible viewer.  I know Bento has been in Beta testing for a while but if it’s now available with Firestorm then it will definitely be used in the Linden Lab viewer but of course, you will need to have the most up to date viewer.

Sadly though for us CBs(Cheap B*tches) this new development comes with a hefty price tag, we have to remember a lot of time, effort and brain cells are used in bringing to us these amazing things which make our SL lives prettier and of course some people are trying to earn an income from SL and good for them, I wish I could lol. Also, it will take a time for the skin makers to make skins which are Bento compatible but it’s happening and happening fast.

Since I am a CB I will wait a while for the heads to either come down in price or I save up my pennies BUT for me personally I’m so excited about the Bento HANDS! which also seem to be much more affordable.  The ones I’ve seen on youtube come with huds which allow you to move you hands in so many ways and you can link the hand movements to your AV’s AO (if you understand that then you’re a nerd like me) and as you walk and talk your Bento hands move in perfect unison and as someone who takes a lot of piccies to be able to choose so many hand poses makes me HUMMMMM.

OK, I could be wrong on so many levels, but I’ve got the general gist of Bento right, but go check youtube as there are lots of videos showing you the latest big thing to hit the grid.