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Update on the update (SLink and Bento Hud Freebie).

Sorry, not sorry, about wearing the same clothes/hair but I didn’t want to waste time changing “I change for no one” is my battle cry lol.

Now for the hands, AMAZING and honestly I swear I was going to spend some time in SL this morning looking at and buying myself some Bento hands so to get this notice about the FREE update for your SLink hands was perfect timing, can you imagine how I would have felt if I bought the hands from somewhere else only to find I could have updated my original but non Bento ones for Free!

I love my SLink, so I have hands, feet, bod but not the head as I even find that I can’t relate to SLinks mesh heads but then again I might just check them out to see if there is a new one that I can.  Don’t worry of course you don’t need to have the SLink bod to use the hands or feet they work on their own with any shape size you chose.  Since I know this product well I also know it very user-friendly and so are the new Bento hands.

You pop em on and they already react with your AO so they move in a light natural way but if you want more dramatic hand movements when you walk, talk and interact with other AV’s in SL then you have to buy an AO that has been developed to work with Bento.  My AO is old but I love it fand even my old one works well.

And yes they’re already set to work with any SLink skin and Omega Appliers so NO extra expense there or not being able to wear your fav skin with your new hands.  I had to rush inworld to check this out and I was wearing a PumeC skin so I clicked on the SLink applier that comes with my skin and Voila my hands were coloured to match my skin.

BUT you will already have to own SLink hands this is just a FREE update NOT free mesh hands.  You will also need to have a Viewer capable of showing Bento but I think that virtually all Viewers have now been updated so you should be good to go.  You also may need to update your SLink hands as it’s the newest version which now Bento’d(sic).  Seems like a lot of things you have to do but really it’s a Piece of P*ss(I’m so common!).  Just go to the SLink shop click on the Redelivery system if you think you need to have the newest version of you hands, it opens a new window and you just select the hands you have previously bought and they’re redelivered to you already set to go.

People who own SLink hands will already be aware of all of this but if you’ve not checked out Mesh hands or are undecided then make sure to get over to the SLink main shop and try the Demo’s out.

Just decided to cut and paste this if you want to check it out.

  • If you previously purchased the Multipack of the Slink Avatar Enhancement female mesh hands, you will receive the new Dynamic Hands, the included idle animations, which give your hands a subtle lifelike movement, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, and the complete pose HUD shown below, containing the 15 poses from the original AvEnhance hands.
  • If you purchased the smaller packs 1, 2 or 3, you will receive the hands, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, the idle animations and a pose HUD loaded with the 5 poses from the pack you already own.
  • If you purchased one or more of the single hand sets, you will receive the Dynamic hands, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, and a pose HUD loaded with the single poses from the pack you already own. You will be able to purchase the idle animations separately in the store. If you purchased more than one base static pose previously, you will be able to add the extra poses to one single copy of the pose HUD. Instructions for doing this are in the pack 🙂  You will also be able to purchase the full static pose HUD in the Slink store!

PS I’ve put the link to a FREE Bento hand Hud because you only get certain hand positions with the SLink Hud and this way you can play with your hands.

PPS I almost forgot that they’re not just SLink but OMEGA compatable.

Bento Hand Hud Free from the Marketplace

SLink Main Shop

SLink Blogg(MUST READ).