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What perfect timing.  I still haven’t made my mind up about new poses so I have my Lindens squirrelled away for those but just last night I thought I would use some of it to buy myself Bento Hands because although I still don’t have a mesh head let alone a Bento one I though the hands would be something I could really use and CHECK THIS OUT!  OK be lazy and let me sum it up.  If you own SLink Hands you get a FREE update to BENTO HANDS.

TBH I’ve not got em yet as it’s too early and I need more coffee(and to get some actual work done lol) before I can really SL properly and then I’m gonna be snagging these myself.

So if you have SLink hands you need to read this then haul AV ass.

Slink Dynamic Hands (aka Project Bento comes to Slink)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Piggies remorse, and yes of course a FREEBIE.

“Stick a fork in me I’m done” or in my case stick a fork in me and I will EXPLODE!  Thank God for Fat Pants! Fortunately for me my “fat pants” are a particularly ugly unflattering pair of jeans which are so ugly they at least spur me on to getting back on to healthy eating…..once I’ve eaten those tubs of Ben n Jerries of course.

Going to keep this really simple but if you don’t know about Bento in Second Life then it’s time for you to do a bit of research but until then look at my “corpse hands”.

xxxbentouseYup, I know hardly a great advert for Bento BUT damn I was impressed.

I found these Free ones on the Marketplace and I didn’t even know my viewer was Bento enabled but it is so yours might be as well if not then you might want to update it in any case

What Bento hands give you is the exc mesh hand shape with the addition of a menu packed with not just so many poses but also movement.  I’ve also seen on youtube that you can also get your bento hands to sync with your AO and as you walk and talk your hands or more importantly your fingers move in such a natural way in sync with you. As you can see they’re uncoloured because I simply couldn’t see how to find the colouring in the menu huh but you might have more time than me.  TBH I was just chuffed to know that I can use Bento and see the hands in action.

Bento Hands Marketplace