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Park your butt

I parked my butt on this sweet little bench and table set from Cleo Designs this afternoon for free ! Yes yes yes its a new gifty out for us to fetch. Now with items from Cleo Design, Ive learnt you MUST read the info note …if you don’t you will miss out on the fun bits..this designers gear is alwaysss packed with colour change on various sections, items to wear in certain poses etc..and masses of animations stuffed into places ! All this and its lowwww prim yay!  The bench is mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to enjoy it…Thanks Cleo ❤

Cleo Design

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Poised on a bench

Not sure how long this is good for..buttt…Poised has this yummmy little shorts & tank set out for just 50L ! Its called Digital Spirit, bright red tank and a really lovable pair of washed out denim shorts…the bench is from Magnifique poses and comes with the sweet pumpkin (it’s not linked so you can move it around yay!) Packed with some great animations. The thing I really like about Magnifique’s gear is that its copy & mod..means you can fiddle about with it and get more unique photos, another bonus is it’s all very low prim (phew)..thanks Poise & Scarlet !

Digital Spirit set: Poised

The Bench Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses