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Pulling poses. (Freebie(s)& Dollarbie Sweater)

The “Freebie” is just the bag!

A lot of you will already have the super adorable little hot water bottle and maybe some of the wearable Kawaii drinks from the Micamee shop but I bet the bag is as new to you as it was to me. You get 3 colours in total, orange, yellow and green. The group is free to join and you also have some free poses.

It’s not a big shop so you can’t miss the Kawaii clothing in the shop and although I’m 99% positive I won’t buy it I still picked up an adorable sweater demo just to see how cute it looks on me.

What I will buy is what you see behind me. Finally, I’ve found new bento poses that not only do I really like but with a price tag that I think is more than reasonable, 109Lds so I’m just about to log in to LM grab and also finally buy a haul of useable new poses.

UPDATE:  In the end, I only bought 2 of the pose sets not because I didn’t love them all and will probably return at a later date. I just thought the 2 packs had enough for me to start with.

The sweater has been blogged before but since it’s as good now as when I first blogged it and it’s on the MP for only 1Ld I’ve put the link to that as well.


MH Unique Design. (Marketplace).

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Only the sexy, again! (20Ld gifts but more for info).

Even in SL we have ugly sneezes lol.  I got this and some other Bento poses which are actually ok and it only costs 20Lds to 1Ld when the menu pops up and then it’s refunded.

I’m just using these GG’s as an excuse to get you over to the Chrysanthemum’s shop.  The GG’s are just to your right but on the ground is some bright red arrows and if you follow them they will take you to the adult section.  In there are some of the sexiness, flirty, boob flashing poses I’ve seen…having said that I don’t generally hop on those sorts of poses but this time I was tempted and Oh Boy they are hot!

These do come with a price tag but for those of you who like to play in SL I think you will think they’re worth it.  Cheap to check them out in any case.